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Discover lots of stunning facts about Bill Bryson in this article who was born on December 8, 1951.
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About Bill Bryson

William Bryson is a well-known author and journalist who has written many best-selling books on traveling, the English language, science, and other nonfiction topics.
Born on December 8, 1951, in Iowa, United States, Bill Bryson has dual citizenship and resides in Britain most of the time. He returned to the United States and stayed there from 1995-2003.
His work has taken him all over the world, and he is known for his humorous, yet informative writing style. Bryson first visited Britain in 1973 while he was backpacking Europe and chose to stay there after working at a psychiatric hospital in Surrey. Bryson gained recognition in the UK from his book, 'Notes from a Small Island' (1995), which is followed by its Tv series. He gained widespread recognition across the globe from the publication of 'A Short History of Nearly Everything', which was critically praised. Due to his credentials, he became the chancellor of Durham University. He has published several critically acclaimed books, making him receive numerous honors, accolades, and awards. Continue reading to know interesting and stunning facts about this popular American-British author, Bill Bryson.

Bill Bryson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bill Bryson’s net worth?

The brilliant American-British author, Bill Bryson, has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. He has accumulated such amount of wealth from his career as a successful and well-liked author.

How much does Bill Bryson earn per year?

Bill Bryson makes huge earnings from his career as an author. His exact earnings per year are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bill Bryson?

There is no information on Bill Bryson's height. He has not disclosed it.

How old is Bill Bryson?

As Bill Bryson was born on December 8, 1951, he is currently 70-years-old.

Childhood And Education

Bill Bryson was born in Iowa to Bill Bryson Sr, and Agnes Mary. He studied at Drake University and eventually dropped it after two years to go backpacking in Europe.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bill Bryson's family?

Bill Bryson had two siblings, an older brother named Michael and Mary Jane Elizabeth.

Who is Bill Bryson’s partner?

While working at the psychiatric hospital in Surrey, Bryson came across Cynthia Billen, a nurse working there. The couple united in 1975 and settled in Des Moines, Iowa (Bryson's hometown) in the same year so he could finish his studies at Drake University. They moved to Britain and settled there in 1977. The couple has four children: David, Felicity, Catherine, and Samuel Bryson.

Career And Professional Highlights


Bryson filed a case against Jed Matters Inc, his publishing agent, in 2012 alleging that it did not execute some crucial agent duties. The parties involved reached a settlement and a payment was given, which Bryson did not disclose.
Bryson claimed a copyright violation in 2014 regarding an interview he provided almost 20 years ago, in which the interviewer republished the interview in the form of an e-book on Amazon. Following this, Amazon withdrew it from its publication.

Best Known For

Bryson stayed in USA in the '90s, he was a columnist for a British newspaper for numerous years, where he wrote about the comical elements of his repatriation in the U.S. Some of his columns were selected to compile into a called 'I'm A Stranger Here Myself' or 'Notes From A Big Country'. During his stay in the United States, Bryson and buddy Stephen Katz (an alias) walked the Appalachain trail and then wrote a book about it called 'A Walk in the Woods'. It was adapted to a film in 2005 with the same title, in which Robert Redford played Bryson and Nick Nolt portrayed Katz.
He was appointed as Commissioner for English heritage because of his excellent credentials, and his book, 'Notes from a Small Island', best described the history of British identity, in 2003.
Bryson's international bestseller and most successful book, 'A Short History of Nearly Everything', is widely praised for its accessible conveyance of science and made into adaptations for children.
Bryson has written several widely acclaimed books. In 2007, he wrote 'At Home; A Short History of Private Life'.
Bryson has also authored two well-known books on English language history.
In October 2020, Bryson announced that he had tired from authoring or writing books.
Bill Bryson is known for being a best-selling author of sardonic books on travel, the English language, and scientific topics.

Charity Work

Bill Bryson went to Kenya at the invitation of CARE International, the non-profit organization committed to working with local communities to eliminate poverty across the globe. He also supports the cause, Campaign to Protect Rural England.

What awards has Bill Bryson won?

Bill Bryson throughout his career has won numerous awards and achieved recognitions because of his capability to disseminate science with fondness and zeal, including the President's Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry for promoting chemical sciences in 2005, the Kenneth B. Myer Award in Melbourne, Australia in 2012, and the University of Dublin's James Joyce Award for Literary & Historical Society in 2007.
In 2011, Bryson was given the Golden Eagle Award by the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.
On November 22, 2012, the Main Library of the Durham University was named The Bill Bryson Library, because of Byson's contributions to the University as its chancellor.
On December 13, 2006, Bryson was made an honorary officer for the OBE for his contribution to the field of literature.
In 2013, the Royal society named Bryson an honorary fellow, making him the first person who is not a native of Britain to receive such honor.
Bryson received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Drake University in 2009 and Honorary Doctor of Civil Law from Durham University in 2004.

Other Interesting Bill Bryson Facts And Trivia

  • Kerry Shale was the narrator of Bryson's book 'Notes From a Small Island' on BBC Radio 4.
  • Bill Bryson's successful books include 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' and 'The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid'.
  • By 2010, Bryson has sold more non-fiction books than any other author in the UK.
  • After the death of Peter Ustinov, Bryson was appointed as the chancellor of the University of Durham.
  • Prior to settling in the U.K in 2003, Bryson and his family resided in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. As of today, they live in rural Hampshire while maintaining a flat in the South Kensington district, London.
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Bill Bryson Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

William Bryson

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Des Moines



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Drake University

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Cynthia Billen


Bill Bryson Sr , Agnes Mary


Michael , Mary Jane Elizabeth
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