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Bobby Orr Facts: Know More About This Canadian Ice Hockey Player

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Bobby Orr was a famous Canadian ice hockey player.

He played for Boston Bruins and later switched to the Chicago Blackhawks team. Bruins fans increased rapidly when Bobby played in the National Hockey League (NHL) with them for ten years.

He is deeply regarded among the greatest 100 players known in the history of ice hockey. He played in defense and holds the most records in NHL history for points and assists in a single season. Orr was sensational in the youth hockey tournament too.

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Bobby Orr Life History

Orr played ice hockey from the early age of eight. At that time he was a forward player but soon due to his control skills and his ability to play, he began playing in defense. The hockey players of the NHL first spotted Orr at the early age of 12.

Around the age of 14, he joined the Oshawa Generals which was the Bruins junior hockey team affiliation to become a part of the all-star team.

The Boston Bruins was considered the NHL's worst team at the time. This was mostly because the team had never qualified for competitions or won any Stanley Cups. Nonetheless, Bobby became one of its hockey players and changed the course of this team. After Bobby Orr joined the team, they won the Stanley Cup twice and in the third year, they lost during the finals. In every match, Bobby Orr emerged as a star. After being regarded as the MVP in the 1976 Canada Cup international hockey tournament, Orr decided to turn into a free agent. As a free agent, he joined hands with the Chicago Black Hawks.

Bobby Orr is famous for his ice hockey skills, scoring, and speed. Orr came to be known as being among the best hockey players. Although he first began as a rookie player, his skills and techniques helped him become the highest-paid player in history. His talent to play hockey and his control over his hockey stick became fairly evident early on in life. Even at the mere age of five, he was able to move faster and more neatly than most children his age.

His first skills were observed when he participated in the minor squirt division. It was his coach Bucko McDonald, who first noticed that Bobby had the raw talent to play defense and moved him from a forward player to a defensive player. As he moved towards higher goals, Bobby was offered to join various teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, and Montreal Canadiens, but he chose to become a member of the Bruins.

Bobby Orr Family

Orr is profoundly known for his love for his family. He considered all his fellow hockey players as part of this family and has been seen helping and assisting his fellow members with financial and emotional support time and again.

His childhood love for fishing and puzzle-solving continued even as he grew older and spent time with his grandchildren. The Orr family has always been supportive of Bobby and his national hockey league. His grandfather, Robert, was an excellent soccer player. Douglas Orr retained the respect that he had gained when he was selected for the ice hockey team. However, he did not become a hockey player, instead, he joined the force to serve his country during the Second World War. Bobby Orr has five siblings.

When Orr began skating, the professional hockey scouts could see a reflection of his father in him and therefore encouraged Orr's father to let him pursue a professional hockey career. His childhood was filled with support and inspiration from his family. He was able to train well due to the determination and support he received from his family.

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Doug Orr joined the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II.

Bobby Orr Achievements

Bobby Orr has had numerous achievements over the years. He, however, no longer plays hockey. He ended his professional hockey player life at the age of 31 in 1978.

Orr retired after having won several trophies and establishing a powerful professional hockey career for himself. Orr retired with multiple trophies. He won the Art Ross Trophy and then the Hart Trophy for the most valued player. It was in 1978 that Bobby Orr was inducted into the hockey hall of fame. Ever since Orr began skating, he had dreamt of excellence.

Orr was celebrated by NHL as he went into the Hockey Hall of Fame for his utmost dedication and excellent skills. Bobby won the J. Ross Robertson Cup after defeating the St. Catharines Black Hawks, the Montreal Junior Canadiens, and the Kitchener Rangers in his fourth season as a junior. During his tenure, the team also won a berth in the Memorial Cup Final for the junior championship of Canada.

Over the years, he had had several injuries while playing but his dedication always helped him recover and bounce back. He made his money first as a rookie player of Boston Garden and then as a free agent for the Black Hawks. As his playing career came to an end, his earnings started to pour in from his website as well as the books that he wrote.

Orr even received the Lester Patrick Trophy after his retirement as a symbol for all his contributions to the national hockey league. Orr played ice hockey in the best years of his life. He was celebrated by all, the Detroit Redwings, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Montreal Canadiens even though he was never a part of these teams. The people, organizers, his team, and his beloved family, all loved him and cheered for his success and achievements. His hockey career came to an end with the Lester Patrick Trophy and Hall of Fame ceremony.

At the time of his retirement, he was the top defenceman in the history of the hockey league. He is also the youngest player to have had his name inducted into the Hall of Fame. At the time there was a three-year waiver, however, Orr became the eighth person for whom this waiver was removed. The other two included Mario Lemieux (1997) and Wayne Gretzky (1999). However, after this, it was decided that no such waivers will be given in the future except of course for humanitarian reasons. His retirement ceremony took place in the Boston Garden. Since the people kept cheering, most of the event had to be canceled.

Bobby Orr Books

After retirement, Bobby Orr went on to write several books to provide inspiration to the upcoming hockey players. The article Bobby Orr wrote also gained a lot of popularity.

He authored and co-authored several books. Among them, the most popular and well-read books include, 'Orr on Ice' (1970), 'Orr: My Story' (2013), and 'Bobby Orr and the Hand-me-down Skates' (2020) among others. In his autobiography, he wrote about his life experiences and how his hockey career was cut short because of his health issues. He had had multiple knee and leg injuries.

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