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Angel Rice is a cheerleading expert from Atlanta, Georgia.
Age: 1-99
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About Angel Rice

Angel Rice is a world-class tumbling champion known for her extraordinary athleticism and record-breaking performances. Born on December 4, 1998, in Georgia, United States, Rice has been a competitive athlete since her early childhood. She displayed her innate talent for tumbling at a young age and quickly ascended to the top of the sport.

Known for her remarkable power, precision, and poise, Rice has represented the US in numerous competitions and has won various national and international titles. She is popular for setting a Guinness World Record in 2015 for the most double-full twists performed in one minute.

Off the mat, Rice is passionate about coaching and mentoring young athletes. Her unwavering dedication to her sport, her incredible talent, and her passion for fostering growth in others truly sets Angel Rice apart.

Angel Rice Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Angel Rice’s net worth?

Angel Rice has built a net worth mainly from her sporting career. While there's no exact public figure estimating her net worth, it is generally assumed that successful professional athletes in her field earn a substantial income. However, the specifics of Angel Rice's net worth are not publicly disclosed by credible sources.

How much does Angel Rice earn per year?

Angel Rice’s annual income is not publicly disclosed. Specific figures remain confidential to the athlete and her management.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Angel Rice?

Angel Rice is 5 ft 6 in (167.6 cm) tall.

How old is Angel Rice?

Angel Rice turned 24 in December 2022. She was born on December 4, 1998.

Childhood And Education

Angel Rice was born in Decatur, Georgia to Bennie Rice and Tonyona Olriedge. She grew up with her two siblings, Jaden and De'Kiera. Her interest in cheerleading was kindled at an early age, largely influenced by her mother. Angel went on to attend Trinity Valley Community College, where she further pursued her passion for cheerleading by joining the college team. Her early involvement in cheerleading set the stage for her future endeavors and achievements in this field.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Angel Rice's partner?

At the moment, Angel Rice's relationship status is not publicly disclosed or mentioned in any credible sources.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Angel Rice is renowned as a four-time cheerleading champion and a distinguished member of the USA Gymnastics team. Her exceptional athleticism caught global attention when she secured the Guinness World Record for executing the most double-full twists within one minute. Her talent also shone through in All-Star cheerleading squads such as the California All-Stars, Stingrays, and Rockstar Cheer Beatles.

Aside from her remarkable triumphs in cheerleading, Angel was also a star of the Netflix series, 'Cheer', Season 2. The show delves into the competitive world of cheerleading and her participation gained her widespread popularity and recognition.

Another dimension of Angel's fame is her strong online presence. Her Instagram account attracts over 590,000 followers who watch her regular posts displaying her cheerleading routines. Furthermore, her TikTok account is equally engaging, featuring videos of the children she mentors.

What awards has Angel Rice won?

Angel Rice has won several awards in national and international competition arenas. Some of the awards for national competitions include fourth place in the 2018 USA Gymnastics Championships, Greensboro, North Carolina, second place in the 2018 Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs, and first place in the 2017 Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs. For international competitions, she also won awards such as second place in the 2017 Canada Cup, Calgary.

Angel Rice’s Hobbies And Interests

Angel Rice is passionate about animals as well as taking care of people. At the time of her interview with 11 Alive in 2022, she was pursuing a career in nursing, showing her divergent interests in both the animal and human health sectors.

Other Interesting Angel Rice Facts And Trivia

Angel Rice developed her passion for tumbling at age three. Although her family couldn't afford classes for both her and her older sister, her mother Tonya, now a renowned cheer and power tumbling coach, trained her personally.

  • Rice started competitive cheering at age five and joined Flip City South for tumbling when she was 12.
  • To win the Guinness World Record at age 16, Rice performed 10 double full twists in less than a minute on live TV. Her reputation as a power tumbler has grown steadily since then.
  • Rice's entire family is passionate about cheerleading. She and her younger brother, Jaden, are Trinity Valley cheerleaders and appear in the Netflix show 'Cheer'. Jaden Rice is also a two-time world champion and a skilled gymnast and tumbler.
  • As a young teenager, Angel used to collect small pets of different kinds in a miniature zoo. She was interested in becoming a vet before she decided on nursing as a career.

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Angel Rice Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Angel Rice

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167 cm


Trinity Valley Community College


Tonyona Olriedge, Bennie Rice


Jaden Rice, De'Kiera Olreidge
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