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Bob Horner is a major league baseball player from Kansas.
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About Bob Horner

Bob Horner was born on August 6, 1957, in Kansas in the United States of America.
Bob Horner was a professional baseball player in America. Bob Horner was famous as a member of the Atlanta Braves and he played most of his major league football with the Atlanta Braves.
His last appearance in NPB was in 1987 for the Yakult Swallows and in MLB he appeared last for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1988, he retired in 1989. Bob Horner was one of the successful baseball players who achieved several awards for his passion for playing baseball.

Bob Horner Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bob Horner’s net worth?

Bob Horner’s net worth ranges from $1- $3 million.

How much does Bob Horner earn per year?

Bob Horner earns almost $400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bob Horner?

Bob Horner is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall.

How old is Bob Horner?

As of 2021, Bob Horner is 64 years old as he was born on August 6, 1957.

Childhood And Education

Bob Horner was born on August 6, 1957, in Kansas in the USA. He has liked to play baseball since his childhood days. He attended Apollo High School and he was an active member of the baseball team of the school. Bob Horner then attended Arizona State University and there also he got various opportunities to grow his passion for baseball. He achieved several awards and records later in his professional baseball career.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bob Horner’s partner?

Bob Horner’s partner is Chris. They have two children named Tyler and Trent.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Bob Horner is best known for being the baseball player of the Atlanta Braves.

Charity Work

Details on his charitable work are unavailable.

What awards has Bob Horner won?

Bob Horner has various records in his name. He completed his college education at Arizona State University by being the first person to achieve the Golden Spikes Award. He achieved the National League Rookie of the Year award in 1987. Bob Horner won the All-Star award in 1982 and the Golden Spikes Award in 1978. He hit four home runs in one game and it happened in 1986. He also won the College World Series Most Outstanding Player Award in 1977.

Bob Horner’s Hobbies And Interests

Baseball is the ultimate passion for Bob Horner.

Other Interesting Bob Horner Facts And Trivia

  • Bob Horner is a baseball player in the United States of America. He is famous as the successful baseball player of the Atlanta Braves. He was a member of the Atlanta Braves from 1978 to 1986.
  • He also played for Yakult Swallows in 1987 and for St. Louis Cardinals in 1988. He played as the third baseman and first baseman. According to the NPB statistics, the batting average of Bob Horner is .327 and he has 31 home runs.
  • His runs batted in were 73. According to the MLB statistics, the batting average of Bob Horner is .277 and his 218 home runs are very important in his career.  His runs batted in were 685. He played most time as a third baseman and gradually his position was changed to a first baseman.
  • Bob Horner played for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows in the Nippon Professional Baseball League for a season. The Atlanta Braves chose Bob Horner as the first overall pick in the amateur draft of 1978.
  • He was selected as a member of the inaugural class of the College Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006. Bob Horner is one of the irreplaceable baseball players in the history of baseball in the United States of America.
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Bob Horner Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

James Horner

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Junction City, Kansas



185 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Baseball player


Arizona State University

Net Worth




Annual Earnings

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