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Comedy recordings of Bob Newhart from his early stand-ups in 196o became a huge bestseller, winning him his first Grammy Award.
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About Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart was born on September 5, 1929, in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.
He was born in a West Sub Urban Hospital. His parents are George David Newhart and Julia Pauline, of German and Irish descent respectively, settled in America.
Newhart has three siblings, Virginia, Pauline, and Mary Joan. Bob's father, George, was a part-owner of a plumbing and heating supply business, while his mother Julia was a housewife. Bob does TV shows, sitcoms and acts in movies, as well as stand-up comedy.

Bob Newhart Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bob Newhart's net worth?

Bob Newhart's net worth is approximately $70 million. Most of which he has accumulated over the course of his 60-year career in the entertainment industry. Earnings come from his album recordings and his TV shows.

How much does Bob Newhart earn per year?

Newhart's earnings come from his album recordings and his TV shows. Though his exact yearly income is not known, he is listed among the top income holders of the television industry.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bob Newhart?

Bob Newhart is 5 ft 7 in (172 cm) tall.

How old is Bob Newhart?

Bob Newhart was born on September 5, 1929, in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. He is 92 years old and will turn 93 in September 2022.

Childhood And Education

Newhart studied at Roman Catholic schools in and around Chicago, including St. Ignatius College Prep High School, and graduated in 1947. Later he enrolled at Loyola University Of Chicago and graduated with a bachelor's degree in business management in 1952. He also attended Loyola University Chicago School Of Law, but soon withdrew as he was asked to behave unethically during his internship.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Bob Newhart's partner?

Bob Newhart met Virginia Quinn, daughter of character artist Bill Quinn, through comedian Buddy Hackett who had set up a blind date with Ms. Quinn. They married on January 12, 1963. They have four children; Robert, Timothy, Jennifer, and Courtney. They also have ten grandchildren. The couple currently lives in Beverly Hills, California. Newhart is of Irish descent and a member of Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills, California.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

Bob Newhart is best known for his stammering and deadpan delivery as a stand-up comedian who blended his skills to build his successful career as an actor and performer. He is one of the prominent actors who has changed the concept of comedy with his own ideologies and sense of humor.
Prior to his success in becoming a stand-up comedian, Newhart worked as an accountant for a Chicago firm, which he says he hated every minute of it. Later in 1958, he worked as an advertising copywriter for a major independent film and television producer Fred A. Niles, in Chicago.
Newhart started conducting telephone conversations for laughs, creating funny and absurd lines with a colleague after office hours. Eventually, they began recording these calls and sent them to local radio stations hoping to get aired. Later, this co-worker moved to New York City for a new job and was no longer part of the recordings. Newhart continued recording and developed a routine of one-sided conversations.
Newhart caught the attention of a disc jockey at a radio station, Dan Sorkin, and introduced him to the head of talents at Warner Bros. Recordings. Newhart signed under the label in 1959. He further expanded his skills in his stand-up routine and began to perform at nightclubs. Bob Newhart had the power to make people laugh at an extraordinary level. Very soon, he became famous for his solo audio releases.
From the '60s to the '80s, Newhart appeared on many shows, including 'Murphy Brown', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Captain Nice', 'ER', and 'NCIR'. He also contributed as a voice actor in the animated series, 'The Simpsons'. Newhart hosted a variety of shows on NBC entitled the 'Bob Newhart Show', for which he was nominated for an Emmy. He released many comedy albums later while making frequent guest appearances in several programs like 'The Ed Sullivan Show' and 'The Dean Martin Show'. The American actor also hosted 'The Tonight Show' 87 times and twice hosted 'Saturday Night Live', in 1980 and 1995.
He is popularly known for starring in sitcoms. On the 'Bob Newhart Show' in 1972, his role as Bob Hartley was a hit with critics and audiences alike and ran for six weeks.

Charity Work

Bob Newhart has been presented with Up Close And Personal by the NCCS (National Children's Cancer Society), which gives direct supplemental support of medicines and financial assistance to families and patients in need.

What awards has Bob Newhart won?

Bob Newhart is a renowned actor both in television and movies. He has been acknowledged with many awards and nominations. Newhart won the Best New Artist Grammy Award for his performance in 'The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart' in 1961. He also won two Grammy Awards for the Best Album Of The Year and the Best Comedy Album in the same year. Bob Newhart won the Golden Globe Award for the best TV star in 1962 for 'The Bob Newhart Show'.
Newhart won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Professor Proton in 'The Big Bang Theory' in 2013. He was nominated five times for a Grammy and nine times for an Emmy Award.

Bob Newhart's Hobbies and Interests

Apart from stand-up comedy, Newhart is a home-computer hobbyist.

Other Interesting Bob Newhart Facts And Trivia

  • George Robert Newhart has always wanted to be called Bob since his childhood. So, he dropped his first name, George and named himself Bob Newhart.
  • In 1999, Newhart was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Bob has released 10 albums that continue to earn him a great deal of wealth.
  • In 2002, Newhart was given The Mark Twain Prize for his humor.
  • The Loyola University of Chicago honored Bob Newhart by naming their new theater, The Newhart Family Theater, on October 17, 2012.
  • Newhart was first nominated for an Emmy in 1962 but did not win until 2013.
  • All the television series he starred in carry his name in the title.
  • Newhart co-owns a Hollywood restaurant with comedian Dustin Hoffman.
  • Newhart was drafted into the US Army until 1954 and served in the United States during the Korean War.
  • Newhart also acted in films 'Hell Is For Heroes', 'Hot Millions', 'Cold Turkey', 'On a Clear Day You Can See Forever', 'The Rescuers' in 1977 and its sequel 'The Rescuers Down Under', and holiday comedy, 'Elf'.
  • Bob Newhart's first comedic monologue, 'The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart', was an immediate hit after its release in 1960. It was the first comedy album ever to reach number one on Billboards pop album chart. It earned a Grammy Award for Album of the Year and Bob Newhart was awarded the Best New Artist Grammy Award for the album.
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Bob Newhart Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

George Robert Newhart

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Oak Park, Illinois



172 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Stand-up comedian, Actor


Loyola University Chicago

Net Worth



Virginia Quinn


George David Newhart, Julia Pauline Newhart


Virginia Newhart, Pauline Newhart, Mary Joan Newhart
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