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Border Collie Lab Mix facts can help you get to know about cross-breed dogs
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Would you like to learn more about cross-breed dogs? Keep on reading to know more about one of the most interesting mix-breed dogs that you can keep as pets: the Border Collie Labrador mix. These dogs are a result of cross-breeding the Border Collie, a herding dog, with the Labrador. The popular breed parents of this dog have given rise to a great breed that is calm and friendly with humans.

The beautiful colored coats of a Border Collie Lab mix makes them attractive dogs, especially those that have a solid black coat. It is fairly easy to maintain the dog, even for a first-time canine parent. Border Collie Lab mix dogs are also known as Boradors, an abbreviation of the name of its parents. These dogs are fond of doing energetic activities as well as idling away at home. They love their human beings and thrive with their love and attention.

Just like Labradors, Boradors have a keen love of food, and they seem to remain perpetually hungry. It's a great dog breed for those who are looking for a gentle furry friend who would mix well as a family dog!

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Border Collie Labrador Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Border Collie Labrador?

A Border Collie Labrador mix is a hybrid dog formed by crossbreeding a Border Collie with a Labrador.

What class of animal does a Border Collie Labrador belong to?

A Border Collie Labrador mix belongs to the class Mammalia and they hail from the animal family of Canidae.

How many Border Collie Labradors are there in the world?

No conclusive data exists about the total number of Border Collie Labradors present in the world.

Where does a Border Collie Labrador live?

Border Collie Lab mixes cohabit with their human parents in a house or a farm. These loveable cross-breed dogs are not meant to live in the wild.

What is a Border Collie Labrador habitat?

The first Border Collie Lab mix might have been cross-bred in North America, however, they are currently found worldwide as they are one of the most loving dog breeds. A good habitat for a Border Collie Labrador mix is a loving and warm home. The Border Collie Lab mix is a high-energy dog, so they require lots of exercise and they are an amazing family dog that can easily adapt to your home.

Although their home is the perfect habitat for a Border Collie Lab, this dog breed shouldn't be left alone for too long as they are prone to anxiety. They may not be up for frequent snuggles and cuddles, but they are huge fans of playdates and, of course, daily walks which help to maintain their health.

A Borador puppy should never be left outside the home. As they are a hybrid dog breed, Border Collie Lab mixes cannot sustain themselves in the wild. Finally, a Border Collie Lab mix can tolerate a moderate climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. They cannot withstand extreme cold because, as Border Collie and a Labrador mix, they do not have an extremely thick fur coat.

Who do Border Collie Labradors live with?

As a Border Collie Lab mix is formed by the parent breeds of Border Collies and Labradors, these dogs are strictly meant for living with humans. A Borador is known for their non-aggressive and gentle personality. They mix well with humans and are especially great for households that have small children. Border Collie Lab mix puppies do not have many difficult demands except for a voracious demand for food!

Training a Border Collie Lab mix is easy, and they are very responsive to human calls. A Border Collie Lab mix is a true family dog breed that likes to stay inside the house and keep us company while remaining calm. Despite this willingness to relax, if their owner likes to go on long walks and hiking trips, then the high-energy Borador will be happy to tag along with them.

Boradors love living with humans and we shouldn't leave them alone for too long as boradors aren't great at tolerating loneliness, and prolonged lonely periods can lead to problems with separation anxiety. A Border Collie Mix will be friendly towards strangers, but they don't appreciate being smothered by them. Boradors are also great for households that have multiple dogs and will likely develop an amazing friendship with their dog siblings!

How long does a Border Collie Labrador live?

A Border Collie Lab mix has a lifespan of between 10 and15 years. An old boradors may face many health issues, so owners should make sure to keep an eye on their physical well-being.

How do they reproduce?

Just like other dogs, a female border collie Lab mix will go through two estrous (heat) cycles every year. These dogs have the ability to breed with other Boradors as well as with many other dog breeds. A border collie Labrador mix dog is produced by breeding a border collie with a Labrador and these medium-sized dogs have between 5-10 puppies in one litter. Did you know that the gestation period of a dog lasts between 58-68 days?

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of a border collie and Labrador mix has not yet been listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list. However, the border collie Lab mix is globally present as one of the most loved dog breeds. They were intentionally designed in the early 2000s by crossbreeding the Labrador and the border collie to create mixed-breed dogs that make an amazing family pet.

Border Collie Labrador Fun Facts

What does a Border Collie Labrador look like?

Boradors, or Border Collie Lab mix dogs, are medium-sized dogs that are known for their colorful fur coat. These dogs are the perfect size coming from their parents, the Border Collie herding dogs, and the Labrador which is a keen, intelligent dog. These dogs are often seen in merle colors owing to their Border Collie parent. However, a more common Border Collie Lab Mix will have a mix of brown, tan, black, and white fur in their coat. Sometimes the dog may even have a solid coat. A Border Collie Lab mix definitely gets the shininess of their coat from their Labrador parent, and you will often notice a white patch on the chest of a Borador. They tend to have droopy ears and big eyes too, how cute!

Border Collie Lab Mix facts are interesting for kids

* Please note that this is an image of a border collie, one of the parent breeds of a border collie Lab mix. If you have an image of a border collie Lab Mix, let us know at

How cute are they?

A Border Collie Lab mix is extremely cute. Their loving and energetic personality definitely adds more to their cuteness. The parents of the mix, the Lab, and the border collie, are well-loved dogs globally, and the border collie Lab mix dog is not much different. Even though a borador is a low-maintenance dog, it can capture your heart within a few seconds. The innocent eyes of a black Lab border collie mix dog can truly make you feel the love of this cute animal!

How do they communicate?

Like other dogs, a Border Collie Lab mix (or a Borador) will use different vocalizations to communicate with other dogs or with humans. They usually engage in barking, growling, howling, whining, and whimper to get their message heard. Sometimes they do scream, but a Borador doesn't have the tendency to create a ruckus. They may also communicate through pants and sighs in certain circumstances, especially when they are uncomfortable.

Humans can also make a Borador learn tricks so that they can communicate in different ways. As a Borador is an energetic and intelligent dog, it is quite easy to train. Border Collie Lab mix dogs are also able to understand human commands well.

These dogs also communicate amongst themselves using gustatory communication (with the help of scents), especially to attract mates or to shoo away stranger dogs.

How big is a Border Collie Labrador?

Border Collie Lab mix dogs are medium-sized and their average height is between 19-24 in (48-61 cm). When compared to a fully grown English Mastiff, a Border Collie Lab mix will appear just 0.5 times smaller than this large dog!

How fast can a Border Collie Labrador run?

A Borador is an extremely energetic dog breed and they love to play with humans and with other dogs. The mixed-breed Borador dogs are able to run at a speed of 20-30 miles per hour (32-48 km per hour) just like their parents, Border Collies and the Labrador. Owners need to keep their dogs engaged with high-energy activities so that they maintain good health.

How much does a Border Collie Labrador weigh?

The mixed breed Borador is medium-sized, weighing around 40-64 lb (18-29 kg). If you are planning to own a Borador as a family pet, make sure to give them plenty of opportunities for high-energy exercise as a sedentary lifestyle in these dogs may lead to health problems like hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and obesity. If you find it hard to maintain health, make sure to consult a professional who has the knowledge needed to treat any health issues.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Like other dogs male Border Collie Lab mix dogs are known as dogs and female Border Collie Lab mixes are known as bitches.

What would you call a baby Border Collie Labrador?

A baby Borador or Border Collie Lab mix is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

The border collie Lab mix is one dog breed that loves to eat! They enjoy snacking throughout the day, but giving them a balanced diet is essential to keep them healthy and fit. These mixed-breed dogs should be fed dog food that is suitable for medium to large-sized dogs and owners should make sure to give them puppy food when they are little. A balanced diet for these dogs contains good portions of meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables. As these dogs tend to want to eat a lot, they often consume above their daily limits. The average daily dietary intake should be around 20 calories/lb of bodyweight, which would be between 800 and 1,200 calories per day. Pet parents may find it hard to restrict their diet, but it's crucial to follow a proper feeding schedule. They should be given protein-rich dog food that should fully satiate them. Also, keep a check on their carbohydrate consumption as this can quickly increase the dog's weight. It's important to consult a veterinary doctor to guide you in the right direction to take the best care of your Borador.

Are they poisonous?

No, a Borador is not poisonous and their docile nature means that they are highly unlikely to bite a human. Despite this, it is still important to follow a proper vaccination schedule for all dogs. If a dog accidentally bites someone, they should immediately take the anti-rabies vaccine even if the dog has been vaccinated. Consult a vet to know more about the ideal vaccination schedule.

Would they make a good pet?

Border collies have been bred with Labradors to make boradors, which are a fantastic family pet. These dogs have a calm temperament which makes them perfect for homes with kids and other pets and these dogs can also be good pets for novice pet owners. They are beloved to those who like the breeds of border collies and Labrador dogs too. Border collie Lab mix dogs are often very fond of their owners and can make good snuggle buddies as they don't like to be left alone. They are fairly low-maintenance dogs and don't shed a lot of fur. Generally, owners only need to brush them once a week for maintenance and to avoid their hair getting all over the house.

Boradors are especially comfortable in their human homes, and they show affection toward the whole family. These dogs are gentle with children, and they will also cohabit with other dogs without making a fuss about it. One of the most significant concerns of many prospective dog owners is the comfort level of their dogs. Therefore, you will be happy to know that boradors are highly unlikely to ever behave aggressively when they meet strangers. Yes, they like to maintain their personal space, but this breed is sweet even with total strangers.

Taking care of dogs might be a steep learning curve for those who have never had a dog. A border collie Lab mix can be the perfect first dog as these dogs are quite low maintenance. They are relatively easy to groom and are a manageable size. However, some boradors do face frequent health problems related to their eyes, hips, and weight. These can be common with all dogs, and all pet parents can discuss any worries with their vet. Interestingly, boradors are an excellent pet for those who work from home as they will be able to give more time to their loving dogs.

As a cross-breed dog, special attention should be paid to the health of a Border Collie Lab mix. The dog will require regular vet visits, especially in the puppy stage. Boradors will flourish when they get the right amount of nutrition, and plenty of love and care!

Did you know...

One of the parents of Boradors, the Border Collie, came to life when a Roman herding dog was bred with a common Viking herding dog.

You can bathe your Borador every three weeks to keep them clean and fresh.

Dog parents need to keep an eye on the ears of their Boradors as they are prone to ear infections.

What are their favorite games to play?

Boradors are energetic dogs who like to engage in exercise and play. One of their favorite games is to fetch things. Borador owners should always have a stash of dog toys or wooden branches that can be used to play this game with. As Boradors enjoy being outside, they are great companions to take on a picnic or a long walk. Kids love to interact with them, especially in a game of frisbee. You can also train a Borador to do special tricks while they are fetching an item, impressive right?

Another game that Boradors love to play is hide and seek. Owing to its intelligent parents, the border collie Lab mix is good at playing these mentally stimulating games. You can engage a Borador to search for things or family members to get their brains working! This is an especially fun game for dog parents who also have kids. For people who have large backyards, a game of hide and seek with a borador gets even more interesting!

Hiking and walking are vital activities that are enjoyed by this mixed breed, so they may not be the best breed for someone who doesn't enjoy exercising. Your Borador can be a great travel or camping companion with a little more training. As they have high energy levels, regular hiking or walking will help them to remain fit and stimulated. It is recommended to give them a minimum of two hours' of exercise daily.

Do you love swimming in the pool during hot summers? Yes, well so does the Borador! If you have a Borador you can arrange a doggy pool for them. The breed enjoys swimming, especially in the hot and humid summer months, because of their low tolerance to heat. Dogs can quickly learn to swim and you can even take them to nearby lakes or ponds for more exercise.

If your Borador is facing the problem of obesity, then you may think about hiring a professional trainer who can help your dog to lose the extra weight. You can even buy them a doggy treadmill if talking them outside is not a viable option. The least you can do to keep the breed comfortable is to provide them with an ample amount of space in the backyard and daily walks.

What is their history as a breed?

The breed isn't that old. It has been said that boradors were created in the early 2000s. They most likely originated in Canada or North America. The breed was developed by breeding a border collie with a Labrador. The main aim of creating the mixed breed was to produce a dog that was super friendly and had herding capabilities. Both these qualities are found in the wonderful boradors! If we have a look at the parent breeds, we will find that the border collie is a European breed, whereas the Labrador is originally from North America.

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Border Collie Labrador Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Small birds, dog food and animals

What Type of Animal were they?

Meat and plants

Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

40-64 lb (18-29 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?

most commonly in north america and europe

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

19-24 in (48-61 cm)







Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris

What Do They Look Like?

Black, chocolate merle, brown, blue merle, and red merle, usually with white markings

Skin Type

Short to medium glossy fur coat

What Are Their Main Threats?


What is their Conservation Status?

Not Evaluated
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