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Boxer Tail Facts: What Is Doggy Docking And Why Does It Happen?

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You might have noticed some dogs with no tails running around.

What happened to them? Is it the owners of the dogs who chopped the tail off or are they born with short tails?

To meet certain breed standards, it is common for breeders to cut off the tails of dogs. It used to be common in the past, so much so that owners of dogs without docked tails had to pay taxes. Unbelievable, right? But it is true. Tails were seen as a hindrance while hunting for working dogs like boxers. Even now, the tails of pet dogs are docked for no reason. It is said to prevent injuries and other problems like rabies, but is this a valid reason? Is tail docking really necessary in dogs? Let us learn a bit more about tail docking and why such a thing is done on dogs.

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Why do boxer dogs get their tail docked?

Have you ever seen a boxer tail? It may like their tails are cropped off. That is because they have a docked tail. Why is such a practice carried out on dogs?

The American Kennel Club categorized boxer dog breeds as working dogs. The practice of docking a boxer’s tail came about for practical reasons. They had cropped ears and cropped and docked tails to prevent intruders from grabbing the dog. Even now, this cropping practice is still popular for different cosmetic reasons. Herding boxer dogs with long tails are at risk of being caught by gates when moving livestock. Due to many reasons like this, the natural tail of a boxer dog may be cropped by their owner. As guard dogs, these boxers were seen as better with docked tails. At the same time, boxers are not the only ones who underwent tail docking. Certain breeds of working dogs also undergo docking according to the breed standards set by the American Kennel Club. The kennel club has a breed standard that must be followed when dogs' tails are docked. The healing process after docking can take anywhere from a couple of days to one week.

How old must a boxer be to get its tail docked?

Many boxers are now kept as pets. The working dog title that they had is what made the docking procedure common before. Now, pets are having their tail docked for different reasons.

The tail docking procedure is done within five days after a puppy is born. The puppies undergo tail docking after they are born without anesthesia. Some puppies will feel the pain but others are almost numb to it. Even, now some owners prefer their dogs to have docked tails instead of their natural ones. It is unnecessary and some countries have banned this practice on dogs. Certain European countries, like Sweden and Germany, have banned tail docking. The European breed standard only allows a natural tail. Many veterinary associations agree that docking is indeed unnecessary. In countries like the United Kingdom, only veterinarians are allowed to dock a dog's tail. Breeders are not allowed to practice tail docking. Even if the puppies won't feel the pain when their tails are docked, it still doesn’t explain why such a practice should still be allowed. There are also health problems that can arise due to tail docking.

Boxer dog on the beach.

Is it cruel to dock a dog’s tail?

If your boxer is a hunting dog, tail docking on them may be considered as justifiable. However, if your dog is just a pet with no other purpose like hunting or guarding, tail docking is just unnecessary. There are serious risks associated when a puppy is treated by an untrained professional.

A boxer’s tail does not feel much pain when they undergo tail docking. Some people think it is necessary in order to meet the breed standard and prevent their dog from sustaining an injury. Unless your dog is part of an American kennel club event, this boxer breed does not deserve to have its natural tail removed. Even veterinarians agree that the docking procedures on these dog breeds is cruel and unnecessary. The level of risk that may arise due to the docking procedure is one of the reasons why many veterinarians oppose this. Many countries realized this and banned tail docking on any dog breed. Certain breeds of dogs may have to undergo tail docking, but that doesn’t mean that every dog owner should do it. Docking the tails of dogs without a valid reason is indeed a cruel thing to do.

Charges for docking a tail will cost you around $ 10-20 but if there is a need for a pre-docking health check-up, you might need to pay another $ 100 for the process.

Does tail docking affect a boxer's balance?

A boxer's tail is docked to prevent any injury. At least, that is one of the reasons. However, do you know about the health problems that can affect a boxer after their tail is docked? They can suffer from various injuries by the procedure.

Certain dogs use their tails for swimming and running. While running, their tails help them keep their balance. If a dog’s tail undergoes docking, it could affect the tail-related functions that these breeds perform. It can affect the support of back muscles, counterbalance in difficult movements, and stability of the vertebral column. The injuries that can arise from the docking procedure are concerning. The physical disadvantage that the dogs experience due to their tail being docked is enough reason to think twice about this procedure. The balance of boxers and other dog breeds is affected during tail docking. The tail is not just for decoration on a dog’s body. This is why tail docking is a controversial topic in the present day. Is it really necessary? Do you want to have your dog undergo such complications? It is time to think about that.

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