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Bobby Fischer was a World Chess Champion from America.
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About Bobby Fischer

Mr Bobby Fischer is arguably the greatest chess player of all time.
He was known for his superior playing tactics in competitive games. Mr Fischer's unique chess moves made him a shining star in his field of work.
From his earliest days in competitive chess, Bobby Fischer was a force to reckon with. Fischer won his first world title when he was just 13 years of age. One of Fisher's innovations included a timing system for chess. He called it the Fischer Clock and even got it patented. Bobby Fischer will go down in history as one of the finest minds the chess game has ever seen.

Bobby Fischer's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Bobby Fischer's net worth?

Bobby Fischer's net worth was around $2 million at the time of his demise in 2008.

How much did Bobby Fischer earn per year?

It is not known how much the former World Chess Champion was making every year, primarily due to the fact that he lived a life in complete isolation.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Bobby Fischer?

Bobby Fischer measured about 6 ft (185 cm) from end to end.

How old was Bobby Fischer?

The chess prodigy was born on March 9, 1943, and passed away at the age of 64 on January 17, 2008, due to kidney failure.

Childhood And Education

Robert James Fischer's birth took place at the Michael Reese Hospital in the city of Chicago, Illinois State, United States, on March 9, 1943. Fischer's father, Mr. Hans-Gerhardt Fischer, was a biophysicist by profession. His mother, Mrs. Regina Wender Fischer, who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri State, was a physician, nurse, and teacher. While growing up, Bobby Fischer had the company of an elder sister named Joan Fischer. The 

young Bobby Fischer and his sister were raised primarily by their mother.
Bobby Fischer's interest in the game of chess began at a very early stage of his life. He was around six when he started playing chess, mostly against himself due to the lack of playing partners. He had to endure a traveling lifestyle as a result of his mother's professional obligations.

After several movements from one to the another, the family settled in Brooklyn, New York, for the long haul in the '50s. Bobby Fischer was not inclined towards formal education as, according to him, it impeded his growth as a chess player. Even though he attended Brooklyn's Erasmus Hall High School for a while, he opted to drop out of school to concentrate on chess development fully.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Bobby Fischer's partner?

Very little information about Bobby Fischer's private life is available in the public domain. But records show that he married a fellow chess champion from Japan, Miss Miyoko Watayi, towards the end of his natural life. Miss Miyoko Watayi had been the General Secretary of Japan's Chess Federation for some time. The former chess champion and the ex-secretary of the Japanese Chess Federation got married to Bobby Fischer in 2004 until Fischer died in 2008. Bobby Fischer had two children, Jinky Ong and Justine Ong.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Bobby Fischer was heavily invested in the game of chess from the time he moved with his family to Brooklyn. He captured the attention of the President of the Brooklyn Chess Club, Mr. Carmine Nigro, while playing a game of chess against a local chess master in an exhibition match. Mr. Nigro then took the young Bobby Fischer under his care and made him a member of the club.

At the Brooklyn Chess Club, Mr. Fischer began honing his skills. He was subsequently trained further by Grandmaster William Lombardy. Fischer's chess training sessions with Mr. Lombardy would form the foundation on top of which Bobby Fischer would build his chess career. In 1955, Fischer got hold of a membership at the Manhattan Chess Club. Sometime after that, he entered the Hawthorne Chess Club, where he was fortunate to come under the influence of mentor Jack W Collins.
Henceforth, Fischer did not stop as he progressed up the United States Chess Foundation rankings to gain the number one position in record time. Fischer's dominant phase in his career continued around this time as he wrote his name in the record books by clinching the tournament title at the US Junior Chess Championships in style.

The year 1956 went very well for the master chess player from Brooklyn, New York. He gave a brilliant performance at the US Open Chess Championship tournament, where Fischer boldly took on Mr. Arthur Bisguier. He also shone at the Eastern States Open Chess Championship and the Canadian Open the same year.
Around this time, the chess admirers from every corner of the world witnessed one of the greatest chess games that have ever been played. The match played between Bobby Fischer and International Master Mr. 

Donald Byrne has become part of the legend and is now more famously known as The Game of the Century. The following year, Fischer bettered his personal score in the USCF rankings by securing a score of 2231.
After putting up this exceptional score, Fischer went on to become the youngest-ever chess master in the United States of America. That same year, Fischer got his hands on his second US junior title and became the all-time youngest US Open Champion. He was soon declared an International Master in chess.

Once Fischer had obtained a USCF score of 2626 and the tag of International Master, he gained entry into the 1958 edition of the Portoroz Interzonal tournament. By participating in this tournament, Fischer announced his arrival in the big league and a significant step towards fighting for the title of World Chess Champion.
Bobby Fischer always had his sights on the Russian chess contingent. It was his great desire to topple the Russians from the global stage of chess. To fulfill his long-standing wish, he tried to enter the World Youth Tournament held in Russia in 1957. Even though he failed to make his way through to the tournament, he was able to get an invitation to visit the Soviet Union the following year to appear in a show titled 'I've Got a Secret.'

During his visit to Moscow, Fischer played against Russian masters such as Vladimir Alatortsev in the Moscow Central Chess Club. Following a rough patch in the domestic and the international circuit, Fischer withdrew from the game for a certain period.

However, he returned to the competitive scene in 1970 to make preparations to challenge for the world title. After amassing a 20-match winning streak, Fischer went up against Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian. Even though Fischer got beaten in the first match, he came back to defeat the former world champion en route to the world title encounter against Boris Spassky in Reykavik, Iceland.

In their historic clash, both Fischer and Mr. Spassky displayed some special skills that are still watched and studied today. However, after winning the world title, Fischer declined to defend it against the challenger Anatoly Karpov in 1975. This was because the World Chess Federation had refused to accept his specific match demands.

At this juncture, Bobby Fischer chose to forfeit his world title rather than defend it under unfavorable circumstances. He would disappear from the world stage for over 20 years, only to make a comeback in 1992 to play a game in Yugoslavia against his former rival Boris Spassky. This match between the greats of the game went under a lot of scrutiny since Yugoslavia was deemed a pariah on the world stage. In Yugoslavia, a war was raging, and the United Nations had issued penalties against the country.

This would be the last time Bobby Fischer would be seen competing in a game of chess. The remainder of his life was spent in relative isolation, mainly residing in Iceland.

Bobby Fischer is best known for being the first and only American World Chess Champion in the history of the game. In the 1972 championship tournament between Fischer and Mr. Boris Spassky in Reykavik, Iceland, the former prevailed to end the long-drawn domination of Soviet Union players in the world of chess. He made another headline three years later, in 1975, when he chose to forfeit his world title rather than defend it due to the organizers' denial to listen to his demands.

What awards had Bobby Fischer won?

Mr. Bobby Fischer had an illustrious career and unsurprisingly won several awards in his field. The Federation Internationale des Eshecs or World Chess Federation declared Fischer the first top-ranked player in 1971. For a time, Fischer was the youngest world champion and the holder of the number one rank for a total of 54 weeks.

Bobby Fischer's Hobbies And Interests

Very little is known about Bobby Fischer's interests and hobbies apart from his great passion for the game of chess. He learned about chess voraciously as a child, and the habit stuck to him for a larger part of his life.

Other Interesting Bobby Fischer Facts And Trivia

  • Did you know? Bobby Fischer was a holder of many records in his time, and some of them stand even to this day. He became the youngest player ever to win the Junior Chess Championships at the age of 13.
  • Mr. Fischer was the youngest player to become a Chess Grandmaster, and this record stood until 1991, when Judit Polgar of Hungary bettered it.
  • Fischer made another record during his chess-playing days, becoming the youngest ever candidate to participate in a World Chess Championship tournament.

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