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Ben Askren has played in the Amateur World Championships.
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About Ben Askren

Due to his unorthodox, flamboyant, and risky martial arts moves, Ben Askren earned the nickname “Funky.”
With a glorious martial arts and wrestling career spanning over a number of years, he accumulated 153 wins and only 8 losses. Surprisingly out of the 8 losses, 7 came against the Oklahoma State Cowboy, Chris Pendleton.

Ben Askren Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ben Askren's net worth?

Collected from several sources, Ben Askren's net worth is around $10 million as of 2021. This is from his mixed martial arts career and other sources, such as his sponsorship by Discraft. Since 2019 he has not actively participated in wrestling.

How much does Ben Askren earn per year?

Broadcasted by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, the former Olympic wrestler reportedly earned $500,000 (excluding the bonuses) in his fight against Jake Paul. Though it increased his net worth, unfortunately the contest was all over in just 119 seconds for Askren.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ben Askren?

Ben Askren has a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).

How old is Ben Askren?

Ben Askren was born on July 18, 1984, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and presently he is 37 years old. The zodiac sign of Ben Askren is Cancer.

Childhood And Education

Benjamin Michael Askren is the son of Chuck Askren and Michele Askren and has a brother named Max Askren. He is an American by birth. He was born in Iowa, USA.
Ben Askren studied at Arrowhead Union High School and here in the sixth grade he was introduced to wrestling by his father. In 2007 he graduated from the University of Missouri.
Benjamin Askren was trained by his brother who is also a wrestler and both of them co-own the Askren Wrestling Academy.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ben Askren’s partner?

In personal life, Benjamin Askren is a family man and is married to his long-time girlfriend Amy Askren and the couple has a son and two daughters.

Career And Professional Highlights

While in high school Benjamin Askren won the state wrestling championship two times, one in 2001 and the other in 2002, and also clinched the title for the Junior National tournament in 2002.
While studying at the University of Missouri, he was an NCAA Division I wrestler in the 174-pound category. For the first two seasons, he was a runner-up but later went on to win the NCAA Championships in 2006 and 2007 consecutively.
For a brief period, Benjamin Askren worked as the volunteer assistant coach at Columbia and later became the coach of Arizona State University.
While at Arizona State University, along with his brother he conducted several wrestling camps for children and also practiced his freestyle wrestling skills. He then went on to win the US National Championship in 2008.
In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Benjamin Askren was added to the Olympic Wrestling Team of the USA. He started the competition with a win but failed to procure any medal.
After the Olympics, he trained to be a professional MMA fighter in the American Top Team, Florida. He made his debut in 2009 against Josh Flowers in Columbia and started his career with a win.
In June 2010 success also came for Askren in Bellator MMA where he clinched his first title by defeating Dan Hornbuckle.
Ben Askren joined UFC in 2018 and even won the UFC 235 against Robbie Lawler in 2019.

Best Known For…

In July 2019, Ben Askren was knocked out in UFC 239 in the first round within five seconds by UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, which went on to become the fastest knockout in UFC history to date.

Charity Work

In 2016 when Nikolay Aleksakhin failed to make the weight in Friday's One Fighting Championship, he had to provide 20% of his purse to Ben Askren as of a standard procedure. But rather than taking that amount for himself and adding to his enormous net worth, he donated that amount to a Philippine Charity.
Though he was signed for UFC, Benjamin Askren in 2019 decided to fight Olympic gold winner Jordan Burroughs for a charity match in Maddison Square Garden in New York. The event was named 'Grapple At the Garden', and though a great wrestler Askren was defeated.

What awards has Ben Askren won?

Benjamin Askren won the Dan Hodge Award for his extraordinary performance with 87 straight wins in 2006 and 2007 in college, the same years he became the NCAA champion.
Benjamin Askren had a unique style as an amateur wrestler and was known for his pinning abilities. With 91 pins in his college career which earned him the Schalles Award for Top Collegiate Pinner, he now resides in the Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame from 2012.
Though he was already an established MMA fighter, his love for wrestling let him fight as a competitive wrestler from time to time which led to a silver medal in the Cerro Pelado International Freestyle Competition and he also clinched first place in Dave Schulz Memorial International Open Senior Freestyle in 2010.
Ben Askren is regarded as the most successful fighter in MMA Bellator history as he defended his title four times and even defeated opponents like Lyman Good before joining One Championship.
By defeating Nobutatsu Suzuki in 2014 at ONE FC: Reign Of Champions Ben Askren also took the ONE Welterweight Champion belt and even retained it for three years from the likes of Nikolay Aleksakhin, Agilan Thani, Zebaztian Kadestam, and Shinya Aoki.

Ben Askren’s Hobbies And Interests

Ben Askren still has a great love for disc golf which he used to play as a kid in his school days and even participated in the PGDA Amateur Disc Golf World Championship.
With 847,237 followers on Instagram and quite a significant amount on Twitter, the UFC fighter is quite a jolly fellow with a great sense of humor and shares his opinion and family pictures on social media.

Other Interesting Ben Askren's Facts And Trivia

  • In the Fila 2 World Grappling Championship in 2009, Benjamin Askren won the gold medal by defeating Jacob Volkmann .
  • Though he retired from MMA in 2019, he is still quite an active guy and has hosted podcasts that include 'FloWrestling Radio Live', 'The T-Row and Funky Show', and 'The Funky and FRB Show.'
  • According to sources, Ben Askren got a salary of $500,000 for his first fight against Jake Paul. 

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Ben Askren Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Benjamin Michael Askren

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Ex MMA Fighter


Arrow Head High School

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Amy Askren


Chuck and Michele Askren


Max Askren

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