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Barbara Labres was nicknamed 'Brazil's Most Beautiful DJ'.
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About Barbara Labres

Barbara Libres is an electronic dance music DJ.

She is a rising viral celebrity whose popularity has soared to over 2.9 million followers. Barbara already has more than 3.4 million followers on TikTok, strengthening her social media presence.

She was born on March 14, 1994 (at the age of 28) in Lajeado, Brazil, and is well-known for being a celebrity DJ. She was nicknamed 'Brazil's Most Beautiful DJ' at one point and has performed at various notable events.

Barbara Labres's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Barbara Labres's net worth?

Bárbara Labres's net worth is between $1-1.5 million after considering her various sources of income, including sponsorship on TikTok and Instagram.

How much does Barbara Labres earn per year?

Information about Bárbara Labres's annual salary is not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Barbara Labres?

Barbara Labres is 5 ft 5 in ft (165 cm).

How old is Barbara Labres?

Barbara Labres, born on March 14, 1994, turned 28 years old in 2022.

Childhood And Education

On March 14, 1994, Barbara Labres was born in Brazil. Barbara Labres is of mixed racial heritage. She seems to be reticent about her ancestry. Because of this, her parents have not been mentioned until now. Barbara has always been incredibly devoted to fashion.

Bárbara Labres's parents showed her much love and attention growing up. They were consistently providing Barbara with whatever she needed to fulfill her goals.

Barbara Labres took acting courses at the Wolf Maya Academy of Actors. While she seems well-educated based on her achievements and success, not much about her life before fame has been revealed. Details about her acting career have not been discussed. She is working on several music videos with famous artists now.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Barbara Labres dating?

Barbara Labres is currently in a happy relationship with Debora Moura. The couple is open about their love and frequently shares photos of their adventures on their social media.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

As a follower of a trend, Barbara Labres first joined Instagram for amusement. But within a period of time, her follower number spiked, and she had around 2.9 million Instagram account. On her Instagram handle @barbaralabres, she shares her DJ music along with other fashion and lifestyle-related posts. She has also passed the landmark of having more than 3 million TikTok followers.

She is regarded as the most attractive DJ in Brazil and has performed at numerous gatherings.

Other Interesting Barbara Labres Facts And Trivia

  • The social media influencer accumulates her net worth not only through her music career but also by being an Instagram influencer.
  • This Instagram star has a picture of her posing with the TV actor Felipe Titto in 2017.
  • As per her birth date, the astrologers confirm that her sun sign is Pisces.
  • She has been seen as a performer on 'The Voice' in Brazil.
  • She has a YouTube channel with 514,000 subscribers as of January 2023. She posts her music videos on the channel. The engagement on her YouTube channel seems to align with the number of followers she has.
  • The latest video she posted was eight months ago.
  • Fans listen to her work on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.
  • She has a TikTok ID under the name @barbara.labres, with several million followers more than her Instagram account.
  • She has collaborated with other famous artists like Deise Do Tombo, Mc Jhowzinho, and more.

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Barbara Labres Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Barbara Labres

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165 cm

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Debora Moura

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