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Originally Published on May 20, 2022
YouTube star BenDeen creates food challenges, cooking tutorials, and personal vlogs.
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About BenDeen

BenDeen is a YouTube video creating making videos related to food, such as taste tests challenges and awesome mukbang videos.
BenDeen is a Korean-American vlogger who now resides in South Korea and creates content around South Korean lifestyle, food, and more. His simple videos with a chill vibe have garnered popularity in America and South Korea.
Starting his YouTube career back in 2008, BenDeen is different from usual mukbang creators. Ben prefers keeping the format simple instead of selling his channel like other food creators on YouTube. He participates in taste tests challenges, cooks, and eats infront of the camera, narrating how well the dish is cooked or what audiences must try. BenDeen grew up in America as a Korean adopted child, though his appreciation for his Korean roots brought him back to South Korea a few years ago. He uses the channel as a method to promote South Korean cuisine and presents various cultural delicacies. The social star can be found on his Instagram account with the username 'BenDeen'.

BenDeen's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is BenDeen’s net worth?

YouTube vlogger BenDeen's primary source of income, YouTube, enabled him to have an approximate net worth of around $2 million.

How much does BenDeen earn per year?

According to sources, BenDeen has an annual income of around $500,000. He uses his YouTube channel as his primary source of income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is BenDeen?

Sources claim that the social media star is around 5 ft 5 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is BenDeen?

BenDeen was born on June 20, 1990. Therefore, his age as of 2022 would be 31 years old.

Childhood And Education

BenDeen is of Korean descent belonging to South Korea, though as a child, he was adopted by American parents, which led him to spend a significant amount of his life in the USA. The social media star remembers his childhood days with a sense of nostalgia as his loving American family greatly pampered him.
Fans speculate Ben and his family have a really close and loving relationship as currently, the YouTube star operates from his South Korean residence as he moved back to Korea to explore the culture and lifestyle. BenDeen also mentioned his family supported him financially during his initial days in South Korea.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is BenDeen dating?

BenDeen is currently single, and the lack of personal details on his Instagram profile states he aims to keep that part of his life discreet.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

BenDeen is best known for his video titled 'First Meal After Drinking Juice For 4 Days' and '$70 Steak After Consuming Nothing But Water For Two Days', which garnered great traction among subscribers with over 5 million combined views on the videos. Fans can find him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
BenDeen started his YouTube channel in 2008, though his Mukbang videos started gaining popularity among subscribers in late 2018. The social media star creates videos around food, including eating, cooking, trying, and introducing new foods. He actively shares videos on his social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, his TikTok profile, and Twitter profile.

Charity Work

BenDeen's charitable endeavors are yet to be known by subscribers.

What awards has BenDeen won?

BenDeen has not won any award as of now, but his YouTube channel has gained many subscribers and is on the way to winning him great accolades.

BenDeen’s Hobbies And Interests

BenDeen enjoys creating videos for social media as both his job and a hobby.

Other Interesting BenDeen Facts And Trivia

  • BenDeen has amassed 1.11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with over 370 videos dedicated to food.
  • As an April Fools joke, BenDeen created a video called 'Water Mukbang' where he spent around 10 minutes tasting, drinking, and talking about water. The followers found it greatly entertaining and extended many views and likes on his video.

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