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Bob Woodward Facts: How Did He Become An Investigative Journalist?

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Bob Woodward is a notable figure in the world of journalism.

His adventures with his partner Carl Bernstein are so famous that they have even been immortalized in a movie. The dynamic duo were once known as the face of investigative journalism.

Bob Woodward's net worth currently stands at a reported $25 million, which is enough evidence of the power this man holds. His intellect and abilities are unmatched, which are reflected through his many successful books about the White House and its residents. Books such as 'Obama's Wars' and 'All The President's Men' have been now etched in history for the sheer amount of historical evidence that they hold. Keep reading for more Bob Woodward facts!

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When was Bob Woodward born?

Robert Upshur Woodward (born March 26, 1943) was destined to be a famous man in journalism.

He went on to gain popularity as Bob Woodward and has published several books under the same name. Woodward writes about the government and the presidents of the United States of America and is known worldwide for his systematic and convincing research. In one of the candid interviews that Woodward was a part of, he talks about how there was a very meticulous way in which he pursued his informants. He also talks about how he had to once study the entire weekly routine of a four-star general in order to get to talk to him. The trick, according to Woodward, was to show up.

Woodward's father was a jurist in the Wheaton suburb of Chicago and Robert was expected to follow in his footsteps. Woodward landed a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship and went on study at Yale University. He studied history and English literature before joining the Navy. After coming back from the Navy, he was offered to study at the Harvard Law School, but Woodward had developed a knack for journalism by then.

Bob Woodward Early Life

Bob Woodward first tried to get a position at the Washington Post but did not get employed at the end of a two-week trial. They did, however, refer him to the Montgomery County Sentinel.

Having gathered a year of experience, he came back for a job at The Washington Post and was finally able to get it. He went on to expose the Watergate Scandal and wrote books such as 'All The President's Men' and 'The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat'.

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward won a Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post for their investigation of the Watergate scandal. He later won another Pulitzer Prize for covering the repercussions of the attacks of September 11 in 2001. The second Pulitzer was awarded to him in the year 2002.

Bob Woodward is married to Elsa Walsh.

Why is Bob Woodward famous?

It was only later in his life that Bob Woodward gained popularity for his many bestselling books.

Initially, he was famous as an investigative journalist who made immense contributions in the Watergate scandal and the exposition of the people who had been abusing their power in the White House. He rose to fame with his colleague and the Woodward-Bernstein duo became synonymous with the art of investigation in journalism. Woodward, in his recent interviews even talks about how he became the face of investigative journalism and everything that went into the writing of All The President's Men. He talks about how his then-boss, Katharine Graham, was often worried about her team members. The then-president, Richard Nixon, was known for his rather harsh methods and his tendency to squash any rebellion or investigation with a firm hand. It was therefore with pride in himself and his colleague Carl Bernstein that he talks about the corruption in the Watergate Complex and the sheer level at which the works had been going on. His work for The Washington Post is known worldwide for the feats that he achieved through his old-fashioned methods. In a 90-minute interview, Bob Woodward explains how Woodward and Bernstein were thought to be pursuing a case that was bound to hit a dead-end at some point. The fact that they succeeded in exposing the Watergate scandal and eventually caused the resignation of President Nixon is a feat that very few have achieved in the United States of America. Their efforts were noticed worldwide and even the competitors at The New York Times went on to appreciate the duo for the job that they had done - talking about it as one of the single most historic investigations in the history of journalism in the nation.

The Nixon administration was considered very aggressive. Hence, President Nixon's resignation was deemed necessary for the nation.

He then went on to write about several presidents of the United States of America, including President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush. His recent book, 'Peril', which he co-wrote with Robert Costa, talks about ex-President Donald Trump and his administration.

Even though people have often called Woodward out because of his rather ambitious projects, he was determined to pursue them. His work did not go unnoticed, as the former CIA director told the press in an interview that he would have liked to employ Woodward for his ability to squeeze information out of people.

Robert Woodward has given the world many commendable books such as 'Bush At War', 'The Price of Politics', and 'Obama's Wars'. He has also co-authored books like 'The Secret Wars of The CIA' - which is about the former CIA director William J. Casey.

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