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Alpha Diallo is the birth name of Black M.
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About Black M

Black M, or Black Mesrimes, was born Alpha Diallo.

Black M started his career as a member of the French rap band Sexion d'Assaut in 2002. Through his work in the rapper group Sexion d'Assaut and various solo releases, he became well-known and tremendously successful.

Black M produced his debut solo album, 'Les Yeux plus gros que le monde,' in 2014, and it was quickly rated diamond. Black M works in the French music industry and music scene in Paris following the success of this album.

Black M released two studio albums with the ensemble Sexion d'Assaut named 'L'Apogée' (2012) and 'L'École des points vitaux' (2010).

Black M Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Black M’s net worth?

Black M has an approximate net worth of more than $10 million.

How much does Black M earn per year?

No information about his yearly earnings is available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Black M?

There is no information available about his height.

How old is Black M?

Black M is 38 years old as of 2022. He was born on December 27, 1984.

Childhood And Education

Alpha Diallo, now known as Black M, was born in Paris, France. He parents are of Guinean decent. He was brought up in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where he still resides as of 2022. There are not many more details about his early family life.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Black M’s partner?

Black M is married to Léa Djadja, a professional makeup artist and image consultant, whom he first met on the shoot of the hip hop band Sexion d'Assaut's first 'Wati bon son' clip. Isaac, their son, was born on March 13, 2012, to the couple. The family revealed that they were carrying their second child on July 28, 2020. On September 20, 2020, Léa gave birth to a girl.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Black M's track 'Sur ma route' was certified triple platinum in May 2014 after reaching number one in sales in France. Black M announced the creation of his second solo album, 'Éternel insatisfait,' in the close of 2014 and the 'Éternel Big Black Tour,' which took place between April and December 2017. Black M gave a private show for one of the biggest admirers of his letters, 'C.L.,' on April 18, 2018, and it was the sweetest birthday surprise this old lady could have received.

On his birthday, December 27, 2020, Black M insulted his friends Kev Adams and Gims, among others, in a strange fight that shocked the internet (Particularly on Twitter, where the attacks were broadcast). Black M also admonished the Sexion d'Assaut, whose reappearance is scheduled for the following year as a concert.

What awards has Black M won?

The following are the awards that Black M has received. In 2014, the work 'Sur ma route' won the Trace Urban Music Awards for Best Music Video. W9 Award Special Public Prize for Talents Kid's Choice Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards for Best French Act, NRJ Music Awards Best Music Video for the work 'Mme Pavoshko' in 2014, and Favorite French Musical Artist award.

Other Interesting Black M Facts And Trivia

Black M's solo album 'Les Yeux Plus Gros que le Monde', released in 2014, reached number two on the French charts and triple platinum.

Through his work in the rapper group Sexion d'Assaut and various solo releases, French-Guinean artist Black M or Black Mesrimes became well-known and tremendously successful.

Before Fame, Black M started his career as a member of Sexion d'Assaut in 2002.

Black Mesrimes or Black M is the stage name of Alpha Diallo.

Hip-hop rap is the genre of Black M.

Black M's nationality is French Guinean.

Alpha Diallo is the original name of Black M.

Black M has produced 41 music videos in his career.

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Black M Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Alpha Diallo

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