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Are Pitbulls Smart? Here's If They Mark As The Smartest Dog!

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An American Pit Bull Terrier has always been thought to be threatening and capable of sudden attack.

This is false, for an American Pit Bull Terrier is a lot more than what our world has made it out to be. This dog breed, too, is intelligent, tender, and fond of its family.

Dogs will always hold a special place in every human's heart. These fuzzy clouds of all things loving are just impossible to ignore unless a heart made of stone does actually exist! While extant is a spectrum of dog breeds, each of these sorts is noticeably and significantly different from the others in appearance as well as certain traits. Some of these animals are even exceptional for their intelligence and quick learning, and an American Pit Bull Terrier fits this description just right. Gentle, loving, and protective, could these dogs get any better? Yes, actually, these animals also make an intelligent dog breed.

So, is an American Pit Bull Terrier smart? Definitely. Does this dog put the whole of its fuzzy soul into every task it takes on? Absolutely. Is the breed of Pit Bull Terriers aggressive from birth? No. Pit bulls are a lot more than the myth of them being purely dangerous and aggressive, and this article unleashes this dog breed for what it truly is.

Read on to explore more about what lies beneath the manmade coat that Pit Bull breeds are forced to wear.

Strong, smart, and tough, beautifully dangerous as they may appear, the Pit bull dog breeds are absolute balls of light when they love and care for their owner. This animal is a part of those dog breeds that protect their person till every last limb of theirs fails. This quality of fierce loyalty has been mistaken for mindless attacks of aggression on the defenseless rather cruelly. It can safely be assured that it is safe to shelter these dogs as pets. Apart from being wholly affectionate to their owner, an American Pit Bull Terrier also has a unique sort of intelligence that is often underestimated. This animal learns fast, not just because it is natural for this breed, but because this dog desires to always keep its owner pleased. They want to do everything in their power to make those whom they love happy and proud to have them. Pit Bulls are determined pets ready to scale any mountain to do their best for themselves as well as those who expect it from them.

If nurtured lovingly, these dogs grow up to be utterly friendly, polite, and overly protective. If it is bred with abuse and neglect, or even exposed to anger of any sort, this dog's behavior becomes just as violently hostile as the conditions forced upon them, and they express aggression as a result.

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How intelligent are pit bulls?

Pit bulls are not just gentle, kind, or even 'dangerous' dogs that only know aggression. They are wrongly made out to be so. This smart dog breed is more than just a handsome coat and is definitely close to the smartest a pet can get. It is an animal with unrivaled intelligence, for it is quick at learning new things and holding on to them later in life.

Firstly, it is very important to ensure that you are teaching your pet pit bull all the right things using all the right ways. A pit bull loves its owner, so much this dog's always trying to please its person in every way possible. This makes obedience training for Pit Bulls a lot quicker, easier, and efficient, for they catch on quite fast because of their natural intelligence, and partly to make their owners happy.

Training a puppy pit bull is a lot easier and more effective than it is to educate an adult dog of this sort. This is because, instead of sloppily accommodating new bricks into a pre-made home, a puppy's foundation is structured from the very beginning, making the process of learning entirely foreign tricks and alien manners more promising. Consequently, they are more readily bred.

It has also been concluded that female pit bulls are quicker at learning than males are. This is due to reasons related fully to the nature and personality traits of these dogs. Female pit bulls are a lot calmer, even as puppies than their male peers who have proven to be more hyper and energetic. Female pit bulls are also not as stubborn or devoted to pleasing their owners with everything they do, unlike the males. One thing to always keep in mind while training an American Pit Bull is that they are dogs with qualities of a leader, they do not like being told around too much.

An American Pit Bull that has a blue nose is generally referred to as an American bluenose pit bull. It is not a whole different breed of its own, it still falls under the category of every other dog of its kind, so it is best to not believe otherwise. Bluenose pit bulls are definitely smart. They take pleasure in learning new things, be it tricks or manners. Not only this but they are also known to be determined creatures, meaning that once they set their minds to something, they will rest only when they have fulfilled their goals and expectations. Almost everything has a side effect, though, and so does this rare intelligence of the bluenose pit bull. Anxiety, though curable, is more often than not a consequence of their determined efforts and desire to learn all that they can.

Are pit bulls good family dogs?

If trained and nurtured in a safe, loving environment, pit bulls make ideal family dogs. They will keep you and your family whole, all they need is a little bit of love, care, and shelter.

Pit bulls make great companions, they are passionate, every emotion of theirs is intense, whether it be wanting to make themselves and their owners proud, or loving someone so much that they will jump in front of every gun to keep their person from getting hurt. A pit bull, like everything else in the world, needs a stable, loving, and secure home to grow up in. They may look all big, bad, and aggressive, but these dogs are actually very soft and warm on the inside. If you train this animal well, it develops to be sensitive to your family's needs. A pit bull will love its owner, its favorite person, forever.

Along with being intelligent dogs, pit bulls are also extremely overprotective of what's theirs, they are, after all, best known to make good guard dogs. Possessive and territorial of whom they love, it is best to not make these terriers feel threatened or intimated because they might just snap back. A dog needs to be raised from bits to a whole being, a number of factors such as obedience training, and the way it is done, play a large role in shaping its personality.

Although Pit Bulls are known to be bred for blood sports, a larger majority are nurtured to thrive as family pets.

Are pit bulls smart enough to train?

Pit bulls are an intelligent breed of dogs. They, like every pet, are smart enough to train.

Regardless of how intelligent a pit bull grows up to be, or even how they become quick learns, like everybody else, they start as babies too. They need to be trained, for, during their initial stages of life, the world is a place they do not yet know how to survive in. It is always more effective to start at an early age, puppy days to be more specific. It is not rocket science to train pit bulls to be good pets. They are trainable, we just need to know their language - not literally, of course.

Pit bulls have this strong inherited, permanent desire of wanting to please their owners. They are willing to move whatever mountain it takes to make those that they love happy and proud. It is because of this that a pit bull learns quickly and willingly, for not only do they catch on fast and effectively, but because they think it makes their owners happy in a way. A pit bull is a speedy learner, they don't just rush through the activities and tasks taught, but they hold on to the lessons, behaving like good, obedient dogs throughout - it comes naturally to them if taught so. Pit bulls have a lot of energy, they are always moving about and will want for you to participate in their play too, so it is best to train this energy to engage in exercise that is not destructive.

One must always remember to be careful while training a pit bull, it does not like being treated as too much of an amateur, so make sure they are not treated like that.

Do pit bulls turn on their owners?

Absolutely not, pit bulls will not turn on their owners, not with their promising sense of loyalty and the deep attachment they may share with their humans.

It is extremely rare for a dog to turn on its owners, they are far too pure-hearted for that, it sometimes might even make us wonder if we deserve these animals. A Pit Bull's whole world is its family, it will do everything in its power to keep them safe. We recognize Pit Bulls for their notorious habit of attacking others without much provocation, but this is badly distorted. This guard dog will attack, yes, but only if you threaten its humans. Otherwise, they are plain sweethearts and not vicious monsters pounding on all fours. Therefore, Pit Bulls can be trusted with their owner's life, for they are far too loyal and loving to turn on them, betrayal just doesn't occur to them.

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