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Fun Snow Leopard Facts For Kids

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Be it a child or an adult, wild cats are always adored by all. Wild cats are well known for their huge size and excellent predatory skills. Lions, leopards,  tigers all are types of wild cats. And today we will talk about a very well known species of wild cats that is a Snow Leopard (panthera uncia). These majestic animals prey on small mammals like ibex, sheep, and deer. The conservation status for Snow Leopard (panthera uncia) has been categorized as Endangered as their numbers are dwindling in the world and efforts for their conservation are being conducted by the Snow Leopard trust. The preferred habitat for these animals are stony, arid, and barren mountain regions. The Snow Leopard tail is very different from other cats as it is extremely soft and fluffy. The tail helps to keep the animal warm during winters.  

A Snow Leopard is a huge cat found in the cold mountains of Central Asia. They are fascinating creatures with gorgeous appearances. In this article, we will reveal all that is relevant about a Snow Leopard. To learn more about big cats, you may also look at South China tiger facts and Asiatic lion facts. So, without wasting any time, let's begin with some very interesting adult Snow Leopard facts as well as baby Snow Leopard facts.

Fun Snow Leopard Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Small mammals like ibex, sheep, and deer

What do they eat?


Average litter size?

1-5 cubs

How much do they weigh?

65-70 lb

How long are they?

30–60 in

How tall are they?

22-24 in

What do they look like?

Grey, creamy yellow with grayish black spots

Skin Type

Fur coat

What were their main threats?

Humans And Wolves

What is their conservation status?


Where you'll find them?

High Alpine Areas Like Himalayas


Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic









Snow Leopard Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Snow Leopard?

Snow Leopards are Asian cats of the Panthera genus. The reason why snow has been added to its name is because this species is usually found in the upper depths of the icy mountain. These big cats lead a solitary life and like to live like this. Due to habitat loss and poaching, Snow Leopards are endangered in the wild.

What class of animal does a Snow Leopard belong to?

Snow Leopard (panthera uncia) belong to the mammal class of animals.

How many Snow Leopards are there in the world?

There are 4,080-6,590 Snow Leopards left in this world. The Snow Leopard population declined heavily because of the loss of habitat in the mountains, illegal trade and the reckless hunting of its fur.

Where does a Snow Leopard live?

Snow Leopards are found in high mountains of Central Asia in extremely cold conditions. The countries where these big cats are found include Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Mongolia. They can also be found in various national parks and national sanctuaries.

What is a Snow Leopard's habitat?

Snow Leopards are found in the cold and high mountains. They make their home in the broken terrains of cliffs, rocky belays, and other similar places at high altitude where they can prey on sheep, ibex, mountain goat and other animals. In order to ensure their survival, various national parks and sanctuaries are undertaking different measures.

Who do Snow Leopards live with?

Snow Leopards live alone at high altitude regions. It is extremely rare to see Snow Leopards living with another fellow leopard.

How long does a Snow Leopard live?

The lifespan of a Snow Leopard is 10-12 years in the wild and 22 years in captivity.

How do they reproduce?

The breeding season of Snow Leopards occurs in the month of January and lasts till mid-March. During this time, the male and female leopards live together and they indulge in mating activities. The gestation period for this species is 93-110 days for the female Snow Leopard. As the copulation happens between the month of January and March, the female gives birth to 1-5 cubs in the month of June-July.

What is their conservation status?

The Snow Leopard's conservation status is vulnerable and might soon be updated to endangered. The Snow Leopard population declined heavily because of habitat loss and illegal trade for its fur.

Snow Leopard Fun Facts

What do Snow Leopards look like?

Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) have fur of grey and white color. Just like a jaguar, they have a long tail and black markings on their flanks, head, and neck. The grey-white color provides them camouflage in the snowy environment. The Snow Leopard's tail is unlike any other cat species, and the long, furred, and striped tail helps to regulate the body temperature.

A Snow Leopard has black markings on its body.

How cute are they?

Snow Leopards are actually very cute despite their wild nature. Snow Leopards are furry and resemble a huge cat in appearance. These mountain predators are indeed very dangerous, but somehow they manage to look super cute and adorable.

How do they communicate?

In order to communicate, Snow Leopards use territorial marking methods, like leaving a scrape mark behind, urinating on rocks, scratching the trees, and lightly rubbing rock surfaces with their face.

One very interesting thing about the Snow Leopard is that, unlike other big cats, they can't roar.  

How big is a Snow Leopard?

Snow Leopards are huge cats with a standing height of 24 in. They are almost 2.5 times bigger than a regular cat.

How fast can a Snow Leopard move?

Snow Leopards can run at an impressive speed of 35-40 miles per hour. Leopards are generally known for their super-fast speed and able to catch their prey smoothly.

How much does a Snow Leopard weigh?

A Snow Leopard weighs around 65-70 lb. They might look big and heavy but are actually thinner and lighter, which allows them to run at a very fast pace.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The male Snow Leopard will be called a leopard, and a female Snow Leopard will be called a leopardess.

What would you call a baby Snow Leopard?

A baby Snow Leopard is called a cub.

What do they eat?

Snow Leopards are carnivores who can eat animals that are three times bigger than their height. They usually prey on mammals like blue sheep, ibex, deer, marmots and more. The preferred prey for these animals is sheep and wild goat.

Are they dangerous?

A Snow Leopard is a strong cat who can easily kill an animal three times bigger than its own height. But the interesting thing is that Snow Leopards are not really known to attack humans. They do not prey on humans, and they usually move away, especially if they feel like are threatened (humans have hunted Snow Leopards for things such as their fur, meaning Snow Leopards are weary of humans).

Would they make a good pet?

No, they would not make a good pet. The first reason is that they are protected animals and keeping them as a pet is illegal. The second reason is that they are wild cats who are strong enough to kill bigger animals and even humans. Although they cause no actual threat to humans, we still can't neglect the fact that they are wild cats with excellent predatory skills.

Did you know...

It is quite interesting to know that Snow Leopards can swim really well. Plus, a Snow Leopard can jump up to a distance of 50 feet.

The actual reason behind Snow Leopards avoiding humans  is that they do not like to come in contact with humans. They are very strong animals who can easily kill a human, but there is no reason for them to be afraid of humans.

What are Snow Leopards known for?

Snow Leopards are famous for a lot of reasons and here we shall reveal some of these most amazing facts about a Snow Leopard. So, let's begin.

Snow Leopards are well known for their excellent predatory skills. They can easily kill an animal three times bigger than their height.

Their name might be a Snow Leopard, but they are closely related to a tiger.

Snow Leopards have their own natural shoes that enable them to walk on the snow easily. Their feet are covered with fur, which helps them in walking easily on snowy paths.

They are capable of traveling a distance nearly as long as a marathon in one single night.

Their grey and white fur provide them with good camouflage.

How to draw a Snow Leopard

Drawing a Snow Leopard is really easy. If you are a kid who is enchanted by Snow Leopards then we will tell you how to draw a Snow Leopard. The easiest way to draw a Snow Leopard is to first draw its face and then its body. This will make sure that all the body parts of your leopard look symmetrical.

Once you are done with drawing the leopard, then what you need to do is color it in. Coloring the Snow Leopard is simple: first, color it grey and then draw black circular marks all over its body. And with this, you are done. Your Snow Leopard is ready.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Snow Leopard coloring pages.

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