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Bahja Rodriguez used to be a part of the girl musical group 'Omg Girlz' once along with her younger sister Lourdes Lolo Rodriguez.
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About Bahja Rodriguez

Bahja Rodriguez, or Bahja 'Miss Beauty' Rodriguez, is an American hip hop singer who was a former member of the girl hip hop group ‘Omg Girlz.’
Bahja Rodriguez used to be the lead vocalist of the band. She is now a solo artist who is famous on YouTube and Instagram.
Bahja used the stage name 'Miss Beauty,' which helped her gain an immense opportunity to shine on her own even when 'Omg Girlz' got disbanded. The news of maturity and the band's disbandment was posted officially on their Facebook group page. In 2015, Bahja Rodriguez released her solo song on YouTube and emerged as a solo artist, songwriter, rapper, and singer. After the disbandment in 2015, all of the group members started their own careers. Bahja Rodriguez, due to her extraordinary social media talent, has received several collaboration opportunities with famous artists, and now she does not have to look back. She also expressed in certain interviews that Beyonce and Solange hugely inspire her, and she would love some collaboration opportunities with them. Bahja also said that she does miss the group; however, the disbandment has helped her emerge as an individual artist, making her mature and being able to authenticate her musical style vastly. Bahja released her official solo video of her EPs in 2015 of 'Luv,' 'It Gets Better,' and other famous songs of her band, for which she got international recognition. She has chosen the stage name 'Beauty.' It was later revealed that the name came from her G-Mommie. She used to call her 'Beautiful Doll,' and from that, she took up the name ‘Miss Beauty.’
Check out some amazing facts about Bahja Rodriguez and learn about her eventful life. You can also check her out on Spotify and iTunes!

Bahja Rodriguez's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bahja Rodriguez's net worth?

The net worth of Bahja Rodriguez is around $250,000.

How much does Bahja Rodriguez earn per year?

There is no concrete information on the annual income of Bahja Rodriguez.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bahja Rodriguez?

Bahja Rodriguez is around 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) tall.

How old is Bahja Rodriguez?

Bahja Rodriguez is going to be 26 this year on August 2.

Childhood And Education

Bahja Rodriguez was born to John Rasboro Rodriguez and Shamra Rodriguez in Georgia, Atlanta. She has a younger sister named Lourdes Rodriguez, whose stage name was 'Lolo' in the band. Shamra Rodriguez has appeared in several solo music videos of Bahja Rodriguez. Bahja's childhood was very encouraging which helped her achieve her dream to pursue her talent of being a singer and rapper. She was taken to several music competitions to explore her talent, which has made her a successful songwriter during this time. Bahja Rodriguez received her education in Grady School, Georgia, Atlanta.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bahja Rodriguez dating?

Bahja Rodriguez likes to keep her dating life private. However, as of 2012, it has been rumored that she was dating Roc Royal, a renowned rapper.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Bahja Rodriguez was best known for being a part of the girl hip-hop band 'Omg Girlz' alongside her cousin, Zonnique Pullins, and her sister Lola Rodriguez. The band disbanded in the year 2015. 
Bajah Rodriguez released her first EP album on her YouTube channel in April 2015. This was the first time she introduced herself as a solo artist. This song got a million views, and on December 12, it peaked at #22 position in Billboards for R&B albums. It was on the charts for a week. 
In December 2016, Bahja Rodriguez released four more EPs and five non-album singles via iTunes and Spotify. 
Her famous songs are 'Jealous Type' and 'Lipstick.' 
She is also well known for being the CEO of the company Hair Bae in Atlanta. 
Her EP album, 'It Gets Better' got international recognition. 
She made her first television appearance on an episode of 'Tiny And Toya' in 2009 when she was a part of the band. 
She featured in seven tracks including 'Ride Or Die' in collaboration with Jacob Latimore. 

Charity Work

There is no information found about Bahja Rodriguez regarding any charity work.

What awards has Bahja Rodriguez won?

Bahja Rodriguez was nominated for the 2013 44th NAACP Image Awards under the category of Outstanding New Artist. There is however no record of her winning an award.

Bahja Rodriguez's Hobbies And Interests

There is no concrete information found about Bahja Rodriguez's hobbies and interests.

Other Interesting Bahja Rodriguez Facts And Trivia

  • The group 'Omg Girlz' was founded by the Grammy award winner and singer-songwriter Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle in Atlanta. 
  • She loves watching Anime. She is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, and Naruto. Her favorite Ghibli movie is 'Spirited Away.'
  • Her sun sign is Leo.

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Bahja Rodriguez Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Bahja Rodriguez

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




165 cm

Eye Color

Dark Browm

Child Star?



Singer, Rapper, Songwriter


Grady High School, Georgia

Net Worth



Roc Royal


John Rasboro, Shamra Rodriguez


Lolo Rodriguez
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