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Ben Schneider wrote his band's song, 'End Of The Eart,' which was featured in the series finale of Dan Harmon's sitcom, 'Community.'
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About Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider is an American folk singer from Michigan, USA, and the founder of the famous band 'Lord Huron.'

Since his childhood, he was a very creative kid who excelled at both music and painting. He participated in various orchestras throughout his middle and high school and started writing music in his hometown.

After completing his degree in France, Ben Schneider moved to New York and then to Los Angeles to start his full-time career as a folk singer and founded his band in 2010. Before adding members to his band, Ben Schneider released two EPs as a solo project titled 'Into The Sun' and 'Mighty.' By 2012, he had expanded his band and included more members.

The band released its debut album in 2012, followed by a much later album in 2015 released on the Iamsound label. The band is also best known for the song, 'The Night We Met.' However, the band came into the limelight with their 2018 released album 'Vide Noir,' when the song 'Wait By The River' was one of Obama's best discoveries of 2018, among the album's 12 songs. Read on to learn more about his music career and life.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ben Schneider's net worth?

Ben Schneider's net worth is around $3 million, which he amassed through his primary career as a folk singer.

How much does Ben Schneider earn per year?

It is not known how much Ben Schneider earns per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ben Schneider?

Ben Schneider stands 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) tall.

How old is Ben Schneider?

Ben Schneider is 37 years old as of 2022, and his zodiac sign is Libra.

Childhood And Education

Ben Schneider or Benjamin Schneider was born on October 18, 1984, in Michigan, USA, to father, John Schneider, and mother, Sharon Schneider. Ben has three brothers.

Since his childhood, Ben Schneider was quite creative and had a keen interest in music and painting. Initially, he started writing music in his hometown before moving to the University to study visual art.

Ben Schneider completed his high school at Okemos High School and then attended the University of Michigan to study Visual art. However, he completed his degree in France at the U-M School of Arts. After completing his degree in France, Ben Schneider headed to New York and then to Los Angeles to start his career.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ben Schneider's partner?

Ben Schneider married Sacha Schneider (of American and Japanese descent) in 2014.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ben Schneider started his full-time career as a folk singer in Los Angeles, USA. He founded the indie-folk band 'Lord Huron' in 2010, which was his first solo project. The band got its name from the 'Lake Huron,' where Ben spent his early life growing up as a kid. By 2012, the band expanded with more members, including Mark Barry, the drummer, Miguel Briseno, the bassist, and its guitarist, Tom Renaud.

 In 2012, the band came up with its debut album, 'Lonesome Dreams,' which debuted at No.5 on Billboards Heatseekers Album Chart. The band's second album, 'Strange Trails,' got released much later in 2015 and became the No. 1 Folk album on Billboard. 'The Night We Met' was certified gold by the RIAA in 2017 and platinum in 2018.

Their third album was 'Vide Noir,' released in 2018, and had 12 songs. The song titled 'Wait By The River' from 'Vide Noir' was Obama's discovery in 2018, and they even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the song. In May 2021, the band came up with their fourth album, 'Long Lost.'

In February 2021, the band emerged with its virtual concert series, Alive from the Whispering Pines. His new track 'Not Yet Dead' was his first release after 2018.

Their song 'End Of The Earth' appeared numerous times onscreen. Also, the country singer Kenny Chesney covered this song on his album Songs for the Saints in 2018.

What awards has Ben Schneider won?

Ben Schneider's band has been at No.1 on Billboard for their song, 'Not Yet Dead' in 2021.

Ben Schneider's Hobbies And Interests

Ben Schneider mostly enjoys writing music.

Other Interesting Ben Schneider Facts And Trivia

Ben Schneider studied to be a painter and did some art direction work to pay the bills while still in school.

Ben once took his artwork seriously enough to exhibit its art at the Creole Gallery in Lansing, MI.

Their song, 'The Night We Met,' has been streamed over 680 million times as of 2022.

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