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About Bill Murray

Popularly known as Bill Murray, William James Murray is an American actor and comedian.
He is famous for his witty nature and love for pranks. He is one of the most loved celebrities in America.
He is an actor and filmmaker who has appeared in several films and television shows. Murray started his career in 1973 via radio, where he worked in the 'National Lampoon Radio Hour.' He then became a household name by doing 'Saturday Night Live' from 1977 to 1980. Bill Murray has six children.
During this time, he also received a primetime Emmy award for outstanding writing for various series. Soon, he started his acting career, especially in several comedy movies like 'Meatballs' (1979), 'Kingpin' (1996), and 'Osmosis Jones' (2001).

Bill Murray Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bill Murray's net worth?

Bill Murray has a net worth as of 2022 of $180 million. Acting and comedy, his primary source of income, have earned him this fortune.

How much does Bill Murray earn per year?

Bill Murray's project-wise income can vary significantly, but his average annual income is around $10 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bill Murray?

He is 73.63 in (187 cm) tall.

How old is Bill Murray?

He was born on September 21, 1950, making him 71 years old.

Childhood And Education

Murray was born in Evanston, Illinois. His mother was a mail-room clerk, and his father was a lumber salesman. He was raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He grew up in an Irish Catholic family along with his eight siblings.
Murray attended St. Joseph's grade school, followed by Loyola Academy.
After graduating from Loyola Academy, Murray got admission to the Regis University in Denver, Colorado, where he took pre-medical courses but soon dropped out. In 2007, he was given an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree by the same university.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bill Murray's partner?

Bill Murray has married twice and divorced both times. Bill married his first wife, Margaret Kelly, on January 25, 1981, and then again on March 25, 1981, in Chicago in front of their families. However, they separated on January 29, 1994, and divorced in 1996.
Jennifer Butler was a costume designer, and she and Bill met on the set of the movie 'Scrooged' in 1988. After Bill's divorce from Margaret Kelly, Bill Murry and Jennifer were married on July 4, 1997. Jennifer and Bill had a divorce in 2008.
Bill Murray has six children. Two with Margaret Kelly; Homer Murray, born in 1982; and Luke Murray, born in 1985; four with Jennifer Butler; Cal Murray, born in 1993; Jackson Murray, born in 1995; Lincon Murray, born in 1997; and Cooper Murray, born in 2001. Cal, Jackson, and Lincoln were born when Bill was still married to his first wife.

Who has Bill Murray previously dated?

In the early '80s, Bill was rumored to have dated Linda Ronstadt, a musician. He was also rumored to have dated television host, journalist, and author Joan Lunden from 1990 to 1995.

Career And Professional Highlights

'Saturday Night Live' earned him initial fame, after which he even got recognition from the comedy movies that he did. He also co-directed the movie 'Quickchange' in 1990. The success of Groundhog Day was followed by Bill getting supporting roles in other comedy films like Tim Burton's Ed' Wood' (1994) and Peter Farrelly's 'Kingpin' (1996). This was followed by many more films and acting opportunities that received critical acclaim for the performance of the American Comedian.

Best Known For…

Best known for his dry-witted comedy, Bill Murray has earned fame because of his comedy and acting skills. His initial fame was due to Saturday night live, after which he tried his luck in acting and became popular among the masses. Some of his roles were in the movies 'The Life Aquatic,' 'Ghostbusters,' and 'Groundhog Day.' 'Lost In Translation' was a rather serious film, considering the humorous nature of Bill Murray, yet he was greatly recognized for his work in the movie. The directors and the television producer wanted him for animated film types and dramatic roles, and usually, these productions rocked the box office.

Charity Work

Bill Murray has been an active donator in charities and causes. He openly supported Augie's Quest, Casey Lee Ball Foundation, Guardian Catholic School, and St. Vincent's HealthCare. He and Caddyshack also arranged golf tournaments to raise money for a good cause. Through these donations, Bill has worked against poverty and cancer and supported education and health for society.

What awards has Bill Murray won?

Bill Murray has received many awards for his work. His movie, 'Lost In Translation' earned him an academy award nomination, a British Academy award, and a Golden Globe award. He has been nominated for a Golden Globe seven times and managed to win once. Similarly, he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy award four times and managed to win twice. He has also received many critical awards like the Chicago film association award for best actor for his movie, 'Lost In Translation.' And best supporting actor for his movie, 'On The Rocks.' Children love the productions and television shows of this actor.

Bill Murray's Hobbies and Interests

Bill Murray is a unique, talented, and multifaceted personality. He has studied philosophy and mysticism, loves to prank people, and has a unique sense of humor. He enjoys sports and is also an amateur golfer.

Other Interesting Bill Murray Facts And Trivia

Bill Murray has been a good-looking and well-dressed star throughout his career. He has a charming and quirky personality, and he has carried it well into his old age. The American Actor is one of the most loved comedians out there.
His three-strike bowls scene in Kingpin was real. The reaction of the audience was also genuine.
He had a large family and grew up with eight siblings.
He and Chevy Chase had a spat at a party after Bill was upset about the latter leaving the cast of their upcoming movie.
He is a father to six sons and shares a very close bond with all his sons.
During his teen years, he was a singer in a band called Dutch Masters that participated in high school festivals and theaters.
He managed to fund his high school by working at the golf course.
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Bill Murray Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

William James Murray

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187 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?





Loyola Academy

Net Worth



Edward J. Murray II, Lucille Murray


John Murray, Joel Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray, Nancy, Ed Murray, Andy, Peggy, Laura

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