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Fun Bergamasco Sheepdog Facts For Kids

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Bergamasco sheepdogs is a dog breed known for its unique coating, large size, and gentle yet brave and intelligent temperament. Their Italian name is Cane da Pastore Bergamasco. Making its place amongst the herding group of mammals, this dog breed is heavy-boned with an overall muscular and powerful physique. Originally reared for their excellent herding prowess, Bergamasco sheepdogs have come far from their ancient pedigree of shepherd dogs and have adapted themselves to be great family canines of the modern world. Bergamasco shepherd dogs are a package deal of patience, loyalty, intelligence, and companionship. Owing to its herding background, the members of the Bergamasco sheepdogs canine family are also known to make great watchdogs. Though not overly aggressive, these canines are quite protective of their family.

If this has roused your interest, read on to learn some amazing facts about the personality of these members of the Canidae family, who are also known as Shepherd Cane Da Pastore. After this, you may also look at Croatian sheepdog facts and Chion facts.

Fun Bergamasco Sheepdog Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Birds and small mammals

What do they eat?


Average litter size?

6-10 puppies

How much do they weigh?

Males: 57-71 lb (25.8-32.2 kg) Females: 70-84 lb (31.7-38.1 kg)

How long are they?


How tall are they?

Males: 22-24 in (55-60 cm)Females: 20-22 in (50-55 cm)‍

What do they look like?

Muscular build, heavy coat

Skin Type

Fur/hair coat

What were their main threats?

Health Issues

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?



United States Of America









Bergamasco Sheepdog Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Bergamasco sheepdog?

A Bergamasco sheepdog is a dog breed belonging to the biological family of Canidae and is scientifically referred to as Canis lupus familiaris.

What class of animal does a Bergamasco sheepdog belong to?

Bergamasco sheepdogs, being a dog breed, belong to the family of mammals.

How many Bergamasco sheepdogs are there in the world?

There is no accurate number allotted to the total population of Bergamasco sheepdogs in the world. Though their numbers are small, when it comes to global distribution, however, this dog breed stands far from extinction, owing to the efforts of an Italian breeder, Dr. Maria Andreoli. It is said that during World War II, the Italian sheepdog (Bergamasco) was about to become extinct. It was because of Dr. Maria Andreoli, an Italian breeder, who made it her life's pursuit to revive this dog's lineage. The total population of Bergamasco sheepdogs differs, largely depending on factors such as their habitat, environment, climatic conditions, nutrition, and health factors. These members of Canidae call for proper care, attention, and training in order to keep them healthy and fit.

Where does a Bergamasco sheepdog live?

Bergamasco sheepdogs can easily adapt to houses and farms. Since Bergamasco shepherd dogs are large-sized pooches, the ideal living conditions for them are houses with yards where they can have their daily exercise. However, though not really suitable pet options for apartments, Bergamasco sheepdogs, due to their lower active quotient, can adapt to such living arrangements as well. A number of several factors such as the availability of spaces like a nearby park are quite ideal to keep these canines active.

What is a Bergamasco sheepdog's habitat?

Bergamasco sheepdogs are large-sized dogs well suited for farms or houses with a backyard. However, this breed originally belongs to the region of Bergamo in the Italian Alps. Regular exercise is essential to stave off common health issues from these herding group dogs.

Who do Bergamasco sheepdogs live with?

The Bergamasco shepherd lives with its human family. They are not really a solitary group of canines and genuinely appreciate and enjoy the company. Bergamasco shepherds are good with children and old people since they are, in general, sensitive, patient, calm, and intuitive dogs. Though they are wary of strangers, with proper training socialization is easy to instill in these canine breeds. This dog breed is very warm and loving; they can live as a single pet or with other pets that their families may have.

How long does a Bergamasco sheepdog live?

The average life span of a Bergamasco shepherd is about 13-15 years. However, the health conditions of canines vary depending on various factors such as climate conditions, surroundings, changes in the environment, exposure to diseases, and nutrition. Overall Bergamasco sheepdogs are known to be a healthy group of purebreds.

How do they reproduce?

Bergamasco sheepdogs, much like other breeds of dogs, reproduce when male and female members of this dog breed come of age; that is, male members are tall enough to carry out copulation and females with the onset of the heat cycle. The heat period for most female Bergamasco sheepdog is only about once a year or on a half-yearly separation basis. These periods of heat generally last for three to four weeks every time. It is during these periods of heat that male Bergamasco shepherd will be sexually attracted to females and will attempt to initiate procreation with her. This phase is followed by female sheepdog becoming receptive to the male which lasts for about 3-11 days. During the female heat cycle, males are attracted by certain hormones and scents produced by female dogs. In the case of mutual mating decisions, the reproductive cycle then proceeds, leading to fertilization (fusion of male and female gamete and eventually the formation of zygote). The gestation period of a female sheepdog can range between 58-68 days, and thereafter, the female gives birth to an average litter size of about 6-10 puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Bergamasco sheepdog breed is not exactly known. However, though these canines are far from extinction, they are still a rare breed and not widely distributed around the world. The population of these canines keeps increasing as the female Bergamasco sheepdogs give birth to a litter of new puppies. For now, it can be safely said that the population of Bergamasco sheepdogs is quite steady. But during the world war, they were almost wiped out but it has now been restored considerably.

Bergamasco Sheepdog Fun Facts

What do Bergamasco sheepdogs look like?

Ranging in size from medium to large dimensions, the Bergamasco sheepdog puppies are morphologically adorned with a heavy-boned, muscular and compact body. Their physique is particularly adapted for strength and contributes to the infamous designation of Bergamasco sheepdogs as intelligent and independent herding dogs. Standing dimensionally on a slightly longer than taller physique, Bergamasco sheepdogs possess thick tails with dainty curling at their tips. However, the most peculiar feature of these members of the Canidae family is the combination of dog hair, goat hair, and wool type of coat covering the body of Bergamasco sheepdogs. The three types of hair in Bergamasco sheepdogs, usually occur in any of the two texture forms, that is, either loose mats or flocks. In the case of the flock, shaggy or flat layers of long felted hair can be observed, whereas, in the case of the mat, the body hair originates at the spine and extends down covering the legs and body. The facial region of Bergamasco sheepdogs exhibits long hair that hangs over its beady eyes. The head of these pooches is anatomically large. The range of shades observed in Bergamasco sheepdogs includes black-brown, fawn, light fawn, black, silver-gray, and gray.

Bergamasco dreadlock is made up of dog hair, goat hair, and wool for protection from extreme cold.

How cute are they?

Generally, the members of the Canidae family are cute with their mesmerizing eyes and Bergamasco sheepdogs are basically the gentle giants of the family. Delusive to their massive appearance, Bergamasco sheepdogs are intelligent, calm, loyal, and friendly pooches. Despite their size, Bergamasco shepherd make wonderful and friendly family dogs. On a scale of five, these canines can easily score a four or five for their endearing looks.

How do they communicate?

These members of this dog breed possess a peculiar channel of communication. Bergamasco sheepdogs use olfaction, visual, acoustic, and tactile receptions for communication. Bergamascos sniff, bark,  growl, whine, yelp to express themselves. Bergamasco sheepdogs may also employ various gestures or body language to convey their feelings; Bergamascos may avail nudging or rubbing their bodies to their human, wagging their tails, or licking their masters when happy or seeking attention. Bergamasco sheepdogs are quite willful and independent; in case of improper training, the sheepdog breed tends to show rebellious behavior. However, overall Bergamasco sheepdogs are eager people-pleaser and therefore quite good at communicating and understanding human emotions and commands.

How big is a Bergamasco sheepdog?

Bergamasco sheepdogs range in size from medium to large. The members of this dog breed are categorized under a large breed of dogs. With their heavy-boned, strong, and muscular build, these canines are twice the size of pugs. Sexual dimorphism in terms of size is observed in breeds of Bergamasco sheepdogs. The males standing at 22-24 in (55-60 cm) are slightly larger than their female counterparts at 20-22 in (50-55 cm).

How fast can a Bergamasco sheepdog run?

There are no exact details about the running speed of Bergamasco sheepdogs.

How much does a Bergamasco sheepdog weigh?

Bergamasco sheepdogs are a group of herding canines, categorized under the large-sized dog groups. This dog breed with their heavy bones, robust bodies, and jaunty gaits range between 55-85 lb (25-38.5 kg) in weight. Females are generally smaller, weighing about 57-71 lb (25.8-32.2 kg), while the male members of Bergamasco sheepdogs dog breeds weigh around 70-84 lb (31.7-35.1 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Collectively, they are referred to as  Bergamasco sheepdogs. Therefore male members of this intelligent breed are referred to as dogs while female Bergamasco sheepdogs are referred to as bitches.

What would you call a baby Bergamasco sheepdog?

The offspring of Bergamasco sheepdogs is referred to as a puppy. On average, the observed litter size of Bergamasco sheepdogs dog breed ranges between 6-10 puppies. Bergamasco sheepdog cost for a puppy varies based on a number of factors such as health, weight, and coat quality. It is in fact one of the rarest breeds of dogs present in the US.

What do they eat?

The diet of dogs of sheepdog breeds differs and depends on a number of factors such as size, build, metabolism, age group (from puppy to adult), activity level, and weight. A nutritious diet, with particular consideration of proteins, fat, and calories (though in not excessive amounts), is highly recommendable. Besides egg, meat, and chicken, fruits like bananas, watermelons, and apples; and veggies such as green beans, cooked potato, cucumber, carrots, and zucchini can be included in the diet of Bergamasco sheepdog. In the case of dry food, quality products such as kibble can be used. Overfeeding should be avoided in all coats, as this dog breed is quite prone to obesity. Human food should be given after proper research and recommendation from vets as it can affect their coat and skin. Usually, adult Bergamasco sheepdogs are fed about twice a day, about three to four cups of dry food.

Are they slobbery?

A perfect companion for neatnik individuals, the Bergamasco sheepdog is a perfect category of dogs rated low in the slobbery departments. These members of the canine family are known to be low on drooling habits; therefore if you are looking forward to avoiding any experiences with drools on clothes, couches, and your body while interacting with your pooches, you need not look far and make excellent choices in Bergamasco sheepdog.

Would they make a good pet?

If intelligence, patience, loyalty, and calmness are the traits you are looking for in your pet companion then the Bergamasco sheepdog is your perfect one-stop option. This breed of large-sized herding canines are eager pleasers and absolutely love their humans. Though these dogs with medium energy levels are quite wary of strangers, the Bergamasco sheepdog is not outright aggressive. However, Bergamascos are quite strong-willed with genetic independence which can be kept in check with proper training. In fact, with proper training, this dog breed is easy to maintain. Despite their herding background and large sizes, the Bergamasco sheepdog is not a group of super-active pooches. All in all, with their low maintenance, intuitive and compassionate personality and loyal, gentle, and loving temperaments towards all the members of its human family, the Bergamasco sheepdog makes great pets.

Did you know...

Besides the generic name Bergamasco sheepdog and scientific nomenclature Canis lupus familiaris, the original designation allocated to these purebred canines is 'Cane da Pastore Bergamasco'.

It can take up to eight hours for the Bergamasco's coat to dry. This long duration can be attributed to the fact that the Bergamasco's coat is made up of three types of hair.

Getting your own Bergamasco sheepdog

The Bergamasco sheepdog is a large-sized gentle, loving, and compassionate dog breed and is a great choice to consider if you’re looking forward to parenting a pet. These canines are excellent family dogs, given their friendly, calm, and patient temperament. Categorized under herding dogs, the Bergamasco sheepdog besides being calm and gentle makes wonderful watchdogs. Though not specifically aggressive, Bergamascos might tend to show territorial behavior if not trained properly. Bergamasco sheepdogs are not prone to hostility, however, Bergamascos are quite skeptical of strangers. A pet Bergamasco sheepdog can be available at an average expense of about $1000-$1200.

The Bergamasco sheepdog's health

Owing to its rare availability, the Bergamasco sheepdog is as of yet to face tolls of over breeding. Therefore in general this dog breed is known to be a group of healthy dogs. However, all purebreds are exposed to genetic health problems. So, though overall Bergamasco sheepdogs are sheltered from any serious diseases or disorders, subsidiary health conditions detected in this dog breed include skin allergies, entropion, hip dysplasia, ectropion, and elbow dysplasia.

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