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56 Astonishing Golden Princess Ship Facts For Cruise Lovers

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Cruises are everyone's favorite because passengers always come back with new friends and lots of memories.

If you are a cruise lover, you must have heard of the Golden Princess and her grandeur. Although, there are always more great things to know about such extravagant vessels!

The Golden Princess belongs to the Princess Cruises company which is one of the world's leading brands. The ship is now set to be renamed and rebranded as the Pacific Adventure but over the years, the brand name of Golden Princess has become very famous among guests and the people of Melbourne. One of the most fascinating Golden Princess Cruise ship facts is that it is the largest cruise to be based in Melbourne. Known for its shopping trolley-like appearance, this ship boasts unmatched capacity and facilities. The amenities in this vessel are sure to leave you in awe, just like all the other passengers that have reached their destinations through the Golden Princess since 2001. There are numerous suites and staterooms on this cruise, along with world-class crew members who are sure to make the experience worth remembering. If the cruise happens to be going through your destination, and if you are in Australia, it would be a great idea to indulge in the great dining and entertainment facilities on board. Keep reading to learn more about the Golden Princess and her many facilities!

Golden Princess Ship Facts

The Golden Princess is surely one of the cruise ships that you would want to board from Australia. The largest cruise ship to be based in Melbourne since October 2015, the Golden Princess belongs to a fleet of just another ship named the Star Princess. The occupancy of this cruise ship is of around 2600 passengers, which is undeniably a great feat. More than half of the suites on this enormous vessel have balconies, which is great for seeing the spectacular sights that are accessible throughout the voyage.

A member of the Princess Cruises company, the Golden Princess travels throughout the world, allowing her passengers to make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. The destinations that this cruise ship covers would include the South Pacific, Panama, New England, and South America.

The gross tonnage of the Golden Princess if of around 108,865, and the length is around 951.4 ft (290 m). As you can tell, this cruise ship is a mammoth. The large size also allows for the guests to have access to many more facilities on this cruise than an average one. The cruise boasts of a spectacular 17 decks, which is one of the factors that contribute towards the great stream of people that line up every time the Golden Princess is setting sail for a new voyage.

Golden Princess Ship Reviews

The reviews for the Golden Princess have always been on par with the other member of the fleet, Star Princess. The ship's reviews have been consistently good given the hospitality of the crew, the many entertainment and dining facilities, and the overall upkeep on board.

There is a particular charm for the suites and staterooms. The attention to detail is clear as their cruise also has 17 suites that have wheelchair accessibility in case of any accidents, as well as for specially-abled people.

The Golden Princess was renamed Pacific Adventure after its ownership changed a few years ago.

Golden Princess Ship Overview

The Golden Princess is a private cruise ship that you should definitely keep an eye out for if you happen to love cruising. If the list of destinations that she voyages through seem to match your dream vacation places, make sure to get in line for a spot on board.

This ship is known for its club-class dining facilities, its many entertainment areas, as well as for the 17 decks. The Sanctuary is an adult-only retreat that gives people their much-needed relaxation. There are also some spa and massage parlors that are sure to help you shoo your stress away.

The Piazza is always a place that passengers seem to love spending their time in. It is great for grabbing a bite at nice Italian places such as Sabatini's or a steak at the Crown Grill. If that is not what you like, you can always grab some sushi or maybe a drink at Vines Wine Bar. The Golden Princess also has facilities that allow you to customize your own dinner. There are no timing restrictions. If you do happen to fall asleep while sunbathing and run a little late for dinner, be assured that you won't have to go hungry for the night. The Golden Princess also has room-service facilities for the days when going out to the Piazza or the dining hall does not seem appealing.

There is a teen-only area on the deck as well, for everyone to mingle and have fun. The toddlers can also have their swimming sessions at the tiny pool, while their parents sip on some juice.

Golden Princess Ship Voyage

Voyaging throughout the world, the Golden Princess is now being rebranded as the Pacific Adventure. This ship goes through several destinations such as New England, Panama, Mexico, Japan, Canada, South America, Tahiti, New Zealand, Alaska, Asia, Caribbean, California, and South Pacific.

This member of the Princess Cruise fleet, in addition to 10 dining facilities and its many decks, also offers the opportunity to engage in lots of socialization. It gives its passengers the scope to customize their own packages and choose what they would like to do throughout their days. This is one of the reasons why this cruise ship is so famous and sought after.

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