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Amazing BJ Pascual facts that will give you a quick glimpse into fashion photography and more.
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About BJ Pascual

BJ Pascual is from Los Angeles and was brought up in the Philippines.
He is into fashion photography and is considered a prominent photographer from the Philippines. BJ Pascual is also an LGBTQ advocate besides being a photographer.
BJ Pascual has a net worth of more than $1 million. He is also a best-selling author. BJ Pascual developed a keen interest in photography while he was a kid. He has done some remarkable projects and his work has been featured in multiple magazines and has a huge following. He is packed with creative ideas which are evident from his works and the reason behind his success. 

BJ Pascual's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is BJ Pascual’s net worth?

The net worth of this professional photographer comprises photography primarily. However, he is extremely popular and active on social and has a huge following with over 695k followers. His net worth is estimated somewhere between $1.5-$5 million. And his social media has a huge role as he gets plenty of brands to collaborate to endorse products or to connect brands with social media talent. 

How much does BJ Pascual earn per year?

The annual earnings of BJ Pascual are not listed. Nevertheless, this fashion photographer has a strong social media presence and draws his income through various social media platforms and agencies. 

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is BJ Pascual?

The height of BJ Pascual is currently not listed. 

How old is BJ Pascual?

BJ Pascual's zodiac sign is Pisces according to his birth date in February. Born on February 18, 1988, the photographer is currently 34 years old as of February 2022. 

Childhood And Education

BJ Pascual is from the Philippines and is considered a famous personality. However, he was born in Los Angeles and moved to the Philippines when he was just three years old. Not much information is available about his parents as he was raised by his grandparents. He was very enthusiastic about photography from a very early as he used to take a camera to school to click photos of his friends. His first opportunity came while he was at De La Salle University. After that, he gradually rose to fame as a professional photographer, Instagram influencer, and more. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is BJ Pascual dating?

BJ Pascual is not very open about his relationship status as this artist from the Philippines has not confirmed whether is he dating someone or has a partner. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

BJ Pascual is best known as a fashion photographer and an LGBTQ advocate with massive followers over different social media platforms.
He has been a part of several fashion campaigns including 'Asia's Next Top Model'. 
He is also one of the best-selling authors and was seen on the cover of the magazine of 'TEAM'. 
The first big break of BJ Pascual was while he was in college and he first stepped into photography. Soon people began recognizing his photography work and he emerged as a fashion photographer. 
BJ Pascual has worked with some of the top artists from the Philippines and has done more than 100 magazine covers ranging from local to international. 

Charity Work

The charity works of BJ Pascual are not listed yet. 

BJ Pascual’s Hobbies And Interests

Besides photography, which is his full-time profession, other interests and hobbies of BJ Pascual are not currently listed. 

Other Interesting BJ Pascual Facts And Trivia

  • BJ Pascual has also attended Parson School in New York after graduating from De La Salle University in Manila.
  • BJ Pascual has worked with other artists from the Philippines, like Dua Lipa in 2018 for Samsung Philippines. 

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