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Are Cats Allergic To Chocolate? What Kibble Is Safe For Your Kitten?

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Chocolate poisoning in cats is a more common occurrence than you think.

If you have ever wondered whether chocolate is bad for cats, then the answer is yes. Cat owners need to know about chocolate toxicity in cats. 

Our feline friends are very mischievous animals. They will eat anything they can lay their paws on. They don't bother to stop, even if it's paper or chocolate. However, we cannot just let them eat anything they want! There are certain foods that are dangerous for cats. Chocolates make it to the top of that list. Some other foods that are toxic and dangerous for cats are yeast, caffeine, alcohol, coconut, grapes, raw eggs, and citrus fruits such as lime, clementine, lemon and orange. Cats eat chocolate very happily, but it contains theobromine which is poisonous for them.

Let's find out more about cats eating chocolate and the effect it has on their health.

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How much chocolate is toxic to cats?

Cats eat chocolate despite an owner's warning not to. Surprisingly, they like the bittersweet taste of chocolate. Even a small amount of chocolate is sufficient to cause dangerous symptoms in cats. If your cat ate chocolate accidentally, then make sure to take it to a veterinarian immediately. If you are not aware of how much your feline managed to eat before you noticed, then you should treat the situation as an emergency. Too much chocolate can even cause death in cats!

The amount of chocolate that is toxic to cats usually depends on the type of chocolate. Each type of chocolate contains different amounts of theobromine. The amount of theobromine that is toxic to cats is 0.007 oz/lb (200 mg/kg). There are several types of chocolates, including dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, baking chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. According to research, for a 8 lb (3.62 kg) cat, the following amounts prove to be toxic: 0.5 oz (14.17 g) of dark chocolate, 0.2 oz (5.66 g) of baking chocolate, 0.5 oz (14.17 g) of semi-sweet chocolate, and 1.14 oz (32.31 g) of milk chocolate. White chocolate is not that toxic as it contains a smaller amount of theobromine. Chocolate does not need to be in a bar form for it to be toxic to cats. Foods containing chocolate are equally toxic, depending on the amount of chocolate in them. 

Why is chocolate bad for cats?

Pet owners may often see food poisoning in dogs. Food poisoning in cats is less common in comparison. Just like dogs, cats are allergic to certain foods and certain foods prove to be toxic for them. Each food, when eaten in a specified amount, can be okay. However, certain foods are toxic even in minute amounts, and chocolate is one of them. It is the components of chocolate that are responsible for making it toxic to cats. 

We have established the fact that chocolate is bad for cats and that they should not eat it. Let's now look at the the system behind the toxicity of chocolates for our feline pets. Chocolate is prepared by processing the seeds of cocoa trees. Cocoa seeds contain large amounts of caffeine and theobromine. All three of these components (cocoa, caffeine, and theobromine) are toxic to cats, individually. Chocolate, as a finished product, contains all three of these components in some amount. When we say that these individual components are toxic to cats, you can only imagine what effect they will create when eaten in combination. Even small amounts of chocolate will be bad for cats. So, when pet cats eat chocolate, they suffer from a number of symptoms. Some of them are acute, while some can be quite fatal.

Cat food Kibbles with measuring cup.

Symptoms Of Chocolate Poisoning In Cats

When it comes to eating chocolates, cats are sneaky little pets. Chocolate contains components that are toxic to cats. A cat's digestive system will react badly to chocolate. They tend to start showing signs of chocolate poisoning within an hour after eating chocolate. You should keep a lookout for any symptoms and seek necessary treatment from the veterinarian immediately if you see them. Some symptoms may not look severe, but they are definitely a risk to your cat's health. On chocolate poisoning, treat your feline pet with care until they get veterinary help.

The symptoms of chocolate poisoning can come in a wide range of signs. Some of the most common symptoms that a cat who has eaten excessive chocolate experiences are rapid breathing, high blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, increased heart rate, tremors, muscle tremors, decreased appetite, increased urination, restlessness, seizures, hyperactivity, and muscle rigidity. If your pet is experiencing rapid breathing, make sure its airway is unobstructed and that it is not suffocating. Increased heart rate should not be taken lightly as it can be a sign of an oncoming heart attack. In most severe cases, your pet friend can even go into a coma. Don't ignore any symptoms related to chocolate poisoning. They can escalate very quickly and lead to the untimely death of your dear pet. Treat chocolate poisoning as an emergency and get all the veterinary care you can for your pet.

Should I take my cat to the vet if it ate chocolate?

We all love our pets and cannot stand to see them in agony. Most symptoms related to chocolate poisoning in cats are initially mild. They may or may not escalate over time but you should not take the risk with your beloved pet. As soon as you discover that your cat has eaten chocolate, immediately start treatment. You can start the treatment at home by consulting your veterinary clinic on the phone or you can take them to the vet immediately.

It is important to understand the risk your cat is facing to determine whether or not to take it to a vet. Most cat owners will take them to the vet immediately on any signs of illness. To judge whether you need to take your cat to the vet, you need to know how much chocolate it has had. The theobromine in the chocolate will cause certain symptoms in your cat. The more chocolate it has eaten, the more risk your cat's digestive system faces. Your cat may look healthy for a while after eating chocolate, but it will eventually start showing symptoms of chocolate poisoning. There is a possibility that the toxins will flush themselves out without any interference in a few rounds of vomiting or diarrhea. However, your cat will face dehydration and weakness as a side effect. It is best to visit the vet sometime after your furry friend has mischievously eaten chocolate.

Alternatives To Chocolate For Cats

A cat's taste buds are very keen. They love strong-flavored foods. Cats will eat anything humans can. However, it does not mean that you should let them. Pet owners have often reported that their cats go crazy on seeing certain foods which they are not allowed to eat. They even jump on their owners to grab the food from their hands. This behavior can be avoided by getting them their favorite edible cat treat.

A cat's diet is very strict. They cannot eat everything humans can. There are certain cat foods available on the market that taste like human foods, but they are made without the components that are toxic for cats. Such cat foods can be included in the diet of your cat, but not on a regular basis. They can be given as treats once a day in small amounts. Other foods that humans eat but you can still feed your cat are nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains, yogurt, eggs, cheese, fish, meat bones, meat, chicken. Make sure each food is given in limited amounts. Keep the foods that your pets love locked away so that they cannot get their paws on them behind your back.

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