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Bob Kevoian is a retired radio presenter, best known as the host of 'The Bob & Tom Show'.
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About Bob Kevoian

Bob Kevoian is a retired American radio presenter.

Bob Kevoian is the co-host of 'The Bob & Tom Show'. Bob hosts this show with his colleague Tom Griswold.

'The Bob & Tom Show' is aired live from the Indianapolis studios of WFBQ. In 2004, Kevoian worked on 'The Bob And Tom Show Home Movie.' He worked as a producer, director, writer, and composer. He also took part in the Bob And Tom Radio: The Comedy Tour. Find out more about this famous personality in this article.

Bob Kevoian Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bob Kevoian’s net worth?

Bob Kevoian is a radio host from the United States. He has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

How much does Bob Kevoian earn per year?

Bob Kevoian earns around $400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How old is Bob Kevoian?

Bob Kevoian is 72 years old as of 2022. He was born on December 2, 1950.

Childhood And Education

Robert James Kevoian better known as Bob Kevoian was born in Los Angeles, California. Bob Kevoian has a degree in Eastern Philosophy and Literature. He received it from the California State University, Long Beach, in 1973. He started graduate school but dropped out to concentrate on his career as a radio host.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bob Kevoian's family?

Robert James Kevoian was born to John Hike 'Toby' Kevoian and Jean Baker. Kevoian grew up with a younger brother named Peter Kevoian. His younger brother is an actor.

Who is Bob Kevoian’s partner?

Bob Kevoian is married to Becky Martin. The couple married in April 2005. Bob Kevoian and Becky Martin had a son named Toby. Wade and Joey are Kevoian's stepsons from his wife's previous marriage.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Bob Kevoian started his career as an intern at a Los Angeles radio station. He spent three years on the road with the Young Americans as a sound engineer. Bob Kevoian went on to work for a radio station in Michigan. He started his radio career in 1979 at WMBN in Petoskey, Michigan.

He transferred to WJML, a station in Michigan, after three years. There Kevoian met Tom Griswold, a radio personality from Florida. He was seeking a new station to work at while working as a bartender to supplement his income as a radio host. In 1983, the two radio stars joined together and launched 'The Bob & Tom Show'. It was a renowned and popular morning show. The program has remained in syndication to this day.

The Long Beach State University graduate had never been in a radio studio until his stint at WBMN in Petoskey, Michigan. However, he soon met future business partner Tom Griswold, despite having no professional radio experience.

Kevoian had moved across town to WJML. A radio personality by day, Kevoian moonlighted as a bartender in Harbor Springs, where he met Tom Griswold. This led to the pairing of one of syndicated radio's most popular morning programs. This is where he started 'The Bob & Tom Show'.

After seeing J. Geils at Castle Farms, Griswold came in for a drink at the bar Kevoian was working at. He overheard a conversation between Kevoian and another man, who worked at a country radio station, sitting at the end of the bar. They were discussing the poor quality of their respective stations' cart machines. Griswold had worked in radio for a year in Florida by then but was unemployed. He wanted to come to the station to take a look at the crafts. Two days later, Griswold had been recruited as Kevoian's PD.

The show had a 44 % rating share. Therefore, they prepared a compilation tape of their greatest portions and submitted it to the Superstars Convention. It was a meeting of program directors from 300 stations. Soon, the duo began to get proposals from all over the United States.

Kevoian served as the producer, director, writer, and composer for 'The Bob And Tom Show Home Movie' in 2004. In Anderson, Indiana, he took part in the 'Bob And Tom Radio: The Comedy Tour' events. Kevoian has personally produced approximately 15,000 pieces for his program. Some of them are his own original ideas.

Kevoian announced his retirement on November 5, 2015. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame along with Tom Griswold.

In December 2015, his final live program as a co-host was aired. Kevoian and Griswold were reunited in November 2016 when they were inducted into the Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame. In April 2017, Kevoian made his first post-retirement appearance as a guest presenter.

What awards has Bob Kevoian won?

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has honored Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold five times with the Marconi Award. This award is given yearly to the best radio stations and on-air personalities in the United States.

Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold earned seven Billboard awards for the Local Air Personality Of The Year. The Leukemia Society Of America has given the show 10 Radio & Records honors. They have also received two National Chairman's Citation Awards.

Bob Kevoian's Hobbies And Interests

Kevoian enjoys collecting big everyday goods. This includes coffee cups and safety pins that are far larger than their typical proportions. In his studio, Kevoian also has a collection of similar things.

Other Interesting Bob Kevoian Facts And Trivia

  • Bob Kevoian studied Eastern Philosophy at the California State University in Long Beach.
  • Kevoian enrolled in a master's program in 1974. However, he dropped out of California State University. This was when he got a job as an intern at a Los Angeles radio station.
  • In 2003, Kevoian received an honorary doctorate in communications. He received it from Central Michigan University.
  • Kevoian usually wears a Los Angeles Dodgers cap in honor of his father. His father worked for the Dodgers for many years. However, Bob Kevoian considers himself a huge Cincinnati Reds supporter.
  • Bob Kevoian is an accomplished guitarist too. He has written some of the show's comic parodies' lyrics and music.
  • Rex Martin, a world-renowned tuba musician, is Kevoian's brother-in-law. He is the brother of Becky Martin, his wife.
  • Bob Kevoian worked as a sound designer for The Young Americans. It was a traveling children's show choir. Julie Andrews and other great personalities had previously performed with the ensemble.
  • Earlier in his career, Kevoian worked for a radio station in Petoskey, Michigan.

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Bob Kevoian Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Robert James Kevoian

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Los Angeles



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Radio Host

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Becky Martin


Jean Baker Kevoian, John Hike Kevoian


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