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Bailey Ballinger is the daughter of Christopher Ballinger.
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About Bailey Ballinger

Bailey Ballinger is a renowned young YouTuber who first made her way into the limelight through her father's YouTube channel, 'Ballinger Family'. Born and raised in sunny California, Bailey was introduced to the world of online content creation at a very early age. Her journey in the world of YouTube was shaped and influenced by her father, Christopher Ballinger, and her aunt Colleen Ballinger, both YouTube personalities who have had a significant impact on the YouTube community.

In line with her family's digital allure, Bailey Ballinger took the plunge into her very own YouTube career, establishing herself as an admired American YouTube star. Following the inspirational footsteps of her father, Bailey now manages her own YouTube channel, bringing her distinctive charm and creativity to her growing fanbase.

Moreover, Bailey harbors an artistic side; she is a budding singer blessed with a harmonious voice. She sharpens her singing skills by participating in a children's choir. Coupling her various talents with her vibrant personality, Bailey Ballinger continues to bring a refreshing youthful perspective to the YouTube community

Bailey Ballinger's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bailey Ballinger's net worth?

Bailey Ballinger has managed to build a significant net worth through her successful YouTube career. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 and 5 million.

How much does Bailey Ballinger earn per year?

Exact details about Bailey Ballinger's annual earnings are not publicly available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bailey Ballinger?

Bailey Ballinger stands at a height of 4 ft 7 in (140 cm).

How old Is Bailey Ballinger?

Born in 2007, Bailey Ballinger is 15 years old. She will turn 16 on November 6, 2023.

Childhood And Education

Bailey Ballinger, the known YouTube star, was born in Camarillo, California, USA. The pathway to her fame was paved when she was introduced to the YouTube audience by her aunt, Colleen, at the tender age of one. Bailey's adorable nature won over viewers instantly, making her a particular favorite.

Information about Bailey's education is somewhat inconsistent across different sources. Some reports claim that she is homeschooled by her mother along with her siblings. Others suggest that she attends a local Camarillo high school. Despite these differing reports, Bailey has been open about her aspirations for the future. In a question-and-answer video, she expressed a desire to join a profession serving the community, with aspirations to become either a nurse or a policewoman when she grows up.

Family Life

Bailey Ballinger is notably close to her family, frequently spending quality time with them. Her father, Chris Ballinger, runs his own channel where he shares vlogs documenting different parts of his day. Bailey was a significant part of these vlogs before launching her personal channel.

Bailey is the the eldest among her siblings - Jacob, Parker, Duncan, Luke, and Teddy, they have all made appearances on Chris's channel at different times along with her mom, Jessica Ballinger.

Bailey's family extends beyond her immediate circle. She has an uncle named Trent Ballinger, and her aunts are Rachel and Colleen Ballinger, signifying that creativity and a knack for content creation runs in the family.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Bailey Ballinger has gained recognition as the daughter of YouTube Star Christopher Ballinger. Her on-screen journey began early, thanks to her aunt, Colleen Ballinger. She was just one year old when she first graced Colleen's vlog. From there, she continued to feature in numerous videos of her aunt.

However, February 2014 marked Bailey's debut in her father's video, aptly titled 'Duet With Bailey'. The video was met with immense popularity, leading to a dedicated segment called 'Bailey's Bookshelf'. Another popular video on Ballinger Family featuring Bailey is 'Bailey's Diva Meltdown'.

Capitalizing on her growing fame, Bailey launched her self-titled YouTube channel in 2015. The channel has impressively amassed over 34,000 subscribers and more than 250,000 views, despite only uploading four videos. Her first vlog alone has achieved over 100,000 views as of October 2023.

Bailey Ballinger's Hobbies And Interests

Nurturing a variety of interests, Bailey Ballinger has shown a deep affinity for the arts. Having a passion for ballet dance, she frequently participates in various ballet events. Beyond dance, music is another cherished avenue of expression for Bailey; she is known to play the piano.

The magic of Disney has captured Bailey's heart, with Disney movies being listed as one of her favorite pastime activities. She shows a particular fondness for the character Elsa from the widely popular Disney movie 'Frozen'.

Adding to her varied interests, Bailey loves to read books and enjoys the thrill of watching magic tricks.

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Bailey Ballinger Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Bailey Ballinger

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




140 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?





Carmille High School, California

Net Worth



Christopher Ballinger, Jessica Ballinger


Jacob Ballinger, Parker Ballinger, Duncan Ballinger, Luke Ballinger, Teddy Ballinger
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