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Fun Tiger Facts For Kids

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The tiger, or the Panthera tigris, is an apex carnivorous big cat that can hunt anything down by stalking their prey and following its footprints. They are very intelligent and agile. They are famous for their attractive appearance and having orange-brown fur with stripes of black. The lower classification of tigers includes the Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, and Sumatran Tiger. Some species of the tiger, like the Caspian tiger, Balinese tigers, and Javan tigers, have been extinct for more than three decades. The population of the Bengal tiger is decreasing, and they have been listed as Endangered.

The main threats to the tiger population is poaching, illegal wildlife trade, hunting by humans, unavailability of prey, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, and clearing of forests.

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Fun Tiger Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Sambar deer, wild pigs and cattle

What do they eat?


Average litter size?

3-7 cubs

How much do they weigh?

143-683 lb (64-309 kg)

How long are they?

78-153 in (6.5-12.8 ft)

How tall are they?

30-48 in (2.5-4 ft)

What do they look like?

Orange with black stripes

Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Habitat Loss, Poaching, Illegal Trade And Humans

What is their conservation status?


Where you'll find them?

Grasslands, Swamps And Rainforest, Siberian Taiga


China, North Korea, India And Southwest Asia









Tiger Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a tiger?

Tigers belong to the family Felidae and are bigger cats. They are apex carnivorous predators. The Amur tigers, commonly known as Siberian tigers, are the largest in size, while the Sumatran tigers are the smallest tiger species.  Tigers are very intelligent, and they stalk their prey before pouncing on it. They have the ability to kill everything that they spot. They are mostly ambush and nocturnal predators who use their body weight to pin down their opponent and bite its neck to kill it finally.

What class of animal does a tiger belong to?

The Bengal tiger is a carnivorous mammal that is known for its enormous power and extraordinary personality. The tiger is exported to other countries via illegal trade which is causing a huge blow to the tiger population. They are famous for their thick orange fur with black stripes.

How many tigers are there in the world?

The IUCN Red List has listed the tiger species as Endangered, which means that their population is continuously decreasing due to multiple reasons like poaching, wildlife trade, hunting, habitat loss, and fragmentation. An estimated amount of 3,900 tigers are left in the wild and measures should be taken to increase the population of this apex predator. Tiger sanctuaries and forest areas reserved for them should be built which will save the tiger from being extinct completely.

Where does a tiger live?

The woods, tropical rainforest, savanna, swamps, and dense forests are where tigers are usually found. They need an open and wide space to hunt and to spend their life. They cannot thrive in restricted areas. Their population is decreasing majorly due to increasing human activity that involves deforestation and clearing of forest areas. A gigantic 93 percent decrease in tiger population has been recorded after humans have started acquiring the native tiger lands.

What is a tiger's habitat?

Tigers can survive in the cold as well as warm temperatures. They can adapt to several environments like the evergreen forest, mangrove swamps, rainforests,  grasslands, savannas, and rocky regions. They need abundant space to hunt and carry out their activities. Tigers can be found near a water source where they often visit to hunt and quench their thirst.  

Who do tigers live with?

Male tigers are solitary in nature and roam around in large areas according to the availability of food. This area is also termed 'home range'. The female tigers live along with their cubs, and after the cubs reach maturity, they lead their individual lives. Often cubs can be seen playing together or cooling themselves down during the summer season in a nearby pond or lake. Unlike lions, tigers do not have a permanent group, but a group of tigers is called a streak and these are rare to spot.  

How long does a tiger live?

The tigers live for eight to ten years in the wild. Tigers also have lived for 23 years, which is the longest lifespan recorded for a tiger. The juvenile cubs have a difficult time surviving and are hunted down by other carnivores when the mother goes out to gather food. Most of the cubs die before reaching two years of age.

How do they reproduce?

Tigers reproduce through sexual copulation. The gestation period in female tigers lasts for 103 days and gives birth to a litter of four to seven cubs. Intercourse in tigers occurs repetitively and over the course of a week. Pre-mating rituals include the male circling the female uttering noises which indicate sexual readiness. The tigress has induced ovulation which means that the egg will only be released after mating. There is no specific mating season, and tigers can mate anytime during the year. Tigers are polygamous and mate with several partners in their lifetime.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Panthera tigris, as suggested by the IUCN Red List, is Endangered and their population graph is declining day by day. Only 3,900 tigers are surviving in the wild and they are faced with new challenges every day. Tigers should be protected, and poaching as well as illegal trade of tigers should be stopped. Tiger populations are also receiving a huge blow as a human settlement in the tiger territory is increasing.

Tiger Fun Facts

What do tigers look like?

Tigers have an attractive appearance with their orange-yellow fur with black stripes. They are big cats and top predators. These black stripes help the tigers to camouflage themselves in the night while hiding behind the bush and stalking their prey. Tiger stripes are uneven and differ from each individual tiger. They have a tube-like body and a round head. They are covered in thick fur and are very muscular. They use their body weight to suffocate their prey and finally bite them near the neck region.

A tiger takes a break in the shade of a tree.

How cute are they?

Even though tigers are dangerous and kill human beings easily, they are very cute when they are in their element. Mother tigers are often spotted playing with their babies in the water and taking care of them which is an adorable sight to watch. Cubs also playfully fight with other cubs and dip in the water together to decrease their body temperature during hot weather.

How do they communicate?

Low growling, purring, or rumbling may suggest a friendly encounter between two tigers. They use vocalization and emit different sounds to pass messages. A tiger’s loose hanging tail is an indication that the tiger is relaxed. They also use olfactory senses to catch their prey. They are known to rub their bodies against each other to communicate. A female tiger will utter sounds in the presence of a male tiger to attract it for sexual reproduction. The male will circle the tigress and return the calls if it is interested in copulation.

How big is a tiger?

The length of a tiger is 78-153 in (6.5-12.8 ft). The height of a tiger is 30-48 in (2.5-4 ft) when on their toes. They grow at a fast rate and live their solitary lives like other tigers. They are the biggest cat species and the third-largest carnivores in the wild holding the position of being top apex predators.

How fast can a tiger run?

The tiger is famous for its speed, gigantic personality, and smartness. It can run at a speed of 30-40 mph (48-64 kmph) to catch its prey. They cannot run at such high speeds for long distances. They stalk their prey before attacking it and camouflage themselves behind bushes and shrubs before pouncing on the prey.

How much does a tiger weigh?

The weight of a tiger ranges between 143-683 lb (64-309 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male tiger is referred to as a tiger, while the female tiger is called a tigress. The female tigers raise the cubs and teach the cubs hunting. They also can swim and hunt underwater.

What would you call a baby tiger?

A cute little baby tiger is called a tiger cub. Tiger cubs are very cute and adorable. They stay along with their mother for six months until they reach maturity, but some tiger cubs can still depend on the mother for protection and food.

What do they eat?

Tigers are carnivorous predators that hunt down water buffaloes, wild boars, cattle, wild pigs, and other herbivorous animals. They can also attack a human being and consume it. They are very powerful creatures as they can use their body weight to kill their prey. They have excellent stalking skills and stalk their prey by camouflaging themselves behind a thick bush. These tigers are nocturnal creatures and are most active during the night.

Are they dangerous?

Yes, tigers are carnivores and can attack a human being, killing them instantly. They are huge and have sharp teeth which can rip apart any other animal, including humans. They also run at great speed while attacking their prey but only for short distances. They should not be provoked or threatened, which may make them aggressive.

Would they make a good pet?

It is illegal to keep the tiger as a pet as their population is Endangered and continuously decreasing. They are unpredictable and would not make good pets as they might break the cage with their sharp teeth and cause havoc. They would not live for too long and lose their personality if caged as a pet. They must be left in nature as they are wild animals and belong there.  

Did you know...

Five interesting facts about tigers include, the cubs of a tiger are born blind and open their eyes only after six to 12 days. A tiger’s tail is 3 ft (36 in) long which helps them to maintain their balance while walking and running. The feet of the tiger are padded enough, which makes them excellent stalkers. The hind legs of a tiger are longer than its front legs which helps them to leap forward and cover a large distance while running. They are excellent swimmers and average runners. Only a single punch from the tiger can kill a human being instantaneously. The Tasmanian tiger had stripes on its lower back.

Was there ever a black tiger?

Black tigers are not a different species of the Panthera tigris. They are a color variant of the Bengal tigers who have black fur due to heavy melanin production in their body. They also have small bodies when compared to the regular tigers. This overproduction of melanin could be due to inbreeding.

What are tigers afraid of?

Humans are the most dangerous and biggest threat to these animals. Tigers are afraid of animals that are larger in size, like elephants and some bears. Crocodiles may even kill a tiger with the help of its sharp jaw. They are also afraid of dholes, which are wild Asiatic dogs, as these dogs are fierce and roam around in a group.

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