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Bluebird facts about the Eastern bluebird species.
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Have you ever seen a small blue-colored bird with a sweet sound? Well, it is the Eastern bluebird. They are small migratory birds that are usually seen in semi-open habitats. A bluebird is also the state bird of the state of New York. Eastern bluebird song is a low-pitched and warbling song consisting of several phrases. When you see a bluebird, it is generally interpreted as a source of inspiration and hope across several cultures. If you wish to attract a bluebird to your yard, install a birdhouse and place a bird feeder along with it.

Do you want to learn and know more about these beautiful birds? Here are some interesting and fun facts about the bluebird. Afterward, do check our other articles on Hawaiian crow and king penguin as well.

Bluebird Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a bluebird?

A bluebird is an insectivorous bird that belongs to the Passeriformes order. It is a North American migratory bird that has three species; eastern bluebird, western bluebird, and mountain bluebird. Eastern bluebirds are the most common among the three. It is called the state bird of New York. These birds roam around the countryside together. These birds are beautiful and one of the favorites among bird watchers.

What class of animal does a bluebird belong to?

A bluebird is a bird that belongs to the aves class. It comes under the Passeriformes order of the Turdidae family. Bluebird has three species; Eastern bluebird, Western bluebird, and mountain bluebird. Eastern bluebird is most commonly seen, and its scientific name is Sialia sialis. Bluebird is one of the thrush genera in the Americas. It is also one of the most famous songbirds that make warbling sounds.

How many bluebirds are there in the world?

According to the estimate, there are about 20 million Eastern bluebirds in the world. They don't face any threats as of now, and their population is steady across the distribution range.

Where does a bluebird live?

Bluebirds are mostly seen in North America, southeastern Arizona to Nicaragua, and southern Canada to the Gulf states. They are migratory birds. They tend to live in semi-open habitats. They are found in grasslands, woodlands, and orchards.

What is a bluebird's habitat?

An Eastern bluebird prefers to live in an open country with scattered trees, grasslands, woodlands, and orchards. They are also seen in areas with lawns and good nest sites. Now they are often seen in agricultural fields, backyards, and parks and sometimes in golf courses.

Who do bluebirds live with?

A bluebird prefers to live in a group. They are monogamous in nature, and the pair stays together throughout the breeding season.

How long does a bluebird live?

A bluebird is a small-sized bird and has a lifespan of 6-10 years. The lifespan may vary according to its surroundings.

How do they reproduce?

A female bluebird builds their nest mostly in trees where there is an abandoned woodpecker hole or other similar holes. A bluebird nest is a loosely constructed cup-like structure. Mating happens during the spring and summer. They have two broods in the year: males display courtship by singing and fluttering in front of the female. Females lay four to five pale blue or white eggs and are incubated for 13-16 days by them. Young bluebird ones are taken care of by the females till the young birds are ready to fledge.

What is their conservation status?

They are listed under the least concern status. Even though bluebirds have significant populations in the present, there is a question about it in the future. There is a drastic change in the population, and it is gradually decreasing.

Bluebird Fun Facts

What do bluebirds look like?

An Eastern bluebird is a small-sized bird that belongs to the thrushes family. It has a short and slim beak and is brightly colored. Their upper body is blue in color and has a white abdomen and redbreast with short legs. The feathers of the tail and wings in males are blue and gray shafts. Female bluebirds also exhibit similar coloration and are duller than males, and are more grayish.

Eastern bluebird habitat range comprises open woods and forest openings.

How cute are they?

A bluebird is a small-sized bird. It is beautiful in appearance and is one of the favorites among birdwatchers. They produce a sweet and melodious sound. They are indeed cute and innocent in appearance.

How do they communicate?

An Eastern bluebird usually communicates with each other through sounds. One of the distinguishing features of an Eastern bluebird is its melodious song. They have different songs for different purposes like mating, territoriality, and others. Their sound is very soft.

How big is a bluebird?

A bluebird is a small-sized bird. The range of length of the bird species is 6.3-8.3 in (16 - 21 cm), while the wingspan size range is around 12-13 in (25 - 33 cm).

How fast can a bluebird be?

An eastern bluebird can fly up to a speed range of 17 mph (27 kph).

How much does a bluebird weigh?

On an average scale, an eastern bluebird weighs in the range of 0.95-1.20 oz (0.026 - 0.034 kg). The weight range may vary according to the surroundings.

What are the male and female names of the species?

As the Eastern bluebird is a bird, its species is S. sialis. A male bluebird and female bluebird do not have any particular name.

What would you call a baby bluebird?

A baby bluebird is called a hatchling or a young bluebird.

What do they eat?

Bluebirds are omnivores. Their diet includes mainly insects. Mealworms, suet dough, crickets, grasshoppers, beetles are most commonly eaten by them. Their main predators are European starlings, raccoons, domestic cats, and black bears.

Are they aggressive?

Bluebirds are not usually aggressive. They sometimes attack each other.

Would they make a good pet?

Since the bluebird is a migratory bird, it cannot be kept as a pet. A special permit is required to keep or store them as pets. Though, you may install a bluebird house on a pole at the height of above  6.5 ft (2 m) in a relatively open area if your home falls in its habitat range.

Did you know...

Eastern bluebirds can easily find caterpillars and insects from a long distance. The favorite food of bluebirds is mealworms.

Such is the popularity of these birds that there is an entire company named after them, Bluebird Botanicals that is an award-winning CBD company.

In the North American legends, bluebirds symbolize hope and renewal.

The 'Bluebird' poem by Charles Bukowski talks about the sensitivity and the tender heart of the poet.

What color are bluebird eggs?

A bluebird lays mostly pale blue eggs and rarely lays white eggs.

How does a bluebird build a house?

A bluebird usually builds its nests on the abandoned woodpecker holes or other holes in the tree. Their nests are low and built by females. They prefer cavities to build their nest, and it is constructed in a cup shape and is made of dry grasses and weeds and twigs. They prefer dead pine or oak trees.

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