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Bernt Bodal is the ex-CEO of American Seafoods.
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About Bernt Bodal

With an estimated net worth of about $200 million, Bernt Bodal is among America's most successful businesspeople.
From his humble beginnings in Norway, to being a top businessperson in America, Bernt Bodal has come a long way. His role as the Chief Executive Officer of American Seafoods has been the most noteworthy of his career.
Bernt Bodal is known for his time as the Chief Executive Officer of American Seafoods. This company is one of the largest fish processing firms in the world. He has also starred in 'Undercover Boss' and was married to actress Elizabeth Lynn Vargas.
With a net worth of about $200 million, Bernt Bodal was born in Norway and spent most of his childhood and early life there. He came to America when he was in his 20s and started as a deckhand before becoming the CEO of American Seafoods, a large company that deals with fish processing.

Bernt Bodal Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Bernt Bodal’s net worth?

According to sources, the net worth of Bernt Bodal is estimated to be about $200 million. According to various reports and sources, Bodal's net worth might have been much higher. However, his lengthy divorce proceedings from Elizabeth Vargas took up to three years and had a devastating impact on his finances.

How much does Bernt Bodal earn per year?

The exact amount that Bernt Bodal earns in a year has not been confirmed.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bernt Bodal?

Bernt Bodal is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall.

How old is Bernt Bodal?

Born in June 1953, Bernt Bodal will be 68 years old in 2022. As his birthday is on June 14, his zodiac sign is a Gemini. Those with this sign are said to be intelligent and outgoing.

Childhood And Education

The name of Bernt Bodal's mother remains unknown; however, she was from Lofoten, which is in Norway. His father's name is also unknown, but he did work as a conductor on the tramway in Norway. Bodal was born on June 14, 1953 in a town on the fringes of the city of Oslo in Norway. Bernt O. Bodal has two brothers named Havard and Anders. His parents got divorced when he was very young, and his father later remarried.
Bodal went to Ski Norway High School. However, he has not shared information about the college he attended.
Solbjørg Bodahl was the step-mother of Bernt Bodal. After his father remarried, the couple relocated to the United States. They lived in Massachusetts and worked in the fishing industry. Bodal followed them a few years later and was in his 20s at the time. His nationality is Norwegian and American.
When he was young, Bernt Bodal was devoted to becoming a professional musician. He released three albums as a part of the band Host. This group also performed with well-known musicians like Sammy Hagar and Roger Daltrey.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bernt Bodal dating?

Elisabeth Bodal was the first wife of Bernt Bodal. He knew her as a teenager, and they got married in 1978 when Bodal was 25 years old and she was 23. Soon after their marriage, they moved to the United States.
He then married Elizabeth Lynn Vargas, who stars on 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County.' The couple was said to have been together for 17 years and separated in 2017. Their divorce was finalized in 2020, and it cost Bodal a huge sum of his net worth. The exact details of how this couple met are unknown. Bodal and Vargas lived in La Quinta, California for most of their married life.
In 2019, it was rumored that Bernt Bodal was in a relationship with Michelle Fox, and there were even rumors of an engagement. However, this has not been confirmed. Michelle is said to be a mother of two and works in business development.
Bernt Bodal had three children with his first wife. Thomas Bodal, who was born in 1979 and is a chef. Ellen Bodal was born in 1981 and worked at her father's firm, American Seafoods, before moving on to Amazon. Born in 1989, Alexander Olav Bodal is the youngest child of Bernt Bodal, and he is a musician.
Bernt Bodal is presently living in Seattle, Washington.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

One of the first jobs that Bodal got after he moved to America was as a deckhand. After a year, he became a captain, or a skipper. Before acquiring American Seafood, he spent nearly 13 years as a fisherman in Alaska and was a part-owner of the trawler on which he worked.
In 1990, Bodal joined American Seafoods as a minority partner. When he first started working at this firm, it had only two ships. Now, American Seafoods Company is among the top firms in the United States in the fishery business. Its share of the catcher processor market is about 45%. American Seafoods offers a wide range of products, including fish skins, also known as side-stream products in this industry. In addition, it also provides fillet blocks and fish oil. The products of this company are widely sold in Europe, North, and South America.
In 1994, Bodal became the president of American Seafoods. American Seafoods was acquired by Bernt Bodal and a team of investors in 1999 for a sum of $475 million. Bodal became the Chief Executive Officer of the company and remained in this position until 2017. He retired from the company after working there for 25 years. He is now a majority shareholder of this company with an annual revenue of about $600 million.
During Bodal's time at American Seafoods, the firm went through a lot of changes that were key to its success and in making it one of the top companies in the business world.
In 2012, Bodal starred in 'Undercover Boss,' a reality show that aired on television. Bodal spent time showing off his skills as a fisherman by working on a boat on the show.
Bernt Bodal has worked hard and has had a successful career. His net worth is estimated to be about $200 million.

Charity Work

There is not much information available on the charity work that Bernt Bodal does. This could be because he prefers to remain anonymous.

What awards has Bernt Bodal won?

His businessman has not won any notable awards yet.

Bernt Bodal’s Hobbies and Interests

Although Bodal had to give up his dream of becoming a musician, he still loves music and plays with the band White Sox whenever he can.
Bodal also has an Airline Transport Pilot rating and enjoys flying all over the world. He is said to have more than 7,000 hours of flying experience and has flown different types of aircraft.

Other Interesting Bernt Bodal Facts And Trivia

Although Bodal has a Wiki page, it is not in English but in the Nordic language. It can also not be translated.
This former musician has performed with Eddie Vedder, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Pearl Jam. Now that he is retired and has a bit more free time, Bodal devotes some time of his day to playing music.
Bodal is a partner in the interactive musical event that takes place around the world known as Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.
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Bernt Bodal Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Bernt O. Bodal

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185 cm

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Dark Grey

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Businessperson, Songwriter, Bassist


Ski Norway High School

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Anders Bodal, Havard Bodal
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