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Fun Amazon Parrot Facts For Kids

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Amazon parrots are short and blunt-tail feathered avians who possess pointed tails like macaws. There are roughly 27 species of Amazon parrots that exist around the world. These include orange winged Amazon parrot (Amazona amazonica), yellow naped Amazon (amazona auropalliata), white fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons), blue fronted Amazons (Amazona aestiva), lilac crowned Amazon (Amazona finschi), green Amazon parrot, red lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis), Cuban Amazon parrot, green cheeked Amazon parrot, double yellow head Amazon parrot (Amazona oratrix) and more. Out of them, ten to 12 parrot species are taken care of domestically and are kept as pets.

Amazons have a hearty appetite, and thus, owners need to make sure they keep it nutritionally balanced. Amazon species also love to cherish the foods texture as much as the taste. Amazon parrots are found in Central and South America and can be seen bathing in nearby lakes as these parrots like to keep their feathers’ health intact.

Let’s learn more about Amazon parrot types. After this, you may also follow kea parrot facts and parrot facts.

Fun Amazon Parrot Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?


What do they eat?


Average litter size?

2-3 eggs

How much do they weigh?

0.4-1.6 lb (6.5-27 oz)

How long are they?

10-20 in (25-50 cm)

How tall are they?

13-16 in (33-40 cm)

What do they look like?

Short, with a long tail

Skin Type

Soft feathery skin

What were their main threats?

Human Encroachment And Predators

What is their conservation status?

Critically Endangered

Where you'll find them?

Forests And Woodlands


Central And South America









Amazon Parrot Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Amazon parrot?

Amazon parrots (Amazona) are a bird that possesses blunt, short tail feathers. Amazon species have long and pointed feathery tails like macaws. Red-lored Amazons love to take baths, which is an important part of their feathers health. Amazons love food a lot and encourage exercises and movements of all kinds.

What class of animal does an Amazon parrot belong to?

Amazon parrot birds belong to the aves class. Amazon birds are of the class that is feathered, bipedal and egg-laying in nature. There are different Amazon parrot species found, including orange winged Amazon parrot, yellow naped Amazon parrot, double yellow headed Amazon parrot, white fronted Amazon parrot, Amazon gray parrot, and more.

How many Amazon parrots are there in the world?

Amazon parrots are a pretty rare species. Being near to Extinction, there are just a few left. Less than 250 fully mature parrots are left in the world.

Where does an Amazon parrot live?

The wild species of Amazon parrot lives in forest areas where they stay on trees and feed on nuts and berries found there. As for the domestic pet species, Amazon bird species love to live in spacious cages and enjoy rich treats. Some of the popular Amazon parrot lower classifications are red-lored Amazon parrot, blue fronted Amazons, lilac crowned Amazon parrot, blue Amazon parrot, mealy Amazon parrot and red crowned Amazon parrot.

What is an Amazon parrot's habitat?

The natural habitat of an Amazon parrot ranges from Mexico to South America. Their natural habitat involves palm grooves, rainforest, savannas and scrub forests.

Who do Amazon parrots live with?

In wild conditions, Amazons live around other bird species and creatures in the forests.

How long does an Amazon parrot live?

Amazon parrot lifespan is said to be 50 years or more as pet birds.

How do they reproduce?

This Amazon species reaches sexual maturity between the ages of three to six years. Mating starts as soon as the female parrot chooses the male to mate with. After that, the period of egg nesting takes place. And, the final stage is the procedure of owning an independent offspring.

What is their conservation status?

Parrots with tiny fragmented species, such as Amazon parrots, have big generation gaps and therefore have a higher Extinction rate. Thus, around 58 percent of Amazon parrot genus species are now highlighted by IUCN as Extinct in the wild or Critically Endangered.

Amazon Parrot Fun Facts

What do Amazon parrots look like?

Majority of Amazon parrots possess a green color body. Amazon birds have different feather colors on their forehead and head. The color shade can range between lilac, red, purple and blue. Others show shade ranges on their tail, beaks, shoulders and feathers. This species of Amazon parrot is monomorphic, which means you can't tell the difference between males and females.

Amazon Parrot

How cute are they?

Amazon parrots are very cute. These pet parrots talk, play and enjoy all the things that you want a cute, tiny creature to do. It is beautiful because of its colors and attracts many people around them. It is very interesting to see and hear an Amazon parrot talking.

How do they communicate?

Amazon parrots are famous for their extraordinary personalities and their playful nature. All you have to do is give them training. With the right training, Amazons can communicate via talking, singing and other vocal abilities.

How big is an Amazon parrot?

Amazon parrot size ranges from 10-20 in (25-50 cm). In other words, Amazons can be twice the size of a hummingbird or averagely smaller than an ostrich.

How fast can an Amazon parrot fly?

Amazons are average fliers but prefer mostly flying from one tree to another. In fact, these wild parrots love flying while eating.

How much does an Amazon parrot weigh?

Different species of the genus amazona weigh differently. But, the average weight of the Amazon bird species ranges from 0.4-1.6 lb (6.5-27 oz).

What are the male and female names of the species?

One can’t differentiate between a male and a female as Amazons are monomorphic. As for naming, there is no particular name given to the female or male Amazon parrots.

What would you call a baby Amazon parrot?

A baby Amazon parrot is known as chick.

What do they eat?

Amazon parrot food consists of nuts, seeds, vegetation and berries of the wild. Amazons cherish the fruits of the African palm tree, which are native to the environment of Amazon parrots.

Are they smart?

Yes, Amazon parrots are intelligent and smart. You can teach them a lot, and Amazons can learn many activities early on in their age.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, they make incredibly good pets. Amazons are playful creatures that can do all kinds of activities. Amazons prove to be great pets for small spaces. But before you adopt one as a pet, get adequate knowledge about Amazon parrot care, Amazon parrot cages and Amazon parrot toys.

Did you know...

Amazon parrots are known to be the largest parrot species. Amazon birds are pretty socialistic animals and love to play with toys and other stuff in a playful mood. Also, these pet avians are great mimics and can copy anybody when trained well.

When domesticated, these birds love to be petted. As long as they are trained and socialised properly. If these birds are lonely, they can become destructive.

Types of Amazon parrots

There are many Amazon parrot species all around the world. A few popular species are: blue-fronted Amazon parrot, green-cheeked Amazon parrot, lilac Amazon parrot, orange-winged Amazon parrot, red Amazon parrot, yellow-naped Amazon parrot and the double yellow headed Amazon parrot.

Having your own Amazon parrot

Amazons are popular creatures who love to be the center of attention and need constant care and attention. These birds are ideal for experienced bird fans. To pick the right kind of Amazon parrots to be kept as pets, you must start by picking the species that you think would be ideal for you. Keep in check the parameters like age, health and demeanor prior to choosing one. With that, you must get the Amazon parrot from a known breeder so that you get the best one. These birds are from an intelligent bird species and enjoy mental stimulation through social interaction.

Double yellow headed Amazon parrot price range starts from 500 USD and goes up to 2,500 USD. The average Amazon parrot price is 1,500 USD.

Do Amazon parrots smell?

No, Amazon parrots don’t smell, but because of hormonal changes, poor hygiene, illness, or diet, they might smell bad or possess a bird odor. This bird species likes to keep themselves moisturized by regularly bathing in lakes and this is why they don’t have that much of a bad odor.

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