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Fun Pitbull Boxer Mix Facts For KidsBullboxer Pit Dog

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If dogs make you happy, then this is the best place to be. This section talks about the boxer mix, also known as the bull boxer pit. Pitbull boxer mixes are an interesting mix of two of the most adorable yet aggressive breeds of dogs. The parent breeds are called the American pitbulls and the boxers. This designer breed of dogs is also called the bull boxer pit or the American bullboxer. Their very origin was based in Germany, and now they can be spotted almost all over the globe. This adorable mix of breeds is a bundle of joy. These pitbull boxer mixes are known for their energy, their loyalty, and, it goes without saying, their adorable face. They are known to have inherited the best traits from both of the two parent breeds, making the pitbull boxer mix personality a delightful one. The pitbull boxer mix can become friends with your children in a blink; they are also known to be quite protective and display a sense of belonging too. Not only are they quite intelligent but they're also easy to train. Training, as a matter of fact, is quite important for them in order to keep their aggression umder control. They have a tendency to react with a bark or a howl, therefore they are also trained as guard dogs or working dogs. As high as their energy levels are, it is important for them to get their daily dose of exercise. They can be your best friend and your baby too, after all, who can say no to such an adorable bundle of joy with a cute wagging tail.

Below are quite a few interesting facts about the mix-breed family dog, or the pitbull boxer mix. You can also check our facts on boxerdoodle or boxer beagle mix.

Fun Pitbull Boxer Mix Facts For KidsBullboxer Pit Dog

What do they prey on?

Protein-rich diet, fish oil, dog food and high-quality kibble

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

50-80 lb (22-36 kg)

How long are they?

20-26 in (50.8-66 cm)

How tall are they?

20-26 in (50.8-66 cm)

What do they look like?

Shades of brown/black

Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Humans And Snakes

What is their conservation status?

Not Evaluated

Where you'll find them?

Moderate Climatic Areas


Germany And Other Parts Of The World









Pitbull Boxer Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a pitbull boxer mix?

Pitbull boxers are a mixed breed (boxer pitbull mix) of two breeds of dogs called the American pitbull and the boxers. This breed of dog is associated with various names like pitbull boxer mix, a boxer mix, bullboxer pit, pitbull boxer, and boxer pit mix; all of them highlighting the two parent breeds. This dog breed is known to be quite friendly and protective which makes them more than suitable to be kept as a family dog.

What class of animal does a pitbull boxer mix belong to?

American pitbull terriers mixed with a boxer produces a pitbull boxer and they are known to belong to the class of mammals. This boxer mix breed, like all other Mammalia, are known to give birth to their young with average litter sizes ranging from five to ten puppies. The average litter size of a pitbull is ten dogs while the average litter size of a boxer is known to be five pups, this makes the pitbull boxer mix the perfect combination of them both.

How many pitbull boxer mixes are there in the world?

Although there is no specified estimate on the population of boxer pitbull mixes, it would not be wrong to say that this mix of dog breeds is probably the most adorable as well as the aptest mix of dogs. With both being a large dog species, pitbulls were used as a nanny dog while boxers are naturally known for their protection and knack for babysitting. Therefore a bullboxer pit is undoubtedly the perfect combination.

Where does a pitbull boxer mix live?

The bullboxer pit dog breed, also called the pitbull boxer mix or bullboxer, are known to belong to Germany (country of origin). However, there is no specific habitat that they particularly dwell in. They prefer to live in places of moderate temperature, so pitbull boxer mix dogs don't do well in extreme climates.

What is a pitbull boxer mix's habitat?

The American pitbull terrier, also called the bullboxer pit, doesn't really have a specified habitat since it is a mix of dog breeds. However, based on their living habits and their country of origin, they are known to have quite a few habitat preferences. For instance, the boxer pit mix generally tends to avoid too much exposure to the cold or the heat. This is because they are very sensitive to extreme weather. Because of this, the pitbull boxer mix tends to survive anywhere with moderate temperature. Secondly, because they are family dogs, anywhere close to and around humans would be just the perfect home for a dog like a bullboxer pit.

Who do pitbull boxer mixes live with?

Pitbull boxer mix dogs are also called family dogs, which specifies the fact that they are pretty good with humans, not only the adults but children too. The bullboxer breed is known to exhibit a sense of belonging and protective nature towards their loved ones. They are quite affectionate with their family members and are known for their parental skills too. For a matter a fact, the pitbull breed were used as nanny dogs while boxers were known for their caring motherly instincts. This makes the bullboxer breed quite adaptable to the people who live around them. They are known to adjust well to fellow bullboxer dogs as well, without any sort of rivalry.

How long does a pitbull boxer mix live?

The average lifespan of a boxer mix is thought to be approximately ten to 12 years. However, this mixed breed of dog (like most large dog breeds) is known to suffer from quite a few health problems. The health problems like hip dysplasia or heart disease might affect the lifespan of the dog as well. It's also advised that owners take care when feeding these dogs, to help maximise their life expectancy. Most dogs tend to pass away before they reach their average lifespan due to abrupt changes in the volume of food; therefore it is of utmost importance for owners to feed their dogs the correct quantity of food, and to follow the routine punctually.

How do they reproduce?

There is some information available about the reproduction of a dog like the boxer mix. This mixed breed of dog is known to reproduce just like any normal breed of dog. The heat period of a female lasts for 15 to 20 days. After intercourse, the female dog gives birth to the puppies after almost 50 to 60 days. The pups take a few weeks to grow up and the whole life cycle then repeats itself.

What is their conservation status?

There is no specified conservation status of a boxer mix. The conservation status of the American pit bull terrier as well as boxers might also effect the number of pitbull boxer mixes in the world. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that cross-breeding can be conducted at any point in time and their population might never be under the danger of becoming extinct.

Pitbull Boxer Mix Fun Facts

What do pitbull boxer mixes look like?

A boxer mix has quite an adorable appearance overall. Starting from the head, they are known to have quite large heads, with a sturdy body and strong legs. They have quite a sturdy build and can therefore be trained as a guard dog too. While some of them are known to have pricked ears, some of them are also spotted with cute little ears. They have an adorable short muzzle which makes their nose even cuter. These dogs are known to have a short coat all over. However, unlike their parental dog breeds, their short coat does not require much grooming. Their body fur is quite smooth making them all the softer and fluffier to touch and play with. Their main features still remain to be their adorable puppy eyes. Their fur has beautiful shades of black, brown and tan. They can grow up to 26 in (66 cm) and weigh up to 80 lb (36 kg).

Close up of Pitbull Boxer Mix

How cute are they?

Dogs and cuteness go hand in hand. Particularly talking about the boxer mix, they are one of the cutest species of mixed-breed living on this earth. This breed of dog has such a beautiful pair of eyes that could lure you into getting them all the goodies. The soft body fur and those adorable paws act as a bonus point. And how could anyone overlook that furry wagging tail. These beautiful bundles of joy deserve all the love in the world.

How do they communicate?

Boxer pitbull mixes can communicate within their own breed or with other dogs, and there are few basic methods that they use. They tend to use their urine to mark their territory and bark in order to mark their presence. When they communicate with their human owners, or pet parents, they tend to use the most adorable ways of getting what they want. The widened eyes asking for your attention, the wagging tail to show that they are happy, the continuous blinks to tell you that they love your pats, tail up high to assert dominance or authority, and the yawns to either indicate happiness or sleepiness. These adorable creatures have various ways of communicating, all the owners have to do is to pay attention to their actions.

How big is a pitbull boxer mix?

A boxer pitbull mix is three times smaller than an average human with a height of 72 in (6 ft). An average boxer pitbull mix is known to grow as tall as 26 in (66 cm) while an average human is as tall as 72 in (6 ft), therefore making these dogs three times smaller than their owner.

How fast can a pitbull boxer mix run?

A boxer pitbull mix is a mixed breed of two of the fastest breeds of dogs, pitbulls and boxers. While the pitbulls are known to have a running pace of approximately 25-30 mph (40-48 kmph), boxers are known to have an average speed of 45 mph (72 kmph). Therefore, you can only imagine the speed that this mixed breed of dog will be blessed with. Although there is no exact number available to let us know their speed, the boxer pitbull mix is known to be quite fast, all thanks to their breeding, agility and strength.

How much does a pitbull boxer mix weigh?

The weight of an average boxer pitbull mix is known to be 50-80 lb (22-36 kg). This weight bracket must be maintained at all costs. As being overweight or underweight, especially for mixed breeds, leads to diseases which might later turn out to be fatal. Therefore, in order to maintain the perfect weight most dog owners, or pet parents, are seen getting their dogs to do their share of exercises every day in order to keep them strong and healthy.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specified names for the male or the female species of this particular breed. However, the overall breed has several names that are famous worldwide. Some of them are pitbull boxer mix, pitbull boxer, a boxer mix, bullboxer pit, and boxer pit mix.

What would you call a baby pitbull boxer mix?

A pitbull boxer mix puppy does not really have a specified separate name.

What do they eat?

Pitbull boxer mix puppies are known for their activeness and strength. These dogs spend most of their time roaming and running around. Therefore, when keeping their physical activity in mind, it becomes of utmost importance for the dog owners to make sure that the dog gets a proper, measured diet that is rich in protein and nutritious content. On average they require a minimum of a 1000 calorie intake per meal, however, it might also vary based on the food you are feeding your dog with, or their size and age. Most dog owners also feed these bull boxer pits with fish oil meals. They also prefer having a real beef meal, which also enhances their protein intake. With a physical activity of that intensity, a proper diet for your dog's well-being is a must.

Are they slobbery?

The boxer breed of dogs are known to drool and slobber to a great extent. On the other hand, pitbulls tend to slobber only in very few circumstances, usually because of happiness or stress. The bullboxer pit, being a mix of both breeds, does have the tendency to slobber. However, the slobbering amount is not as high as it for boxers and it is not as low as the pitbull either. This particular breed has a four out of five tendency to drool. However, if you seem to notice an unusual amount of drooling then you must see the vet as soon as possible, as this breed of dogs is not famous for slobbering.

Would they make a good pet?

Pitbull boxers are often referred to as family dogs. This nickname for them clearly specifies the fact that they are pretty good with humans. And not only the adults but the children too. They are known to exhibit a sense of belonging and protective nature for their loved ones too. They are quite affectionate with their family members and are known for their parental skills. For a matter a fact, the pitbull breed was used as a nanny dog while the boxer breed were known for their caring and motherly instincts, hence making pitbull boxers quite adaptable to the people around them. Their level of affection, or their feeling of belongingness, makes them all the more wanted. This particular breed of dog is known for their adjustability with children and adults. They also require constant monitoring and therefore they are probably the best pick if you are looking for a new house member. These dogs are full of joy and have no complaints!

Did you know...

A boxer pitbull at their young age can lure anyone into petting them. This is all thanks to their absolutely adorable puppy dog eyes.

This large breed of American pitbull terrier (boxer pitbull) is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, but not by the American Designer Dogs Kennel Club.

The International Designer Canine Registry is a worldwide organization whose sole purpose and motive is to provide certified registrations to the new designer breeds of dogs. It provides the ownership and parental rights for an owners dogs. You can also duly register your dog's name and their place of history there.

The American pit bull terrier breeds are known to suffer from quite a few health issues, including hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition noted in dogs where the ball and socket don't really fit well together, resulting in aggression between both bones. Early symptoms of this can be low or reduced movements and difficulty in running, jumping or even walking. Heart disease is also among one of the main health issues that these dogs could encounter in their lifetime.

The pitbull breed of dog is known to have killed most humans.

Since the boxer pitbull mix has parent breeds like the American pit bull terrier and boxer, aggression runs in its veins. To control that aggression, owners could always use a short muzzle as positive reinforcement. It not only prevents the dogs from biting but also helps him get trained a little easier.

The cost of an average pitbull boxer mix is usually between 50 to 80 USD.

What are some other names for a pitbull boxer mix?

The pitbull boxer mix have several names. One common thing that can be seen in the names is the fact that almost all names mention the name of the parental breeds, which are the boxer and the american pitbull terrier, usually in the particular order of the pup's appearance and characteristics. Various names can be listed down as pitbull boxer mix, a boxer mix, bullboxer pit, boxer pit mix, bullboxer, pitbull poxer, pixote, and many others.

Are pitbull boxer mixes good with children?

Pitbull boxer mixes are great with humans. The understand and listen to not only adults, but also the children too. They are known to exhibit a sense of belonging and protective nature for their loved ones. Pitbull boxer mixes are quite affectionate with their family members and are known for their parental skills too. As a matter of fact, the pitbull was often used as a nanny dog while boxers were known for their caring and motherly instincts. This makes pitbull boxers very adaptable to the people who live around them. Their level of affection, or their feeling of belongingness, make them all the more wanted.

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