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Fun Corgi Chihuahua Mix Facts For Kids

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A  Chihuahua Corgi mix is a designer cross breed of a corgi and a chihuahua and is also called a 'chigi'. The chigi is a toy-sized dog breed with a very lively personality. Like their parent breeds Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Chihuahua, they are fun, loving and loyal to humans. They can best be described as alert and affectionate. It is important to make chigis undergo early socialization because of their herding tendencies inherited from one of their parents, corgi. While training, positive reinforcement suits best for this breed. It is very easy to train this small-sized breed.  

Here are a few fun facts about this Pembroke Welsh corgi and chihuahua mixed breed which will definitely make you want to read more about them. After knowing more about this small dog, you may also read about corgi German shepherd mix facts and miniature husky facts.

Fun Corgi Chihuahua Mix Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?


What do they eat?

Omnivore; primarily feeds on greens, fish, soya and regular prescribed dog food.

Average litter size?

Four to eight chihuahua corgi mix puppies.

How much do they weigh?

10 to 20 lb

How long are they?


How tall are they?

6-12 in.

What do they look like?

Oversized ears, a small muzzle with a dark nose and a long tail Main colors of their coats are fawn, black white and cream.

Skin Type

They have short and straight coats with a thick undercoat.

What were their main threats?

Larger Animals And Aggressive Humans

What is their conservation status?

Since they are comparatively a new breed, they are in the Least Concern category.

Where you'll find them?

Moderate To Cold Temperatures


Europe, North America








Toy dog

Corgi Chihuahua Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Corgi Chihuahua mix?

A Corgi Chihuahua is a crossbreed of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Chihuahua and is often called a Chigi. A Chigi inherits characteristics from both its parents, a Corgi and a Chihuahua, which makes it a little difficult to predict its temperament. They are very small-sized dogs and are often referred to as a toy breed. This compact size makes it very easy for Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Chihuahua mix breed dog  to adjust in remote apartments. They are very friendly, loyal and affectionate like their parent breeds. They have a strong coat and are mostly found in an orangish coat. Chigis socialize well and with simple basic training can help the breed be very friendly. They are not really good watch dogs as they are usually quiet like their Corgi parent.

What class of animal does a Corgi Chihuahua mix belong to?

A Corgi Chihuahua mix breed dog belongs to the mammal class simply because of their ability to give birth. This breed is a new breed compared to its parents, the corgi and the chihuahua. Chihuahuas are believed to have originated in Mexico and the corgi in the cattle farms in Wales. However, chigi, a designer breed, first came to exist in the 1990s in North America, now in Europe, too.

How many Corgi Chihuahuas are there in the world?

A Corgi Chihuahua, also called a Chigi, is pretty popular like both its parent breeds, a Corgi and a Chihuahua. However, there is no exact number of how many Corgi Chihuahua are living around the world.

Where does a Corgi Chihuahua mix live?

Both its parent breeds, Corgi and Chihuahua are family dogs. Like the parents, Chigis love human company and crave for human warmth. They are alert, attentive and affectionate. They require adequate nutrition in their meals, proper amount of exercise and play time. Mild obedience training can also help them be more social.

What is a Corgi Chihuahua's habitat?

The habitat of a Corgi Chihuahua would be an environment where they can receive human love, adequate nutrition and a good amount of exercise. Since they are excellent pets, they must receive proper socialization right from the start. Apart from this, they are highly active dogs, and need at least an hour of exercise daily. They are very easy to train and mild training, proper love and nutrition is all it takes to keep this breed in a proper state of mind.

Who do Corgi Chihuahuas live with?

Chigis love human contact and prefer an environment where they get to exercise daily and live with a family indoors. They are extremely sociable and require exactly that from the very beginning. They can live with a family who have small pets.

How long does a Corgi Chihuahua mix live?

A Corgi and Chihuahua mix has an average life expectancy of 12 -14 years. However, they tend to live longer with the right amount of exercise, nutrition and training.

How do they reproduce?

In order for the reproduction to start, the female dog should be of age and the 'heat cycle' should have started. On the other side, the male dog should be of age and strong enough to complete the mating process. The gestation period can range between 58-68 days and, thereafter, the female will give birth to a litter size of between four to eight Chigi puppies.

What is their conservation status?

Both the parents of a Chihuahua and Corgi mix are healthy in population. There is no estimated number of how many Chigis there are today, however, they are not scarce in population and are quite popular pet dogs. Hence, they fall in the least concerned category of the conservation status.

Corgi Chihuahua Mix Fun facts

What do Corgi Chihuahuas look like?

Since a Chihuahua Corgi mix is a cross breed, also called a designer dog, it can have characteristics from both its parent dog breeds. They can sometimes also lean more on one side. They mostly weigh in between 10-20 lb and are only 7-12 in tall. They have oversized ears, a slender muzzle, and a dark nose like the Corgi parent. They have a long tail. The shape of the face of a Chigi puppy can not be predicted since it can vary depending on the parent breed they take after. They have short and straight fur with a thick undercoat and usually come in a tan color.

Corgi Chihuahua

How cute are they?

Chihuahua Corgi mixes are a very cute breed mainly because of their size. They are small and compact with an overflowing love and affection. Their oversized ears and a long tail make them look very cute, like a small toy. They are good with children, eager to please, and follow humans in everything they do.

How do they communicate?

Being a family dog, Corgi Chihuahua mixes are very good at communicating and understanding human emotions and commands. They use the common auditory methods for communication, like whines, howls, barks, whimpers, and so on. This Chigi dog also communicates using scents and marking territories.

How big is a Corgi Chihuahua mix?

A Corgi Chihuahua, like both its parent dog breeds, the Corgi and a Chihuahua is a very small breed. They belong to the toy family. They weigh approximately between 10-20 lb and can grow as tall as 7-12 in. The male Chigi dog is comparatively larger than the female.

How fast can a Corgi Chihuahua mix run?

Since a Corgi Chihuahua is small in size, like their chihuahua parent,  they can't run very fast. Like both its parents, they usually travel at a medium speed. However, they are very active and alert. They are easy to train and with proper exercise and diet, they can cover distances with good speed.

How much does a Corgi Chihuahua mix weigh?

A Corgi Chihuahua weighs somewhere around 10 to 20 pounds. However, this may vary depending on the size and portion of meals they receive.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Male and female Corgi Chihuahuas do not have distinct names. The male Corgi Chihuahua is referred to as a 'dog' and the female Corgi Chihuahua is referred to as 'bitch'.

What would you call a baby Corgi Chihuahua mix?

Like the Chihuahua parent, a baby Corgi Chihuahua mix is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

Chihuahua Corgi mixes are of extremely sociable nature and being small sized dogs live very easily with families. As such, they are omnivores and eat various types of vegetables, bones, meat, fruits, and raw foods.

Do they shed?

Chihuahua Corgi dogs have short and straight fur with a thick undercoat. They shed all year round and are not hypoallergenic. They are small toy sized dogs who are best suited in a house or an apartment with family.

Would they make a good pet?

The Corgi and Chihuahua are both popular family dogs and like their parents, the Chigi dog is too. Their compact toy size makes it very easy for them to adjust, even in a small house. They are the happiest around humans and love their company. They possess affection, love and loyalty as their main traits. They are easy to train dogs with the help of basic obedience training. They however don't make very good watch dogs because they do not really bark unnecessarily and also their size makes it difficult for them to fight with a larger animal. Their only needs are good nutrition, regular exercise and human warmth. Grooming is required around two times a week.

Did you know...

This designer breed is not a suitable watchdog.

Unlike most dogs, the Chigi prefers to remain indoors.

Chigi dogs are prone to exhibit an obsession for attention.

Chigi dogs are some of the most intelligent dogs and are very easy to train.

Personality And Health Issues

Chigi dogs are usually prone to diseases as their parents are, the Corgi and a Chihuahua. Chigis are prone to a few health issues and are important to maintain good care with regular veterinary checkups. Few of the health problems they suffer from are eye problems, patellar luxation, join issues, hypoglycemia and epilepsy.

Getting Your Own Corgi Chihuahua Mix

The cost of a Corgi Chihuahua mix puppy varies depending on the location, quality and the health records of the puppies parents. The price range of this puppy can be between $300 to $1000.

Chigi is a designer dog with high energy levels who require a few walks per day. They need regular exercise and play sessions.

Owners must regularly check their ears for debris and ticks and must clean them. The nails of the dog must be trimmed too. Their eyes must be cleaned daily too with a damp cloth and must be wiped every morning. It is very important to maintain oral hygiene of the puppy too.

All in all, Chigi puppies are loving, affectionate and make excellent pets.

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