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Annie McElwain is famous for her roles in 'Opposite Sex', 'CSI: Miami' and 'Shark'
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About Annie McElwain

Annie was born on January 23, 1982.

Annie McElwain was born in the city of Seattle, Washington. McElwain is a professional photographer and a popular actor renowned for her acting roles in the films 'Opposite Sex', 'CSI Miami' and 'Shark'.

Annie McElwain is also famous for her role as Heidi Burge in the film 'Double Teamed'. She also appeared in a commercial for 'Cingular'.

Annie McElwain is also a rising Instagram influencer with around 6837 followers on her Instagram account as of August 2022. She uses her self-titled blog to feature her photography.

Annie McElwain Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Annie McElwain’s net worth?

Annie McElwain has spent years in the industry as an artist. She then became a social media influencer through which she has received love and appreciation from her audience. This has helped her increase her net worth over the years. The approximate net worth of Anne McElwain is $18 million as of August 2022.

How much does Annie McElwain earn per year?

Although she has spent a large part of her life in Hollywood as a celebrity and influencer, her annual income has never been disclosed to the public. However, according to some sources, Annie McElwain earns approximately $400,000 a year and $32,000 a month.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Annie McElwain?

Annie McElwain is 5 ft 8.5 in (174 cm) tall.

How old is Annie McElwain?

Born on January 23, 1982, in Seattle, Washington, Anne McElwain is 40 years old as of August 2022.

Childhood And Education

Annie McElwain was born in Seattle on January 23, 1982, but later moved to Los Angeles, California.

She likes to maintain the privacy of her personal life with her parents, which is why not many facts are known about the parents and family of Annie McElwain. Still, it is believed she grew up in a very supportive and loving household.

Annie McElwain has still not revealed the school and university she has attended.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Annie McElwain’s partner?

Annie McElwain married her husband, Gregory Alan, on March 14, 2016. Annie McElwain has been married to her husband for six years since August 2022.

Annie McElwain and Gregory Alan have a beautiful young girl named Neela Ray. Their daughter was born on May 8.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Annie McElwain is a 40-year-old wedding and lifestyle photographer and a famous female actor. She started her career as an actor in 1997 by playing the character of Courtney in one episode of 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class'.

Annie McElwain is also known for her acting roles in movies like 'Opposite Sex', 'CSI Miami' and 'Shark'. She is famous for portraying the character of Heidi Burge in the movie 'Double Teamed'.

She is also a famous wedding and lifestyle photographer. She uses her self-titled blog to feature her photography. Annie McElwain is a rising Instagram star with around 6,837 followers as of August 2022.

Annie McElwain’s Hobbies And Interests

Annie McElwain is an actor by profession, but photography is her main interest. She is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, and she displays all her work on her personal blog. She likes to take pictures of different things that give life meaning and make it beautiful. This also gives her a chance to inspire others to live a more beautiful life.

Other Interesting Annie McElwain Facts And Trivia

  • Annie McElwain is a 4o-year-old popular actor and photographer.
  • Her birthday is on January 23, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • Annie McElwain is married to Gregory Alan and has a daughter with him.
  • She has beautiful blue-colored eyes.
  • Anne McElwain is a rising Instagram influencer with around 6,837 followers on her Instagram account, @anniemcelwain, as of August 2022. She likes to give regular updates about her personal and professional life on these platforms to her fans.

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Annie McElwain Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Annie McElwain

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174 cm

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Professional Photographer, Actress

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Gregory Alan

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