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Bobby Schubenski is a celebrity entrepreneur.
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About Bobby Schubenski

Bobby Schubenski is the CEO of the brand Blackcraft Cult.
Apart from owning the brand, Bobby Schubenski is also famous for belonging to a celebrity family. He is well known for being engaged to Rosa Mendes, who is an ex-WWE wrestler.
Bobby Schubenski was born in August 1988 in Pennsylvania. Although, currently, he is known for owning a clothing line. He became famous after he was engaged to Rosa Mendes, who became a reality star after leaving WWE. He started his brand in the year 2012 and has been running the company successfully. Because of his fiance, Rosa Mendes, he was seen on reality shows like 'Total Divas' alongside Eva Marie. Alongside handling the business, Bobby Schubenski was also interested in spending time playing with several rock band. He has been mostly seen with the band named Monkeys Are MachineGuns.

Bobby Schubenski Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Bobby Schubenski’s net worth?

According to a few sources, the net worth of Bobby Schubenski has been estimated to be around $66 million. But we must note that this value is a mere estimation and has not been verified by Bobby.

How much does Bobby Schubenski earn per year?

Although his net worth has been estimated, the yearly income of Bobby Schubenski has not been verified by sources.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bobby Schubenski?

Bobby Schubenski is known to have a height of around 5 ft 4 in (162 cm).

How old is Bobby Schubenski?

As we know, Bobby Schubenski was born on August 29, 1988 in Pennsylvania. His zodiac sign is a Virgo. Currently, he is 33 years old. He will turn 34 this year in 2022.

Childhood And Education

Bobby Schubenski has kept his personal life extremely private and out of the reach of the media. So very little is known about his childhood. Bobby Schubenski was born in August of 1988 in Pennsylvania. He is the family member of one of the richest families in Pennsylvania. He grew up to have a comfortable life, and later, in 2012, he started his clothing brand which, is known as the Blackcraft Cult.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bobby Schubenski’s partner?

Bobby Schubenski has been engaged to the reality star of 'Total Divas', Rosa Mendes.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The major highlight in the profession of Bobby Schubenski has been his identity as a family member of an extremely rich family. He is also known for launching the brand Blackcraft Cult. He has also been seen in rock bands.
Bobby Schubenski has been best known for being the fiance to the former WWE wrestler, Rosa Mendes. Apart from that, his clothing brand has been a successful one as well.

Charity Work

Very little information regarding the involvement of Bobby Schubenski in charitable activities is available.

What awards has Bobby Schubenski won?

Although he has been a well-known face to the public due to his appearances in 'Total Divas', he has not received any awards to date.

Bobby Schubenski’s Hobbies And Interests

As we know, Bobby Schubenski has kept his life quite private, and very little is known regarding his hobbies and interests. However, it is common knowledge that he has been interested in rock music and was seen performing with bands like Monkeys Are MachineGuns.

Other Interesting Bobby Schubenski Facts And Trivia

  • Since Bobby Schubenski was born in August, he is a Virgo.
  • He appeared in the fifth season of 'Total Divas' where his fiance, Rosa Mendes was also seen regularly. 

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Rosa Mendes
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