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Fun Mandarin Duck Facts For Kids

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The Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) is an exotic bird belonging to the genus Aix. Wondering why so? Well, to begin with, the Mandarin Duck is known to be the most beautiful duck in the world. They are given this honor because of their extremely colorful plumage which has orange sails on the breast. Such beautiful feathers are found in both the male and female of their population. Both males and females have a red bill which helps them to catch fish and other small insects and worms as part of their diet. The population of these ducks is native to East Asia in counties such as China and Japan. Apart from east Japan and China, they are also native to Siberia. In recent times, they have been introduced to North America, specifically the United States, as well. They generally inhabit areas with trees. As a result, the water bodies that they swim in are generally situated amidst forests covered with trees. A tree forms a very vital part of their life since not only do they get their food from trees, but also they build their nest in a tree. Mandarin ducks are known to mate for life. This means that they have only one partner throughout their lifetime. They are known to form very strong bonds.

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Fun Mandarin Duck Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Insects, Snails, Worms, Fish

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

15-24 oz (430–690 g)

How long are they?

16–19 in (41–49 cm)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?

Cream, Orange, White, Gray, Greenish-Blue

Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Humans, Habitat Loss

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?

Swift Flowing Freshwater Bodies


China, Japan, Siberia









Mandarin Duck Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Mandarin Duck?

The Mandarin duck is a type of bird.

What class of animal does a Mandarin Duck belong to?

The Mandarin duck belongs to the class Aves.

How many Mandarin Ducks are there in the world?

The estimated global population of the Mandarin duck is 65,000-66,000. The Mandarin duck is a relatively rare bird and hence it has a small population, which is slowly declining.

Where does a Mandarin Duck live?

The Mandarin duck range is separate for breeding season and winter season. During the breeding season, these birds can be spotted in eastern parts of Japan, Siberia, and China. On the other hand, the southern parts of China and Japan act as their native winter range. Mandarin ducks that were released from captivity can be sometimes seen in the United Kingdom.

What is a Mandarin Duck's habitat?

The Mandarin duck can be seen swimming in and staying near freshwater bodies that flow at a swift pace. Such freshwater bodies include streams and rivers. Such rivers and streams are preferably rocky. Other freshwater Mandarin duck habitats may be lakes and ponds which have ample vegetation and are situated in forests.

Who do Mandarin Ducks live with?

Mandarin ducks generally live in groups as they are social animals. These birds are known to pair up with the opposite sex for breeding.

How long does a Mandarin Duck live?

On average, the Mandarin duck can live to be up to 12 years old.

How do they reproduce?

The age at which the Mandarin ducks attain sexual maturity remains unknown. These birds are known to be monogamous, meaning they have only one partner each throughout all the mating seasons. The male Mandarin duck displays acts like shaking and fake drinking in order to attract the female Mandarin duck. After the female and the male form a pair, they build a nest. The female Mandarin duck picks the site for the nest. The male may assist the female in searching for a suitable nest. After the nest is built in a tree hole, the female excretes to make an appropriate patch for laying eggs. Following this, the female lays one egg per day for up to 12 days. Mandarin duck eggs have an oval shape and are white in color. The female incubates the eggs for 28-30 days, after which young ones hatch from the eggs.

What is their conservation status?

As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, Mandarin ducks are a species of Least Concern. This means that the population of Mandarin ducks has no threat of extinction in the foreseeable future.

Mandarin Duck Fun Facts

What do Mandarin Ducks look like?

Mandarin duck recipes are well-known.

Different parts of their body adorn a plumage of a different color. Starting with the head of these birds, they have a greenish-black plumage right at the forehead. The plumage on the back of their head is purple in color. The underparts of their eyes have patches that are chestnut in color. On the other hand, the sides of their head are covered with cream-colored plumage. The plumage on their cheeks and the side of their neck is long and brown in color. Coming to the rest of their body, the upper part of their breast is covered in orange feathers. Since this is the part that is the most prominent and is slightly protruding, it gives the duck an overall orange look. The underpart and belly of this bird are white in color. The male has a bigger crest on the head than that of females. Females also have more greyish feathers. Additionally, females also lack in the department of eye rings, as the males have much bigger eye rings than the females. The feet of both the male and female are webbed in nature and are devoid of any feathers. Similarly, both the male and the female have a red bill. This red bill is a distinct feature that differentiates them from other ducks.

How cute are they?

Mandarin ducks have a very cute appearance. However, these birds look more regal and beautiful, than cute. Their extremely colorful plumage gives them a unique appearance that is generally not seen in other species of ducks.

How do they communicate?

Mandarin ducks communicate with other Mandarin ducks through the medium of touch, sound, and vision. Like most other animals, these ducks have the ability to perceive through chemical signals.

How big is a Mandarin Duck?

This species of ducks measure about 16–19 in (41–49 cm) in length. It is double the length of a parrot.

How fast can a Mandarin Duck fly?

The exact speed at which these ducks fly is not known. However, it is said that they are quick and strong fliers, unlike most other ducks. They are said to be able to fly about 500 miles (805 km) in a day.

How much does a Mandarin Duck weigh?

On average, this bird weighs approximately 15-24 oz (430–690 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male ducks are called drakes, while the female ducks are called hens or simply female ducks.

What would you call a baby Mandarin Duck?

Baby ducks are called ducklings.

What do they eat?

Mandarin ducks are omnivorous animals. Similar to their habitat, which changes during the breeding season and winter months, they have different diets for the winter and breeding season as well. During the winter months, they primarily feed on vegetation like grains of rice and underwater plants. during the breeding season, their diet comprises mostly small fish, insects, worms, and snails.

Are they friendly?

Yes, Mandarin ducks are known to be popular. They have a very social nature which makes them friendly creatures. They rarely ever attack humans or other animals.

Would they make a good pet?

These ducks are in fact in high demand as pets. The reason for their popularity lies in their incomparable beauty. Thus having a Mandarin duck pet could be a great idea.

Did you know...

A pair of young Mandarin ducks can cost around $249 USD. White Mandarin ducks can be bought for $225 USD for a couple. On the other hand, a pair of red goldens is $50 USD and a couple of yellow goldens can cost approximately $40 USD.

What does a Mandarin duck symbolize?

Mandarin ducks are known to symbolize fidelity and love. They mark stability in romantic relationships. As a result, these ducks are very popularly used as a symbol at weddings. This is especially seen in China. They can be seen in various art forms of China as well as they are a part of the culture. In China, the ducks have also made their way into traditional folklore. People in China see these Mandarins as a sign of happy and stable marriages.

Are there Mandarin ducks in the US?

Although Mandarin ducks are not native to the United States of America, they have been introduced there in recent times. Within the States, North Carolina, and the Black Mountains host the Mandarin duck. New York and California are also home to some of them.

Can you shoot Mandarin duck in England?

It is not legal to shoot the Mandarins in England. Mandarin duck hunting is also illegal in Scotland and Wales. This is a measure taken to protect the population of this beautiful and exotic animal.

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