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Fun Shar Pei Lab Mix Facts For Kids

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The lab is known to be double-coated, with an undercoat that consists of soft thick fur and a top coat that's very dense and weather resistant. Due to this, they tend to lose their undercoats when the weather is warm. However, shar peis have a much shorter and rougher coat and they're less prone to shedding. As both animals are known to be at the end of their relative spectrums, there's no sure way to tell which parent breed the shar-pei lab mix pup will take after, as a result, one should expect a little bit of shedding with shar-pei lab mixes.

Shar pei lab mix, also known as lab pei, is a mixed breed that's a cross between a very friendly, active, and extroverted labrador, and a loyal but slightly introverted shar-pei. These two breeds are almost opposite of each other, so the outcome of this cross is very uncertain. Shar-pei and lab mixes are known to inherit an amalgamation of both parents' looks as well as personalities and are often medium-sized with few wrinkles on them.

Lab pei pups are usually going to be less friendly to strangers as compared to a purebred lab, and these lab pei mix pups might even be a little tough to train, but they are just as loyal towards their family as any other dog. This new designer breed of lab pei came into existence during the 21st century. This breed is a cross between a Chinese shar-pei and a labrador retriever. These cute, sweet-faced wrinkled dogs go amazingly well with children and other pets. This makes them a brilliant addition to the family.

Like any other dogs, this breed gives out a warning bark to let strangers know that they're stepping into the dog's territory. This shows their observant and harmonious nature. Both parent breeds are known for their intelligence, loving behavior and loyalty and these shar-pei labs are manifestations of that behavior.

As both parents of a lab shar-pei mix are so different, they create a perfect balance that can be seen in their puppies, and this difference is what makes a shar-pei lab mix such a well-balanced, friendly, and loving dog. Though it's known to have suspicious behavior towards strangers, they don't take very long to warm up to them once they confirm that the stranger means no harm. With this mix you get the best of both worlds, it is both calm and energetic, friendly and suspicious, independent and clingy - it's honestly the best experience, and there's never a dull moment with this breed.

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Fun Shar Pei Lab Mix Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Chicken, fish, turkey and dog food

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

35-64 lb (16–29 kg)

How long are they?

17-20 in (44–51 cm)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?

Black, red, tan or grey.

Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Health Issues

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?

Tropical And Temperate Climates


Canada, Australia, Asia, North And South America, And Europe.









Shar Pei Lab Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a shar-pei lab mix?

A lab pei is a cross between a labrador retriever and a Chinese shar-pei, and a lab pei mix is usually a first-generation cross between the two. This hybrid is generally known for its balanced combination of the parent breeds traits, appearance and temperament. Most lab pei dogs have almond-shaped eyes with black or dark brown noses. The majority of them are known to inherit shar-pei's loose facial skin but it won't be as wrinkled as a purebred sharpie's skin. And on the other hand, their small, folded ears are a gift from their lab parent. Coats of these hybrids are often short and straight with a shar-pei's coarse texture and a coat color of black, tan, or red.

What class of animal does a shar-pei lab mix belong to?

This lab pei dog mix belongs to the class Mammalia as they directly give birth to a pei lab mix puppy. The litter size is usually between four to six puppies, shar-pei lab mixes are a very intelligent dog breed, and being the first generation hybrid they have the perfect qualities of both parents, they are usually medium to large-sized dogs and make a perfect guard dog. Physical activity in the lab pei dog is really important.

How many shar-pei labs are there in the world?

Currently, their numbers are unknown but rest assured that they are healthy and thriving, and in loving family homes. The one major threat that they do face is in regard to their health, they are prone to hip dysplasia just like many other dog species. To have a high-quality dog that is healthy, routine exercise is really important.

Where does a shar-pei lab mix live?

Being a designer dog breed, the lab pei mix is usually found in houses of pet lovers and they are an excellent choice as they can live in any country where people are ready to adopt and care for them. One of the most common colors you will find in this mix is a black labrador shar-pei mix. Each and every lab pei puppy, as well as the adult dogs, are adopted with equal love and care and are thriving where they live.

What is a shar-pei lab's habitat?

The known habitat of these breeds are houses where they get to live with a loving family. They are very smart and get along with children and other pets very well. They are friendly and even though they can be wary, they tend to warm up pretty quickly and pour their love out. This mixed breed dog loves going on walks with their humans.

Who do shar-pei labs live with?

As these dog breeds are domesticated designer breeds, they are mostly found living with their humans. They consider everyone in the family, including other pets, as their pack members and are fiercely loyal when it comes to protecting them. They are one of the most loyal breeds to exist and they are often seen living on big farms where they are kept as guard dogs.

How long does a shar-pei lab mix live?

The lifespan of this breed is impossible to predict. The reason for this is that the parents have a varying lifespan. The average lifespan of the breed labrador is ten to 12 years, whereas shar-peis have around eight to 12 years of lifespan. Although the lifespan of the mixed breed can be shorter, it can be longer too as they might be healthier than their parents.

How do they reproduce?

Like any other mammal, these dogs reproduce sexually. After breeding, four to six pups are born and the female takes care of them till they grow up. Some of these puppies get adopted into their own loving homes, and some are adopted as guard dogs since the breed is famous for being a guard dog.

What is their conservation status?

Currently, the status is unknown but we know for sure that this breed isn't under threat of Extinction. These hybrids are very famous and are preferred dogs in not only the United States but also in other parts of the world. Having the perfect balance between a labrador and a Chinese shar-pei, they are very well in demand.

Shar Pei Lab Mix Fun Facts

What do shar-pei labs look like?

This shar-pei and lab mix can have more physical characteristics of one parent or another as there is no guarantee of what the puppy will look like. Shar-pei lab mixes are known for their sturdy and medium build and males are known to be slightly larger than females. Their coats, as well as physical features, are a perfect mix of both parents and they come in almost any color except for white.

Shar pei lab mixes inherit the aggressive nature of the shar-pei and the energetic and obedient nature of the labrador retriever.

*Please note that this is a picture of a shar pei, not a shar pei lab. If you have a picture of a shar pei lab please let us know at [email protected]

How cute are they?

They honestly are so cute that you wouldn't want to let them go. From their coat color to their texture, from their cute ears to their puppy dog eyes and wagging tails, these dog babies are sure to win your heart in an instant. Once adopted, they will show you every day with their love that they are worth adopting and will make a great addition to any small or big family.

How do they communicate?

Lab pei mixes communicate in a variety of vocal sounds. Though they aren't seen barking as much, they can be pretty loud when they sense a stranger approaching their territory. They are also seen growling when they try to assert their dominance but that's hardly ever an issue, though you will see them whining and asking for your forgiveness when they have been mischievous and know that they've upset you.

How big is a shar-pei lab mix?

A black shar-pei lab mix, or any colored shar-pei lab mix, are medium-sized dogs. They are very powerfully built with an average height of 17-20 in (44–51 cm). And since both of its parents, shar-pei and labrador retriever, share a similar build, it's only natural that this lab pei mix would take that on and have a large build as well. It's known that a fully grown shar-pei lab mix can oftentimes outgrow their parents when it comes to height. Though this also varies from dog to dog, often times their lifestyle and diet play an important role too. Some breeders would have puppies that they like to call mini shar-pei lab mix. These minis are oftentimes a cross between miniature labradors and shar-peis. Since these dogs are built big and strong, it is very important to know that they are still puppies at heart and don't know their own strength, hence it is important for their owner to keep a close eye on these pups when they play with small children. Though they are gentle giants, they are still babies and require attention. Also, it is very important to teach young kids how to carry and treat a dog, puppy or adult, as it is the owners responsibility to make sure that the children and animal are as safe as possible when playing.

How fast can a shar-pei lab mix run?

They are pretty fast considering their size and build, they can run up to 35 mph (65 kmph) in short bursts. Though not as fast and agile as their lab parent, they can still gain speed pretty quickly.

How much does a shar-pei lab mix weigh?

Considering their size and body, these lab pei mixes weigh around 35-64 lb (16–29 kg). Since this breed is known to put on weight pretty quickly, daily exercise and a healthy diet is necessary for them

What are the male and female names of the species?

Like any other dog breed, a male is called a dog while a female is referred to as a bitch.

What would you call a baby shar pei lab mix?

A cute baby shar-pei lab mix is called a puppy. A small litter can have anywhere from four to six puppies. Training these puppies is really important as they can gain stubborn and dominant traits pretty early on.

What do they eat?

Being a cross between two big breeds, the lab pei mix is known to have a hearty appetite. They should have two to three cups of dry dog food a day and this should be split into three to four meals daily. As these breeds are prone to bloating, they should not be overfed. A protein-rich diet should be followed as it helps in keeping their muscles, bones and joints healthy and strong. Ideally, you should use a large bowl while feeding them kibble. This is to keep them from gobbling it all down and choking, or finishing all the food at once. Alternatively, you could use a slow feeder bowl to slow them down as well.

Are they slobbery?

While labs are known to be pretty dry dogs, shar-peis can sometimes get slobbery. Despite this, their crossbreed isn't a big slobberer. If for any reason your shar-pei lab mix produces a lot of slobber, even past eating time, then you should definitely take your dog to vet as this could be caused by an underlying disease.

Would they make a good pet?

While this breed is perfect for anyone wanting a loyal and loving companion, the adopter should keep in mind that these breeds are prone to health concerns. A lab pei mix that takes more of its shar-pei parents physical appearance, needs a significant amount of care to keep its excessive folds and skin clean and healthy. There are also other health concerns like hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, and eye disease that can plague this breed. Regardless of all this, these dogs have a heart of gold and can be trained with the right love and care, and will always do anything to show their owner the love that they have for them. They do make a pretty amazing pet if you know how to train and care for a dog.

Did you know...

'The White God', a Hungarian movie that was released in 2014, featured two shar-pei lab mix dogs. These dogs were twin brothers from Arizona named Like and Bodie. They were known to share the lead role of a dog named Hagen, who was abandoned by its owners due to the fact that he was of a mixed breed origin. This later lead to an uprising against human oppression where many unwanted dogs supported them.

Common health issues of the shar-pei lab mix

Lab pei mixes can inherit health problems from either of their parents. They are usually prone to joint issues, obesity, and skin issues. These skin problems usually depend on how deep the wrinkles of the pup can be and how much time it is going to require for a proper cleaning session. And due to being a mixed breed, their life span is usually four to five years shorter than an average purebred dog. This mix breed is also prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, cancer and eye disease as well. Lab pei mixes are also prone to heart conditions, muscular dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy like its labrador parent, and can also have a predisposition to respiratory problems, deflated muzzles, and cherry eye from its shar-pei parent. Hence, they should have a lot of physical activity so that the health conditions they adopted from their Chinese shar-pei and labrador retriever parents do not end up killing them.

Characteristics of the shar-pei lab mix

Shar-pei and lab mix puppies can have a variety of temperaments, it can either be as friendly as a labrador or as reserved as a shar-pei. It all comes down to which parents' gene is dominant. They can be quite a challenging breed for a new owner who has never cared for a dog before. They are known to get quite stubborn and dominant hence proper training from their puppy days is extremely necessary. Regardless of all this, they're a really loving breed that thrives with young children and other pets. As shar-peis were known to be watchdogs in the past, this trait has passed down to current ones as well, hence they can sometimes get aggressive pretty quickly. The chances of lab shar-pei mix inheriting these aggressive tendencies is quite dicey as no one can say for sure that whether it will or it won't. Overall this mix breed is known for its loyal, independent and loving nature and is also fiercely protective of its family. With proper training, love and care these dogs will love you and follow you to the end of the world. They are not only great companion dogs but are also very very loving. A labrador shar-pei mix might suffer from various health problems and skin problems with its skin folds and whatnot, but underneath all this is a puppy who wants nothing but its owner's love, care and attention. These mixed breed dogs are loyal and loving and perfect for your family. Lab shar-pei mixes are a perfect family dog that will protect you always and forever.

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