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Fun Japanese Spitz Facts For Kids

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Japanese Spitz is a small breed who simply want to make humans cheerful and happy. They are best described as loyal and smart creatures. The Japanese Spitz is a strong breed and will tag along for any adventure outdoors. They make for an excellent companion as the Japanese Spitz temperament is very friendly. Japanese Spitz make for an excellent companion for humans after undergoing some basic training. Their longer fur gives them a unique shine to the coat and allows them to thrive in any environment. Though this breed originated in Japan, the Japanese Spitz dogs can now be found in various countries. They are known to reside peacefully with their owners and their families. The Japanese Spitz lifespan is amongst the shortest in small to medium sized dogs and ranges between 11-16 years. The thick white fur can make Japanese Spitz shedding a nightmare for the owners, thereby necessitating regular grooming. All in all, they love humans and enjoy their company but require a lot of love and pampering. After reading this article on Japanese Spitz dogs, you may also go through our articles on Snorkie and Australian retriever as well.

Fun Japanese Spitz Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Small animals or birds

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

11-20 lb

How long are they?


How tall are they?

Male: 12-15 inFemale: 10-14 in

What do they look like?

Sturdy dog with dark expressive eyes

Skin Type

White fur with a double coat

What were their main threats?

Larger Dogs And Aggressive Humans

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?

Cold And Snowy Regions


China, Usa, Russia, Germany




Canis Pomeranous





Japanese Spitz Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Japanese Spitz?

The Japanese Spitz is a small to medium breed dog. It is, in fact, one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan. They don't necessarily have an ideal size but are larger than their cousins like the Pomeranian. They were found in Japan in the 1930s along with a number of other spitz breeds. But as several records of breeding programs were destroyed during the World War II, so exact origins of Japanese spitz breed are unknown. The Japanese spitz is a very happy and a cheerful breed, they are intelligent and very easy to train. Japanese spitz are low-maintenance and are playful with children around. They have very gorgeous white fur and are extremely attractive.

What class of animal does a Japanese Spitz belong to?

As per breed standards, the Japanese Spitz breed belong to the Mammalian class as they have the ability to give birth to the young ones. They are classified under the breed of spitz, a group of northern dogs as the chow-chow or the Pomeranian who are characterized by long and dense coats, erect pointed ears and tails that curve towards their backs. In the United States, Japanese spitz breed is generally referred to as a small, white and a long haired breed of dog.

How many Japanese Spitz's are there in the world?

There are no accurate estimates of Japanese Spitz breed dogs available presently. Though these dogs originated in Japan, they can now they can be found all over. There is no threat to their survival as of now.

Where does a Japanese Spitz live?

The Japanese spitz dog possess friendly and playful characteristics, they are not very aggressive or noisy, they like to live in a house or any hospitable environment. They enjoy moderate to cold climates. They are also called 'apartment dogs' due to their small size and playful nature with children.

What is a Japanese Spitz's habitat?

Ideally, Japanese Spitz dog can tolerate cold weather. Since they are companion dogs, they constantly require human family and human warmth. They can live in apartments as well, but require some hours of running around outside without the leash. This is a healthy living environment for a Japanese spitz.

Who do Japanese Spitzes live with?

A Japanese spitz puppy enjoys human contact and prefers human warmth. They enjoy environments where they can run around off leash for a little while and cuddle with humans, too. They are human companions and can adjust to apartments as well. If not taken outdoors for fun, they tend to get bored and turn lethargic.

How long does a Japanese Spitz live?

A Japanese Spitz is a small-sized dog and has an average life expectancy of 16 years. This can differ based on the environment it lives in. They tend to live longer if regular exercise and proper medical care is provided for various health problems.

How do they reproduce?

The reproductive cycle for a female Japanese Spitz has four phases. They have two heat periods per year which are six months apart, each lasting for about two to three weeks. Females can become pregnant during their first heat or any later heat period. The male must be tall and sturdy enough to be able to mount the female dog. After a firm connection, they must hold to the position for 15-30 minutes. The pregnancy period can range from 58-68 days and the female will then give birth to one to six puppies.

What is their conservation status?

There is no threat to the Japanese Spitz as these dogs are present in a number of countries. Being an excellent companion dog, Japanese Spitz can easily survive with a human family.

Japanese Spitz Fun facts

What do Japanese Spitzes look like?

The Japanese Spitz has one-of-a-kind appearance. They have very distinctive features which include a pure white coat, curled tails over their back, a pointed muzzle similar to a fox and a black nose. They also have black eye rims, and pointed triangles for ears which stand erect like radar towers. These ears enable the breed to hear everything going around them which makes them very alert in their surroundings. They also have a tiny smile on their face which shows that they are very caring towards their human companion.

(Japanese spitz dogs are extremely adorable

How cute are they?

The Japanese spitz are exceptionally cute. They almost always have a smile on their face and their white fur makes them appear like a cloud floating on land. They are not aggressive at all and are very happy around children. They love humans and serve as the best companions.

How do they communicate?

They are very good at grasping communication techniques. As they love humans, it is very easy for them to understand human emotions. They use howls, barks, whimpers and so on to communicate. They also have a strong sense of smell and are very alert about noises because of their long pointed ears.

How big is a Japanese Spitz?

They are small sized dogs. However, they are larger as compared to their cousins, for example the Pomeranian. They are around 10-16 in tall. Female Japanese Spitz tend to be smaller than their male counterpart.

How fast can a Japanese Spitz run?

The Japanese Spitz are known to be an active and cheerful breed. They require at least an hour of exercise daily and run with a moderate speed.

How much does a Japanese Spitz weigh?

On an average scale, they weigh up to 11-20 lb. However, this may vary based on the amount of nutrition the breed gets and also on the hours of exercise.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The scientific name of the species is Canis lupus familiaris. However, the male dog is called dog and the female counterpart is called bitch.

What would you call a baby Japanese Spitz?

A Japanese spitz baby is called a puppy. It has soft white fur and a charming face, making it look very cute.

What do they eat?

They are human companions and usually live with families which has made them adapt to all kinds of food. They eat dry as well as cooked food. Dry biscuits, beef and mince are best suited for the breed.

Are they slobbery?

When the breed knows that their food is on its way they start drooling over even a faint smell of food. Even watching humans eat can mean they drool all over. This is simply called a Pavlov Reflex, it happens when the Japanese Spitz is excited.

Would they make a good pet?

This breed is very mild and is best known to be friendly. They love babies and crave for human warmth. They don't bark unless it is a stranger or at humans who are coming to harm them. They are small to medium sized dogs who can adapt themselves to small apartments. They are loving and understand human emotions very well. These features make this breed a very good pet.

Did you know...

The Japanese Spitz is a healthy breed. It only has a few genetic conditions. The Japanese spitz hypoallergenic problem is not an issue and grooming a Japanese Spitz is not difficult. Though, they are prone to several health conditions like patellar luxation and runny eyes.

Japanese Spitz dogs also have runny eyes from time to time. They also suffer from dry skin at times and should not be bathed frequently, as prescribed by Japanese spitz breed standards.

Since the white Japanese Spitz is a small dog breed, they have very high metabolism. This makes them burn energy very quickly. This means that they have to be fed frequently because of their small stomachs. The food for every Japanese Spitz dog is designed to keep in mind their small stomachs, so the food is small kibble size and features the proper level of nutrition. It also encourages chewing and helps in digestion.

This breed is also known as the cloud dog because of its white fur and pointed ears. Even after having a furry and a white coat, they only have two malting seasons per year.

Overbathing is not good for them as it can risk removing oils from their body. The coat of the Japanese Spitz does not get greasy and smelly, hence, bathing a few times a year works fine for the breed.

Having your own Japanese Spitz

The average Japanese Spitz cost ranges between $1000-$2500. This Japanese spitz price may also vary depending on the location and other environmental factors. They can be adopted from breeders after checking if they are in good health or not.

The Japanese Spitz dog breed is known for its moderate temperament which means that it is very easy to train miniature Japanese Spitz. They have a very playful spirit and are not aggressive at all. They love personal attention and wont respond well when ignored. They require at least an hour on exercise daily to remain active. One good walk a day should calm them down.

Socializing training is a must to make sure that the Japanese Spitz acts normal in the company of humans as well as other dogs. They possess courage and a protective nature. They don't generally bark unless strangers or people enter their territory. Japanese Spitz dogs also suffer from separation anxiety and, hence, should not be left alone for longer periods. Loyalty, obedience, and affection are the standout qualities of the wonderful Japanese spitz dog breed.

Caring for your Japanese Spitz

This breed does not require high-maintenance, only basic care will suffice. They need to be brushed regularly. Their ears and paws should be checked in frequent intervals in case of infections, parasites or debris. These areas of the Japanese Spitz dog must be kept clean. A regular veterinary visit is a must for the good health of the dog.

The diet of the mini Japanese Spitz dog must include the essential nutrients required to maintain their health and shine of the coat. The dietary needs of the dog change as they grow from puppies and become adults. But the owners must provide them with good quality dog food comprising meat as well as veggies.

Even though they have a pure white coat, they don't require frequent grooming. The texture of their fur is such that it repels dirt and debris. They have a thick coat and must be brushed at least twice a week to prevent knots and matting. Black Japanese Spitz have a coat that is dry as compared to other breeds which is why they need to be bathed only when required. If bathed frequently, then the natural oil and moisture will be lost. It can also cause itchiness.

In order to maintain their health it is important to provide them with regular training. Owners should also take them outdoors frequently as Japanese Spitz love to explore the outdoors. It is also advisable to conduct their training outdoors as it would make it easier for the owner to manage the dog later on.

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