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Read Bernedoodle facts about this friendly little crossbreed.
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Have you ever come across a pet that looks like a poodle but is a little bit different? Well, the chances are that you might have met a designer breed: the Bernedoodle. This mixed breed is the result of crossbreeding a pure Bernese mountain dog and a poodle and these cute-looking breeds are considered one of the finest designer dog breeds. They have acquired charm, cuteness, and goofiness from the poodle parent and loyal nature from Bernese mountain dogs. A Bernese mountain dog's life span is quite low, so the Bernedoodle dog breed is actually generally healthier than both parent breeds.

Bernedoodles come in three sizes: Tiny Bernedoodle, Miniature Bernedoodle, and Standard Bernedoodle. A Tiny Bernedoodle is between 12-17 in tall. A Miniature Bernedoodle is 18-22 in tall, and a Standard Bernedoodle is 23-29 in tall. These dog breeds are known for low levels of shedding, making them an appropriate pet for many people with allergies to other dog breeds' hairs. So, if you wish to have a pet that looks just like a teddy then this article might help you figure out if a Bernedoodle is the right choice for you!

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Bernedoodle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Bernedoodle?

A Berenedoodle is a hybrid breed dog. It is a mixed breed from poodle and Bernese mountain dog parents. Other names for this dog breed include Bernesepoo and Bernese Mountain Poo.

This dog breed inherits its three sizes from its poodle parent, and its friendly and affectionate nature from the Bernese mountain dog. In cross-breeding, generally, the poodle parent is the father dog due to its smaller size compared to the size of a Bernese mountain dog. Interestingly, the size of a male Bernedoodle is comparatively larger than that of a female.

With proper training, the sky is the limit for a cute Bernedoodle pet. They can often understand commands on the first few attempts, they love to relax and are experts at achieving a chilled-out mood!

What class of animal does a Bernedoodle belong to?

A Berenedoodle is a mammal, as seen in the fact that they have fur and the females have mammary glands. The female Bernedoodle dog produces milk for its pups to drink after birth. They typically give birth to between 6-8 puppies in a litter and feed them with this milk. A Bernedoodle female has a litter on average once a year.

How many Bernedoodles are there in the world?

The number of Bernedoodles across the world is not known exactly. As they are a relatively new crossbreed, they are probably not widely popular worldwide. But, thanks to its fur-based teddy bear looks, the craze for this pet is growing!

Where does a Bernedoodle live?

A Berenedoodle is a socially friendly pet. They live with humans in a family environment and they are suitable for small, medium, or big families. Someone living alone could also manage this lovely dog, but it is no surprise that kids, in particular, are attracted to their teddy bear looks. We wonder, will it become a part of your family soon?

What is a Bernedoodle's habitat?

As Berenedoodle crossbred pups are domesticated animals, their natural habitat is with their owners. Dogs, as such, are highly evolved and adaptable animals. Some of these furry friends of ours have specific traits that allow them to respond to the weather's extremities in their habitat. The goofy and loyal Bernedoodles tend to have high energy levels, so they can adapt well to homes with large backyards.

Who do Bernedoodles live with?

As it is a happy-go-lucky breed, the Bernedoodle likes to socialize. Bernedoodles can happily live in a busy environment, surrounded by friendly people. Any owner has to provide proper training and instructions for this cute puppy, to help them become a well-mannered adult dog. With its inherited loyalty from Bernese mountain dogs, any Bernedoodle will soon be a loyal pet and a faithful companion for a family.

How long does a Bernedoodle live?

The average lifespan of the Bernedoodle is between 12-18 years. The life span of the Tiny Bernedoodle is longer than that of the Standard Bernedoodle. It is also important to note that early health screenings of Bernedoodles can help us to anticipate what health issues this breed of dogs may develop in the future. Of course, a proper diet plays a vital role in this area, so if you have a Bernedoodle, be sure to provide nutrient-rich food for him to enjoy.

How do they reproduce?

When breeding is carried out by a professional breeder, the outcome breed will be much healthier than the parent breeds. These cute dogs are reproduced by mating or crossbreeding the Bernese mountain dog and poodle parents. Each pup's characteristics will be unique. If pure breeds are used in a crossbreed, the outcome will be an excellent and high quality designer breed. Bernedoodle tend to give birth to 6-8 puppies in a litter.

What is their conservation status?

A conservation status explains and gives information on the availability of the particular species at present and on their expected existence in the near future. Though the Berenedoolde has become popular among recent dog owners, its conservation status is Not Evaluated (NE). Because of this lower availability, Bernedoodles are a pretty expensive dog breed.

Bernedoodle Fun Facts

What do Bernedoodles look like?

A Bernedoodle's cute, teddy bear looks will surely melt your heart.

A Berenedoodle looks just like a fur-based teddy bear! There are no words to describe his cuteness and innocent looks. They are available in tri colors, black and white, black and brown or black and their gorgeous fluffy coat of hair needs to be managed well to avoid tangles. Their appearance is, of course, inherited from the parent breeds: a poodle and Bernese mountain dogs.

How cute are they?

Due to their teddy bear looks, Bernedoodles tend to grab our attention! Their innocent looks will melt your heart, and their soft fur adds even more cuteness to everything they do. In a single line, they are loaded with cuteness. They crave attention and will definitely make you fall in love with them quickly! These dogs are adorable and quickly become the pride possession of their owners.

How do they communicate?

All dogs bark to communicate and to express their needs and feelings, but they also have plenty of non-verbal ways to communicate too. They always find a way to express their needs and to shower love on us. Bernedoodles are very active and sometimes stubborn, so they might try to jump on you to grab your attention! Berenedoodles demand an ample amount of time from their human companions, so be ready to spend some quality time with your new fur buddy.

How big is a Bernedoodle?

Standard Bernedoodles can grow to a height of 23-29 in (58-74 cm) and can weigh 55 lb (25 kg). The size of Bernedoodle dogs varies from generation to generation, of course, but the breed's size is comparatively bigger than the size of Maltipoos, which weigh only 20 lbs on average.

How fast can a Bernedoodle run?

The exact average speed that a Bernedoodle can run is not known. But it is known for sure that this fun-loving dog enjoys physical exercise like running, hiking, and swimming. A Bernedoodle mix is typically faster than the parent breeds: Bernese mountain dogs and poodle dogs.

How much does a Bernedoodle weigh?

This designer breed is generally healthier than the parent breeds and male dogs weigh more than female dogs in this breed. If you are thinking of adding Bernedoodles to your family, you should consider the different details about how much each type of Bernedoodle weighs. A Tiny Bernedoodle is the result of crossing a toy poodle with a Bernese mountain dog. It weighs between 4-9 lb (2-4 kg). The Mini Bernedoodle is a smaller version of Standard Berenedoodle dogs. This version weighs between 11-15 lb (5-7 kg). Finally, the Standard Berenedoodle breed weighs an average of 55 lb (25 kg).

What are their male and female names of the species?

Male and female Bernedoodles do not have specific names for each gender. They are simply known as a male Bernedoodle or a female Bernedoodle. Simple, right?

What would you call a baby Bernedoodle?

Due to their teddy bear features and innocent looks, the Berenedoodle has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. A baby Bernedoodle which is less than one year old is called a Bernedoodle puppy. In fact, any young dog is referred to as a puppy.  

What do they eat?

It's every owner's duty to provide a healthy and nutritious diet to their pets, as they rely on us for their food. Any dog should be given a diet that suits its age, size, breed (toy, mini, and full-size), and also food that matches its energy levels.

Hybrid dog breeds such as the Bernedoodle should be fed with dry dog food known as kibble. Various brands are available in many different kibble varieties. Some owners opt for cooked and raw dog foods like eggs, poultry, beef cuts, liver, and milk too. Feeding your dog at proper intervals is as important as feeding the dog with a proper diet, as this helps to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.

Do they like to cuddle?

Most dogs love to cuddle and the Bernedoodle is no exception. They love to be around humans and try to seek our attention often. So be sure to give all your attention to your lovely companion when you can by cuddling them regularly. As they are easily prone to separation anxiety, make sure to give them the required training in how to handle this emotional trauma.

Would they make a good pet?

Do you want to bring joy and happiness to your family? If yes, adopting a super excitable and fun-loving Bernedoodle breed puppy could be perfect! They are the perfect pets for a fun-loving family of any size, and kids will love to have mini Bernedoodle puppies in the house. Their early socialization skills and amicable nature will make you fall in love with this cute teddy bear-like puppy in no time. Though they are likely to become emotionally attached to you and can sometimes display naughty behavior, if trained properly from the early stages, their behavior is easily manageable.

It is believed that a female Bernedoodle is often easier to manage than a male Berendooodle, and if you have multiple pets, this fun-loving and playful dog should easily learn to get along with your other pets in no time.

Did you know...

There are tons of exciting and interesting mini Bernedoodle facts to be discovered about the cute little Bernedoodle designer breed.

A Berendoodle is known for its multi-colored coats and innocent teddy-bear looks.

They are very friendly to humans. This means that they may not serve as the perfect guard dog. They will simply greet anyone entering your home with love!

Though the Berendoodle dog is super active, little Bernedoodle puppies can be tired easily. When tired this dog loves to watch things going on whilst relaxing.

This crazy and demanding breed is recognized by many dog clubs, but the American Kennel Club, founded in 1884, does not recognize the Bernedoodle yet.

The Miniature Berendoodle has a longer life expectancy than the Standard Berendoodle.

Characteristics and health issues

Though the Bernedoole is a perfect family package, before thinking of adopting any dog breed, the owner should develop a thorough knowledge of the pros and cons of any new breed. Though a Bernedoodle is generally a family-friendly dog, there are some important things to consider:

If you are a busy working professional who cannot give enough time to your pet, you may want to think twice before bringing Bernedoodle to your family. A Bernedoodle expects regular walks and exercise from its owner.

You are already aware that a Bernedoodle is a crossbreed of a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle parent. The Bernese mountain dog is known for its shorter than average lifespan, so the Berenedoodle may have some reflections of its parent's health problems on his own health. Therefore, it is important to do a thorough check on the breeder of your puppy before committing to buying one.

As they are attention seekers with an inherited playful nature from their parents and a happy-go-lucky personality, they may require a lot of quality time with you and they can get bored easily when you are not around. If they do not get the attention they need, they may opt for violent behavior like excessive barking and aggressiveness. This behavior is known as separation anxiety and is manageable if given proper time and attention.

Like many other breeds, Bernedoodles can suffer from elbow dysplasia and some eye problems too. To do your best to avoid this, make sure that quality parent breeds are chosen for your puppy's cross-breeding.

Having your own Bernedoodle

After going through this article, are you thinking of finding some Bernedoodle puppies for sale?

The Berenedoodle came into existence in 2003. Because of its easy-going and playful nature and early socialization abilities, it became an all-time favorite breed in no time. As it is available in a tricolor coat, and three different plain-colored coats, so pet owners have many options to choose from.

The price of a Bernedoodle puppy depends on factors such as the color, breed, location, weight, and the breeder themself. The most important factor is its generation type. As the Bernedoodle is a hybrid breed from a poodle and Bernese mountain dog, there are three generations available (F1, F1B, F2). The SwissRidge Kennels located in Canada charges $4,900 for a Bernadoodle, which is the highest amount recorded. The average price ranges between $1500 and $5000.The Bernadoole with a tri-color coat, in particular, is in huge demand and therefore may be more expensive. The Bernese mountain dog's health issue is also a significant concern, so to produce a quality Bernadoodle puppy, breeders should start searching for a healthy Bernese mountain dog. This additional research can impact the cost of the Bernedoodle puppies they breed.

Though the demand for a Bernedoodle puppy is growing, it is a new breed. It is important to look at many different breeders' information in order to add a lovely and healthy new member to your family.

And what about grooming your lovely Bernedoodle puppy? As they are known for being low shedding, their maintenance needs are perfectly manageable. As their coats are long and fluffy, they need essential brushing and bathing weekly. You should groom them using a special dog grooming brush, and brush in the direction of the hair always. It is also important to never forget to cut and trim your Bernedoodle's nails to keep them healthy and free from any diseases.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Bernedoodle Kids coloring pages.

Bernedoodle Facts

What Did They Prey On?


What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

Tiny Bernedoodle: 4-9 lb (2-4 kg) Miniature Bernedoodle 11-15 lb (5-7 kg) Standard Bernedoodle: 55 lb (25 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?

canada, united kingdom, america

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

Tiny Bernedoodle: 12-17 in (30-43 cm)Miniature Bernedoodle: 18-22 in (46-56 cm)Standard Bernedoodle: 23-29 in (58-74 cm)‍







Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris.

What Do They Look Like?

Black and white, black and brown, totally black or totally white

Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?


What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern.
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