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Discover more interesting facts about Blake Linder, a sneaker collector, and his net worth.
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About Blake Linder

Blake Linder is a YouTuber and Instagram star from the USA.

On June 27, 2001, Blake was born in Los Angeles, California. He rose to fame as a sneaker collector.

He also has a personal YouTube channel, previously known as all sorts of sneakers, with over 718000 followers as of 2022. He collaborated with lots of big firms in promoting their products and services. Continue reading to get more fascinating facts about Blake Linder, a great social media influencer!

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Blake Linder's net worth?

Blake Linder has only recently entered the media industry. His net worth is believed to be around $104,000. He has amassed a global following through his videos and enthusiasm for fashion and sneakers. As a result, his YouTube videos are his primary source of income, and he's still earning more.

How much does Blake Linder earn per year?

Though Blake Linder hasn't been long in the industry, he makes a good income from his vlogging videos, but his exact annual income is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Blake Linder?

Blake Linder stands average in height, and he is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

How old is Blake Linder?

On June 27, 2001, Blake Linder was born in California. Blake is 21 years old as of 2022. He celebrates his birthday every June 27, and his birth sign is Cancer.

Childhood And Education

Blake Linder was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 27, 2001. Blake's birth date falls under the sign of Cancer, and he grew up with his sister, Alexis.

At the age of 15, Blake Linder's YouTube channel began to expand, and he gathered subscribers. He invested in different sneaker collections and had the opportunity to travel throughout the country, searching for promotions and brand collaborations.

Following his academic record, Blake has finished high school and is presently at the University. He is studying movie theater at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and studying for a degree as a filmmaker.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Blake Linder's family?

Blake Linder grew up in Los Angeles.

Blake discloses a few of his family members on his social media platforms when it comes to his family. He is the son of Dr. Stuart Linder who is a plastic surgeon.

Having revealed his father's name, Blake has never disclosed his mom's identity, but she has appeared in multiple YouTube videos, including 'My Mom Freaks Out In My Sports Car.' He has a kid sister called Alexis as well. He is fond of his sister as he features her on his YouTube videos. He began with a pair of sneakers that his father, Stuart Linder, had given him in grade five.

Who is Blake Linder dating?

Blake Linder is, as of 2022, not dating anyone.

He is single. However, in 2017, Blake was in a relationship with Leila Bauer, a fellow YouTuber, and they parted ways in 2018.

Then, in 2019, he began dating Nicolette Gray, another YouTube sensation. The two used to spend quality time frequently. Blake also continued to promote her on his social media outlets. However, their relationship didn't quite work out, and they ended the relationship.

Blake's life and career have been free of controversy and issues.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Blake Linder is a well-known figure on social media. Blake is noted for his comedic impersonation, wit, and humorous abilities. In 2015, he started his career on YouTube with his first video.

Blake Linder rose to fame on the channel courtesy of his largely Sneaker-related video material. In December, he started the account on October 18, 2015, and released his first clip, 'Smell And Feel Those Sneakers' Gams Show.'

Blake occasionally posted vlogging videos to his YouTube channel. He chooses to watch YouTube videos about sneakers and designer labels since he enjoys them. In the YouTube video, he also included a member of his household. 'Turning Into A Hypebeast,' 'Hypebeast Shopping Sprees,' and 'The Biggest Hypebeasts' are some of his YouTube videos.

Blake Linder continued creating more videos as his content drew a considerable amount of followers. Speaking of his videos, 'Meeting The Youngest & Biggest Hypebeast Of America' is one of his most-viewed and widely known clips. The video has got nearly 5,000,000 views as of 2022. In addition, 'Billionaire Spends $40,000 Hypebeast Shopping', '16 Year Old's $1,000,000 Sneaker Collection!', 'Billionaire Spends $20,000 Hypebeast Shopping', and 'Turning An Instagram Model Into A Hypebeast' are among the noticeable videos.

On YouTube, Blake Linder has over 700,000 subscribers as of 2022 and about 718,000 followers as of 2022. He continues releasing more clips on the channel. 'Rapper Style Sneaker Shopping' and 'Something That Every Sneakerhead Needs' are his most recent clips. The two got tremendous views.

In 2016, Blake Linder and Qias Omar toured SneakerCon, and in 2018, he launched the rap song named 'Unlisted BSneak.' The rap music video, however, is accessible online.

Blake Linder's Hobbies And Interests

Blake Linder is well-known for his publication abilities. He enjoys basketball and making films, and his favorite basketball player has always been Kobe Bryant.

Blake Linder gained an interest in movies in addition to athletics. He got his first camera, a Sony Handycam DCR, with which he began producing video content and sneaker evaluations for his YouTube channel.

Blake utilizes YouTube as a film director to create movies and documentaries that are fascinating and discuss and solve social problems by drawing attention and optimism.

Aside from videography, Blake Linder attends sneaker conferences to secure endorsements and commercial collaborations across the country. As a result, he has a large fan base on YouTube and Instagram.

Other Interesting Blake Linder Facts And Trivia

  • Blake Linder was born on June 27, 2001, in Los Angeles.
  • Blake has accounts on various social media platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Besides the significant success of his YouTube channel, he also has approximately 343,000 Instagram followers as of 2022 and has uploaded 59 posts.
  • He has over 718,000 subscribers on YouTube as of 2022, which he created personally.
  • He's worked with major brands like Manscape, Squarespace, SneakerCon, Puma, Reebok, the NBA, and Footlocker.

Furthermore, Blake Linder lives in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

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Blake Linder Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Blake Linder

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Los Angeles



180 cm


YouTuber, Instagram Star


Chapman University's Dodge College of Film

Net Worth



Dr. Stuart Linder


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