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Bianca Heinicke has over 5.9 million followers on YouTube.
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About Bianca Heinicke

Posting regular videos on YouTube can make you a fortune, and that is exactly what the German Youtuber Bianca Heinicke did.
Born in Cologne, Germany, Bianca Heinicke was just 19 years old when she discovered her passion for making YouTube videos. She started making videos from scratch by using her Panasonic HC-V500 video camera and went on to garner millions of views and followers.
With the YouTube tag, Bianca Heinicke is also known to be a social media influencer and fashion enthusiast. She founded her YouTube channel and named it 'BibisBeautyPalace' in the month of December in the year 2012. Through her YouTube videos, she teaches her audience the basics of makeup and fashion. Her YouTube channel is loved by fans as she provides them with detailed, unique, and artistic hacks, tutorials, tips, and tricks for fashion and make-up. Read on to know how Bianca Heinicke managed to gather a huge net worth and parallelly managed to be one of the most popular YouTubers in Germany.

Bianca Heinicke's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bianca Heinicke’s net worth?

Bianca Heinicke has a massive net worth of approximately $15 million.

How much does Bianca Heinicke earn per year?

The average annual salary of Bianca Heinicke is not known. Her primary source of income is her YouTube channel, where she posts videos and promotes brands.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bianca Heinicke?

Bianca Heinicke has an average height of 5 ft 1 in (155 cm).

How old is Bianca Heinicke?

Born on February 6, 1993, Bianca Heinicke is 29 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Bianca Heinicke was born on February 6, in the city of Cologne, Germany. She was raised in the same town, North Rhine-Westphalia. Details about her parents are not available. However, she has a sibling, a sister named Nadine Heinicke.
She completed her secondary school and went for her college degree in social sciences. However, she did not complete her degree as she found her passion as a YouTuber.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bianca Heinicke’s partner?

Bianca Heinicke is married to the German Youtuber Julian Claßen. She had a long-term relationship with Julian Claßen, and the couple tied the knot on September 12, 2018. Bianca and Julian Claßen have two kids together. A son named Lio and a daughter named Emily. Lio was born in October 2018, and her baby girl Emily was born in March 2020.
Bianca's fans named her marriage with Julian Claßen as 'Julienco' odes to their first names.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After quitting her college degree in social sciences, Bianca Heinicke devoted all her time to making video content on her YouTube channel named 'BibisBeautyPalace'. Her first video was named 'Braiding Hair On The Scalp', a hair tutorial video. It gathered much attention from fans. Getting inspired, Bianca posted her second video named 'Makeup Routine - Quick And Easy Everyday Looks'. She gathered over 500 subscribers in her first month itself.
By 2016, Bianca Heinicke gained over three million subscribers on YouTube. She started posting videos about German fashion choices, her lifestyle, and different celebrity challenges. She launched her own cosmetics brand named Bilou in 2015. In the same year, she appeared in the film 'Kartoffelsalat - Nicht Fragen' alongside other famous German Youtubers. By 2017, Bianca's YouTube channel was the fourth most popular channel in Germany. Bianca's videos focus on hairstyling, make-up, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and celebrity challenges.
Bianca Heinicke interviewed Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from the popular boy band One Direction in 2015. She received negative fan support due to her poor proficiency in English. As she surpassed Erik Range's channel Gronkh to become the most subscribed German YouTube channel, Bianca Heinicke released her first song. It was named 'How It Is (Wap Bap ...)' under her nickname of Bibi H. The music video received major backlash.
Her appearances on national television included her presence in 'Joiz' by Swiss Channel, 'The Voice Of Germany' and 'ORF Austria'. In early 2019, Bianca Heinicke also appeared on 'Quiz Duel'.

Charity Work

Bianca Heinicke is not known to have done much charity work to date.

What awards has Bianca Heinicke won?

In the year 2014, Bianca Heinicke won the Google Play Award in the Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle category.

Bianca Heinicke’s Hobbies And Interests

Bianca Heinicke loves to travel and take short vacations from time to time. Her favorite color is blue.

Other Interesting Bianca Heinicke Facts And Trivia

  • Bianca collaborated with German Telekom and Sony Mobile to release the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Mobile phone. The phone was named Bibi-phone edition. The Bibi-phone edition had Bianca's face and autograph on its rear unit. Along with that, the phone had additional wallpapers and ring tones.
  • In 2021, Bianca and her husband founded a molded mobile phone case and auctioned it on eBay. The highest bid they received was €133, but they later canceled the auction.
  • Bianca has made a three-minute-long cinematic piece to announce the pregnancy of her son Lio. The video garnered over seven million views on YouTube.
  • Her first music video and her lifestyle video named '10 Types Of Parties + Outtakes' have been watched by over 50 million people with more than three million dislikes.
  • Her cosmetic brand name Bilou is one word for Bibi Loves You.
  • The celebrity challenges of Bianca Heinicke involved megastars like Ed Sheeran, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One Direction, Zara Larrson, Bebe Rexha, and Jasmine Thompson.
  • Her range of beauty products includes the likes of different flavored shampoos, which saw impressive growth on her channel.
  • Bianca is a good companion with other significant YouTubers like Lionttv and Dagi Bee.
  • Bianca and her husband had their daughter Emily during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Bianca Heinicke Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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