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Are Eggs Good For Cats? Yes, This Human Food Can Be Your Cat Food!

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Eggs can be the superfood that your cat needs.

Many may not realize how beneficial eggs can be to your cat. Include this superfood protein in your pet's diet and see the change.

Eggs are a great source of protein. Humans have been using the humble egg for years to meet their daily protein intake. Egg whites contain high-quality protein and are also nutrient-rich. Apart from being a healthy food for human beings, eggs can also be an essential part of a cat's diet. Many people are not aware that cats eat eggs and how beneficial it can be for them. Cats are hyper carnivores or obligate carnivores and thus need a lot of protein. Eggs can be a special and healthy treat for your cat that will also help them to meet their protein needs. Not just adult cats but even feeding eggs to kittens that are boiled or scrambled is perfectly safe. Eggs contain protein and amino acids that are beneficial and safe for cats. If you want to give your pet cat eggs, be sure to cook them properly and remove all the shells. It's also quite important to keep in mind the number of eggs you are serving your cat. Overfeeding your cats is easy and it should be noted that overconsumption of eggs can lead to severe gastrointestinal issues in your pet. Keep reading to know more about this lesser-known superfood for cats.

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Can I feed my cat boiled egg every day?

If you're wondering if cats can eat eggs, then we have the answer for you. Feeding a whole egg that is hard-boiled to your cat is perfectly safe. Even though there are plenty of health benefits of consuming eggs as they contain lots of amino acids as well as protein, it is not advisable to feed your cat boiled egg every single day.

Cats are relatively small creatures. An egg a day for an adult human being might not be a very big amount but for a cat, it is certainly a lot. A 10 lb (4.5 kg) cat should ideally consume only about 150-200 calories a day. The amount of egg given to your cat should be very little in quantity and should not exceed more than 10 percent of their daily caloric intake. Giving your furry little friends eggs once or twice a week is a good way to ensure that you don't end up overfeeding them and are also providing them with the nutrition they need. Along with boiled eggs, you can also give your cat the eggshells as they contain a lot of calcium that can be helpful for the development of your pet's bones. However, the eggshells need to be ground into a fine powder, and only then should be given to your pet for consumption. This powder can be sprinkled on their food. But just like boiled eggs, this powder also should not be fed to them every single day but occasionally instead. Overfeeding of eggs or even eggshells would do much more harm than good.

Are you confused if cats eat raw eggs? We know that cats eat eggs and eggs are good for cats too. Feeding your cat egg whites, along with egg yolks is absolutely fine. However, raw eggs are bad for your pet to consume. Cats should only eat cooked eggs. Hard-boiled eggs or even scrambled eggs without any seasoning are perfectly safe for your pet. Even raw egg whites should not be given. Raw eggs can contain pathogenic organisms- bacteria like salmonella or e.coli. If ingested, these can cause serious health problems like gastrointestinal issues. Feeding raw eggs to a cat can cause harm just like it would to a human. If you think or have a suspicion that your cat may have consumed raw eggs, you should take your pet cat to the vet immediately as recommended by the American Veterinary Association.

Can I give my cat scrambled eggs?

Cats can eat eggs. Feeding your cat a boiled egg even scrambled eggs is absolutely fine. You just need to ensure that the eggs are cooked through completely as raw eggs are not beneficial for your cat.

Raw eggs can cause harm and it is advisable that you feed your cat eggs that are fully cooked. When eggs are not completely cooked through, they can harbor bacteria. Many people may think that feeding cats raw egg whites is okay but raw egg whites are also not good as these egg whites contain a protein called avidin that binds the essential vitamin called the vitamin B7 and the animal is unable to absorb this vitamin. Over a long period of time, continuing this practice may lead to a vitamin deficiency in your feline friends. To prevent such a deficiency from happening, and ensure that they have a complete and balanced diet is to make sure that the egg whites along with the egg yolks are completely cooked. Egg yolks, however, mostly contain fat and can spark an increase in the fat content of its diet. They can be in any form - boiled or scrambled eggs prepared without seasoning, but they need to be fully cooked for it to benefit your cat's diet.

Every pet parent must know if cats can eat a whole egg.

What health benefits do cats get by eating eggs?

For humans, you might already know that eggs are an amazing source of protein. Just like human beings, our cute feline friends also benefit greatly from them. Eggs are good for cats. Feeding your cat eggs can be essential for them to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Not only are eggs a very healthy source of getting protein, but eggs are also a brilliant source of taurine. Taurine is regarded as a necessary component of a cat's diet. This was recognized in the late 1980's itself. Since that time, all of a cat's diet has had this supplement. Animal protein like fish, as well as, meat prove to be excellent sources of the same. Taurine is a necessary nutrient in all cat foods and an essential in every cat's diet. Taurine is important for good digestion, normal vision as well as heart muscle function. Not just this, it is important for cats to have this nutrient to be able to maintain a healthy immune system. It also contributes to providing essential amino acids for the cat. The minimum quantity of taurine required daily in cats is between 0.5-0.8 gr (35-56 mg) for an adult. A good way to calculate the amount of taurine required by your cat each day is to ensure that your pet gets 10 mg per kg of its body weight every day. Eggs can help in providing essential nutrients like taurine as well as other amino acids that will ensure your cats have a healthy immune system. Eggs also do not contain any carbs, which makes them an excellent no-carb source of protein for your furry friends.

Can cats live on just eggs?

Even though, as already established, eggs proved to be a great source of protein for your cat. Eggs are nutritionally very high and also contain essential amino acids. Feeding cooked eggs to your cats can help them in having a better digestive system and overall increased immunity. Even with all these benefits, feeding your feline friends only eggs is not a great idea.

Just like humans, who need a combination of different foods for a healthy and balanced meal, even a cat's diet should be one with variety. We cannot expect one type of food to provide us with all the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Cats in comparison to humans are tiny creatures. Even though one egg a day for a human is not a big deal, an egg a day for a cat that weighs only 10 lb (4.5 kg) would equal about 15 eggs for a human in a day. Feeding your pet one egg can prove to be way more harmful than doing good. Eggs are good for cats only when they are completely cooked and are served to them in very small portions. 0.5 fl oz (1 tbsp) of egg white can be added to your pet's normal diet. Eggs can be regarded as a tasty treat. Raw egg whites and egg yolks are a big no for your pet. Being a carnivore, a nutritionally balanced cat's diet should include high amounts of protein with moderate amounts of fats and very little amount of carbohydrates. In addition to this, your pet would also require other important nutrients like amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Giving them only eggs would lead to deficiencies. There are no top five when it comes to cat food but human foods like chicken, turkey as well as cooked beef can be safely consumed by your pet to meet its nutritional needs. Apart from these, oatmeal, pureed pumpkin can also be a made a part of your cat's diet. However, since every pet is different, be sure to check with your vet if your pet cats will be okay consuming these foods.

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