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Fun Facts About reptiles

Did you know that a polar bear's fur isn't actually white? Or that an eagle's eyesight is up to four times sharper than a human's?

Get to know your beagle from your boxer, understand what makes a mammal a mammal, and find out just how much variety there really is in the world of insects with these animal facts. Unpack your curiosity as you dive into the secrets of the mysterious sea creatures that roam the deep and unearth the details of the millions of underground critters we share a planet with.

Whether feathered or furry, silky or scaly, winged or walking, there are estimated to be upward of 7 million animal species roaming the Earth alongside us — and we haven't even come close to discovering them all or learning the complexities of each one.

With fact files on hundreds of animals, you'll learn all about their habitats, feeding and mating patterns, and fascinating facts that'll blow your mind.

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