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Fun Common Dolphin Facts For Kids

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Common Dolphins are often found in large groups and are long and thin. Dolphins have two species which consist of Short-beaked common dolphins and Long-beaked common dolphins. In recent years, common Bottlenose dolphins became very popular because of their appearance as they are cute, charming, and friendly. The common dolphin is usually pictured in Hellenic language and Roman art and culture. Dolphins are found in different color patterns like gray to black with yellow and sometimes in an hourglass pattern, and they are widely distributed in different parts of the world. Dolphins are also called schooling fish as they swim in the same direction in a coordinated manner. Children are very fascinated with the dolphins as they are cute and friendly and it is also told at school that they love human children and they often play with them. Dolphins like to ride bow waves and stern wakes of boats. It's possible that bow-riding is additional, merely for its fun or play and that they could travel simply instead. They also have a dorsal fin in their back, which is very common with marine mammals. Here on our page, we have many amazing and interesting facts on Common Dolphins that everyone will enjoy. Let's take a look at these interesting facts. If you like these facts, do also read our Amazon river dolphin and sperm whale facts.

Fun Common Dolphin Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Fish, shrimp, octopus, squid, and jellyfish

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

180–330 lb (80-150 kg)

How long are they?

6.2–8.2 ft (1.9–2.5 m)

How tall are they?

2.1 – 2.11 ft (64 – 89 cm)

What do they look like?

Light gray to dark gray

Skin Type

Smooth and rubbery

What were their main threats?

Humans, Pollution, Fishing Gear, Tourism, And Climate Change

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?

Atlantic, Eastern Tropical Pacific, And The Indian Ocean


And New Zealand, Southern California, The Red Sea









Common Dolphin Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Common Dolphin?

Common Dolphins are Cetaceans which is also called Marine mammal.

What class of animal does a Common Dolphin belong to?

Although Common Dolphins belong to the class of Mammalia, they are not considered in a category of a fish. Dolphins are in the category of mammals as they also have warm blood like humans and unlike fishes, dolphins breathe through their lungs and not gills.

How many Common Dolphins are there in the world?

There are 44 species of dolphins globally, but the most common ones are Short-beaked common dolphins and Long-beaked common dolphins. Hector's dolphins are the rarest and smallest dolphin species in the world, their dorsal fin is small and it looks like a Mickey Mouse ear.

Where does a Common Dolphin live?

Common Dolphin is found worldwide in both offshore and coastal waters, in harbors, gulfs, bays, and tropical waters.

What is a Common Dolphin's habitat?

Common Dolphins have a habitat preference; the first is that they like to live in brackish waters along coastlines or oceans. They also like to go bow-riding very much, in which they surf with waves created by boats and ships.

Who do Common Dolphins live with?

Common Dolphins also like to live in large groups. They are the schooling fishes as they swim in the same direction in a particular manner. Dolphins like to live together in pods as they are very social in nature and can't live alone.

How long does a Common Dolphin live?

Common Dolphins lifespan is between 30-50 years, but a striped dolphin can live till 60 years of age.

How do they reproduce?

As mammals, dolphins are great at nursing their young. Dolphins could mate at any time of the year and seem to procreate at regular intervals. They have only one mate and usually turn out one offspring between two to three years that may stick with the mother for up to six years, counting on the species. Sometimes dolphins show slightly sexual behavior towards different animals, including humans.

What is their conservation status?

Dolphins have the status of Least Concern as they are mostly found worldwide and are not getting endangered.

Common Dolphin Fun Facts

What do Common Dolphins look like?

Dolphins have long, efficient bodies designed to travel quickly and with efficiency underwater. Most dolphins have a dorsal fin on their back, two fins that look like arms, and a tail reverse split the center. Dolphins sometimes have gray or yellow or brown or blue skin, although some have black stripes or spots, just like the killer whale. A common Bottlenose dolphin interesting fact is that they are dark in color when they are born, which gets light as they mature.

Dolphins like to bow ride where they play with waves formed by ships or boats.

How cute are they?

Dolphins are charming and fun, so much so that even different ocean creatures want to be their friends. They are friendly and social in nature and interact with every marine animal as well as humans. Dolphins don't have enemies and they always stay within their group. Among the Long-beaked common dolphin and the Short-beaked common dolphin, the Short-beaked ones are considered extremely cute. People also swim with dolphins as they accept the company easily and are so much fun to interact with.

How do they communicate?

Dolphins communicate through a series of clicking sounds and whistles, every with their own distinctive vocal pitch. Sometimes there high whistles and clicking sound that is audible to human ears. Dolphins' variations in vocal pitch are essential to human action inside the pod; therefore, dolphins will then decipher who's speaking among their group.

How big is a Common Dolphin?

Common Dolphins are medium-sized dolphins being 6.2–8.2 ft (1.9–2.5 m) long and 176–518 lb (80–235 kg) in weight. Male dolphins are heavier and longer than female dolphins. They are 10 times bigger than a normal marine average fish. A Dolphin can be as large as a shark or whale, depending on the species.

How fast can a Common Dolphin swim?

A common dolphin can swim three to seven mph. Like a Bottlenose common dolphin, some dolphins can swim 20 mph when they really work hard. While swimming, they come to the seashore or surface to breathe two or three times a minute. They cannot stay in the water for too long and often need oxygen for breathing.

How much does a Common Dolphin weigh?

A common dolphin can be 180–330 lb (80–150 kg) in weight. It depends on how old the dolphin is and whether it is a male, as male dolphins are much heavier than female dolphins.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The male dolphins are called bulls, and the female dolphins are called cows. Male dolphins are referred to as bulls because they are heavier in weight and longer in height and can be aggressive at times.

What would you call a baby Common Dolphin?

A baby dolphin is called a calf. They are small and born tail first, so they don't drown before their first breath. A mother dolphin feeds them for six months to two years of their life.

What do they eat?

Common dolphins feed on fish, jellyfishes, octopuses, squids, and shrimps. A dolphin can eat any small marine mammal in the ocean or sea.

What noises do they make?

A dolphin whistles and produces a unique clicking sound, and with this, it communicates with others of its kind. One of the common Bottlenose dolphin facts is that it produces a sound of trills, grunts, squeaks, and a resemblance of creaking doors.

Would they make a good pet?

A dolphin cannot be a good pet as they need interaction and intellectual stimulation for many hours every day. A human cannot give that to him and because of that they likely find them an unsatisfactory pet than the other pets. They are, however, much-fancied as luxury pets, but that wouldn't be fair to the dolphins as they thrive in the infinite oceans.

Did you know...

The gestation period of common dolphins is 10 to 11 months. And a dolphin can reproduce anytime in the year, there is no specific season or time for them.

Some Common Dolphin facts for kids are that dolphins are extremely smart marine mammals that board water; however, breathe through a blowhole on the highest of their head. They're exceptional creatures that have developed a measuring device known as localization to hunt and prey. They're terribly friendly and kittenish. They also like to blow bubbles in the water.

Different types of Common Dolphin

There are 44 species of dolphins in the world. The most common dolphins are Short-beaked dolphins, Long-beaked dolphins, and Bottlenose dolphins.

Common Dolphin spotting

Common dolphins are found worldwide in the pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean. They are also found in Australia, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, British Columbia, to Tasmania.

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