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Originally Published on May 06, 2022
Learn many stunning facts about Louisville-based racer, Big Chief, in this article. Let's dive in!
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About Big Chief

Justin Shearer, better known as Big Chief, is a well-known television personality and a street racer.
Louisville, Kentucky-born, Big Chief, is probably best known for featuring in the Discovery Channel's reality television series. Apart from that, Big Chief is famous in the Oklahoma City (OKC) street racing scene, from where he gets his alias.
From the age of nine, Big Chief got exposed to the OKC street racing setting as he would ride his bike to see the races. His passion for it drove him to become a racer too. Big Chief moved to Oklahoma in 1992 to pursue his interests. He gained widespread recognition when he appeared in 'Street Outlaws', a reality TV show produced by Pilgrim Studios (the studio that produced shows such as 'American Chopper' and 'Ghost Hunters').
His various exploits have enabled him to amass a high net worth. Big Chief met his wife when he worked at a gas station.
To know more about the life, career, net worth, height, childhood, interests, and the career of this famous racer, keep on scrolling!

Big Chief's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Big Chief's net worth?

As of 2o22, Big Chief has an estimated net worth of $2 million through proceeds he accumulated from his career. He participated in the OKC street racing, featured in a few car automotive offices, and was a television personality, giving him multiple earnings that increased his net worth.

How much does Big Chief earn per year?

Big Chief has amassed a colossal net worth from being a street racer and TV personality. He gets his earnings from different sources. There's no information on his exact annual earnings.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Big Chief?

Big Chief stands at the height of 5 ft 7 in (171 cm) tall.

How old is Big Chief?

Born on December 9, 1980, Big Chief is 41 years old and will turn 42 in December 2022.

Childhood And Education

Big Chief spent his childhood either training horses with his mother or operating on cars with his father. At the young age of nine, he would ride his bike to see the street races happening on Old Route 66. Shortly, he moved to Oklahoma and became engaged with the racing location there.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Big Chief's partner?

Big Chief met his wife, Alicia, when working full-time at a gas station. He was 18 when he got married and the couple has two children. Today, the family enjoys a comfortable life as Big Chief accumulated a high and well-deserved net worth from his career.

Career and Professional Highlights

Big Chief began his career when he experienced OKC Street racing at nine. He was the only child who partook in this contest, giving him an unforgettable experience. At 16, Chief bought his first racing car, the 1972 Pontiac LeMans, called The Crow. It further developed his love for the sport and he used it throughout his racing career, regardless of the car's age. Chief has customized almost everything about his car, placing a Machine Balanced Pontiac Big Block motor and custom-built Twin Turbo Pistons.
Following the construction of his car and his success in street car racing, the Discovery Channel approached him and presented him the opportunity to appear on a reality television show, 'Street Outlaws', as a member of the team of the Midwest Street Cars. Big Chief accepted the offer and the show elevated him to be a TV personality and has since expanded his net worth immensely. The Pilgrim Studios (the studio behind 'American Chopper', 'Dirty Jobs', 'Fast N' Loud', and 'Ghost Hunters') produced the show and aired it in June 2013.
The Discovery Channel show concentrates on displaying and placing the limelight on the street racers and races from OKC and New Orleans. It features the managers such as Big Chief and other big names. In the show, racers race in a closed environment to avoid any issues with the law.
Big Chief has had many achievements in his racing career and gained much popularity as a television personality. His passion eventually drove him to become the owner and manager of the races with a huge net worth, after starting as a full-time gas station worker.

Best Known For…

Big Chief is best known for being a street racer and television personality who rose to fame from the reality TV series 'Street Outlaws'.

Other Interesting Big Chief Facts And Trivia

  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • He has featured among the Top 10 list of the Best Street Racers.
  • He changed his car to the highest twin turbo GTO.

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