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'The Silver Spoons' actor Bobby Fite.
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About Bobby Fite

Bobby Fite began his journey as a child actor at the age of six.

Bobby met the local agent Kim Dawson when he was six and that marked the beginning of his journey as an actor. He made his debut in the movie 'The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas'.

In the film, Bobby got the chance to work with icons of Hollywood including Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. He also appeared in many local commercials in Texas then which eventually brought him more fame.

When Bobby Fite began his career as an actor, he got a chance to work on many popular films and tv series. His feature film roles included Steve Jackson in 'Explorers' (1985), he played the role of Eric Lee in 'Papa Was a Preacher' (1986), Billy Pence in 'Shadow Chasers' (1985), was the son of Dulcie Mae in 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas' (1982), Bill Adams in 'The Long Summer Of George Adams' (1982), and his minor role of mini mart-boy in the film 'The Legend Of Billie Jean' made Bobby established as a famous tv actor as well as a young film actor. His recurring role in the series 'Silver Spoons' (1983-84) where he was J.T. Martin, also brought him a lot of praise. In 'The Dukes of Hazzard' Bobby played the role of one of the farm boys.

The acting career of Bobby Fite lasted from 1974 to 1994. His television debut was 'The Long Summer of George Adams' that was premiered on NBC's Monday Night. Bobby began getting popular as a tv actor with time, his appearances in series 'Silver Spoons', and then in 1994 series 'Walker, Texas Ranger' starred by Chuck Norris, where he was the delivery boy, both of them brought a lot of fame to the young actor.

Bobby's final starring role was seen in the ABC mystery and suspense series 'Shadow Chasers'.

Bobby Fite Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bobby Fite’s net worth?

According to various resources, Bobby Fite's net worth is estimated between $1 to $5 million as of 2022. He had retired from the film industry in 1994 and started his own Home Development business in Texas. Now his net worth depends on his personal business.

How much does Bobby Fite earn per year?

The exact details of his annual earnings of Bobby Fite are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bobby Fite?

At present, no information is available regarding the exact height of actor Bobby Fite.

How old is Bobby Fite?

Bobby Fite was born on October 22, 1968, in the city of Dallas in Texas. As of 2022, Bobby Fite is 53 years old.

Childhood And Education

Born and raised in the city of Dallas in Texas, Bobby spent all of his life in Texas even after retiring from the big screen in 1994. Even at present, Bobby lives in Texas, he is truly a Texas Ranger by heart. Bobby was born to parents Robert and Roselle Fite. Apart from his beginning of professional career in acting as a six-year old, nothing much is known about Bobby's childhood and education.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bobby Fite’s partner?

In the year 1996, Bobby Fite got married to Cynthia Hayden but their marriage only lasted a few years. The couple got divorced in 2002. Cynthia Hayden was a popular actress known for her performances in films such as 'Toy Soldiers' and 'Fallen'. Later, Bobby married Kristen Tucker-Pittman. According to various resources, Bobby does not have children with any of his wives.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Best known as an actor, Bobby Fite has delivered his remarkable performances in both movies and television. He is best known for the roles he had played as a child artist including Steve Jackson in the film 'Explorers', Eric Lee in the film 'Papa Was a Preacher', the minor role of mini mart-boy in the classic 'The Legend of Billie Jean', and his recurring role in the ABC comedy series 'Silver Spoons' as J.T. Martins. Perhaps, Bobby is best recognized as the young mini mart-boy of 'Billie Jean', and is more popular as a tv actor.

Bobby Fite was once again trending in television when he married the popular actress Cynthia Hayden in 1996.

Charity Work

At present, there is no information available regarding Bobby's charity work.

What awards has Bobby Fite won?

In the year of 1982, Bobby Fite was nominated for 'Youth in Film Award' for his performance in the comedy series 'Silver Spoons'. The award now is known as Young Artist Award.

Bobby Fite’s Hobbies And Interests

Other than his interests in acting and modeling, after retiring from the big screen, Bobby Fite has found his interest and passion in Home Development. He is at present a professional Home Developer in Dallas, Texas.

Other Interesting Bobby Fite Facts And Trivia

  • The October-born TV actor, Bobby Fite's zodiac sign is Libra.
  • Bobby had the highest net worth as a six-year old actor, all of his fame comes from his roles as a child artist.
  • Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Bobby never shifted away from his birthplace. At present, he works as a professional Home Developer in the same city.

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Bobby Fite Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Robert Fite

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Dallas, Texas



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Kristen Pittman


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