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Benjamin Banneker created America's first clock
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About Benjamin Banneker

African American scientist, naturalist, astronomer, and almanac author Benjamin Banneker is known to become one of the leading faces of American astronomy.
Benjamin Banneker is known for his published series of almanacs, including medical, astronomical, and mathematical information. Benjamin Banneker was one of the first to have predicted a solar eclipse in 1789.
Born on November 9, 1731, Benjamin Banneker spent his childhood in Baltimore County, Maryland. Benjamin Banneker was not only an astronomer but played a significant role in raising his voice for racial equality and abolitionism, corresponding with Thomas Jefferson on various such matters.

Benjamin Banneker's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Benjamin Banneker’s net worth?

Benjamin Banneker's net worth before his death is assumed to have been around $1.5 million. Banneker's net worth relied on his astronomical projects, though his published almanacs also played a key role in enhancing his net worth.

How much did Benjamin Banneker earn per year?

Benjamin Banneker's annual income is neither known to the sources nor available in the archives.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Benjamin Banneker?

Benjamin Banneker's height is yet to be known by historians.

How old was Benjamin Banneker?

Benjamin Banneker was born on November 9, 1731, and died on October 19, 1806. Therefore, his age at the time of his death was 74.

Childhood And Education

On November 9, 1731, Benjamin Banneker was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, to a free Black woman, Mary Banneky, and a formerly enslaved father, Robert Banneker. He grew up with his three siblings Jemima Banneker, Minta Black, and Molly Morten. The African American scientist did not attain extensive formal education or attended college, though self-study and a flair for astronomy led him to become one of the most renowned astronomers, naturalists, and mathematicians. His nationality was American.
Benjamin Banneker initially worked at his family farm as a farmer, though the latter years brought him great popularity through his mathematical and astronomical endeavors. He was the first pers in America to create a wood clock.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Benjamin Banneker’s partner?

Sources claim the African American naturalist did not date or get married throughout his 74-year-long life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Benjamin Banneker is best known for his work as an astronomer. He created a series of almanacs, predicting the solar eclipse of 1789. He changed the world by creating America's first wooden clock. He had also worked with Ellicott and a team to survey the District of Columbia.
Benjamin Banneker is known to have made great contributions to American astronomy. He surveyed the federal capital district of Columbia, along with the leadership of Andrew Ellicott. In addition, the African American astronomer from Baltimore raised his voice for racial equality and corresponded his words to the secretary of state Thomas Jefferson.

Charity Work

Astronomer Benjamin Banneker was a proud supporter of racial equality and frequently raised his voice for the cause. His contributions continue inspiring others as many people run charitable causes in his name.

Benjamin Banneker’s Hobbies And Interests

Benjamin's avid interest in reading led him to make revolutionary theories, which was apparently, also his hobby.

Other Interesting Benjamin Banneker Facts And Trivia

  • Benjamin Banneker was the producer of the United State's first almanac.
  • Benjamin worked as a farmer on his father's tobacco farms.

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