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Brawadis, is a rising YouTube hotshot and social media influencer with 1,743 videos and around 1,600,000,000 views.
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About Brawadis

From San Diego, California, Brawadis is a famous American YouTuber, social media influencer, and basketball enthusiast.
Brawadis is the stage name of Brandon Rafat Awadis. He is also popularly known as the brother of famous YouTuber, Brain Awadis, also known as FaZe Rug.
Brawadis' fame came to him when he started to make prank videos, vlogs, reaction videos, and challenges. His subscribers enjoyed his videos, and as of April 2022, he had 5,450,000 subscribers, which is still rising since his debut in April 2015.
Brawadis has always been interested in sports, especially basketball. The Phoenix Suns are his favorite basketball team. Apart from his work, he likes to stay fit and spends all his free time in the gym.

Brawadis Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brawadis’ net worth?

He makes a good amount of his fortune from his YouTube videos.
In 2022, the current estimated net worth of Brandon Awadis is $4,500,000. Brawadis' YouTube channel has accumulated over 5,400,000 subscribers.
On average, a YouTube channel may earn between $3 and $5 per thousand views or $18 per thousand ad views. Brawardis' YouTube videos are 15 to 20 minutes long on average, which may result in many commercials for each video. Views of monetized advertisements account for 40 to 80 percent of total views.
His YouTube channel receives over 17,000,000 views every month. Given the foregoing information, Brandon Awadis is expected to earn an average of $2,200,000 per year. He also sells merchandise on the internet. His goods include T-shirts ($23.99) and hoodies ($34.99). He also receives several sponsorships and has collaborated with several well-known brands, like SeatGeek.
He presently has 1,800,000 followers on Instagram, making him a perfect target for well-known firms and brands. He makes a lot of money on Instagram by doing sponsored posts.
He studied journalism and put his degree to good use by writing a news story for the International Sports publication VAVEL. He may have earned money from this as well. He has also made other investments in hotels and restaurants, which must have yielded him a substantial profit.
If we take into account all of his income streams, his net worth is $4,500,000 or more.

How much does Brawadis earn per year?

Considering Brawadis's total sources of income, he makes $1,200,000 per year.
Brawadis and his brother, Brian, are both sensations on YouTube and social media. Brawadis is also popular on Twitter, with 466,700 followers. The star from San Diego has been able to attract a wide range of audiences through his videos and posts.
His annual earnings also include revenue from advertisements, which is estimated to be $183,600.
Apart from prank videos, Brawadis also likes to flaunt his exotic cars. He has a total of three cars right now, one of which is a 2016 BMW i8. Brandon Awadis also owns a 2019 McLaren 570 Spider and recently bought a 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG G-Wagon.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brawadis?

Brawadis is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall.

How old is Brawadis?

Brandon Awadis is currently 26 years old, and he will be celebrating his birthday on June 23, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Brandon Rafat Awadis is the son of Sana Awadis and Ron Awardis.
Brandon spent most of his youth in San Diego, where he lived with his parents. Brandon's journey to fame on YouTube started here when he decided to make videos like his brother, Brain Awadis.
Sana Awadis and Ron are well-known on the internet as 'Papa Rug' and 'Mama Rug', respectively. Brawadis has an older brother, Brian, who is the director of the FaZe Clan, one of the most popular teams in the video game 'Call of Duty'. Brian is popularly known on YouTube as FaZe Rug.
Brawadis completed his high school in California. Initially, Brawadis was not fond of attending college. However, he fell in love with journalism during his final two years of high school and went on to attend college, where he studied journalism and earned a bachelor's degree in it. However, the official details of the college that he attended are yet unknown.
Brawadis has been interested in a variety of things, but over the years he has become a basketball enthusiast. He began playing it in high school and, while not particularly good at it, he began to watch live matches and later found work as an aspiring NBA analyst.
Almost five years ago, Brawadis uploaded a post on Twitter giving a shoutout to someone named Ali, who he had been friends with him, since kindergarten.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brawadis dating?

The 26-year-old YouTuber is currently single and unmarried, showing no indications of romantic engagement.
However, in September 2020, he began uploading videos titled 'Meet My Girlfriend', in which he featured Vanessa Lyon. Following the release of the video, various rumors circulated about their rumored relationship. Neither of them, however, has verified the report.
On the other hand, Brawadis was in a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jackie Figueroa, an NBA fan and social media influencer. The ex-couple had been dating since 2015. Their relationship had been on and off. They also worked together on various social media projects during their two-year partnership.
The social media star, Figueroa, revealed that she did not see a future with Brawadis. She also mentioned that she was attempting to make the best options for her life and growth. Brawadis mentioned that as painful as it was, he had accepted reality.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Since February 2013, Brawadis has been active on the social media platform, Vine.
During this time, he decided to start making videos on YouTube. Even though he was one of the first creators on Vine.
Brawadis was never particularly active, and once the entire program was removed from the platform, it was his cue to shift to YouTube and continue his career in the entertainment industry.
He began his YouTube account on April 3, 2015, and it presently has 54,500,000 subscribers, with over 1,600,000,000 views across all of his videos combined. He primarily posts vlogs like videos of his daily life but also posts challenges, pranks, responses, and basketball footage.
Brawadis is not only focused on his YouTube channel but also enjoys basketball. He is presently a writer for the worldwide sports publication VAVEL, as well as the manager of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, but his name does not appear on the list of executives.

What awards has Brawadis won?

He has received a silver and gold YouTube creator award.

Brawadis’s Hobbies And Interests

Brawadis spends most of his leisure time on the internet and making videos for his YouTube channel, but he enjoys other activities as well.
Brawadis is a vehicle enthusiast who recently posted a photo of his brand new exotic car on his Instagram account. He lives a luxury lifestyle and frequently praises his admirers and subscribers in the comments of his photos, crediting them with his success.
Aside from his admiration for cars, he has lately acquired an ostensibly pricey home but has not disclosed its price to the public. He is quite fond of animals and also has a Husky whose name is unknown. He appears to like visiting a nearby zoo and interacting with some of the animals, but he is opposed to keeping animals imprisoned.
Brandon Awadis is also seen hanging out with his friends, Ali Majidzada, Roberto Lopez, and his brother, Brian.

Other Interesting Brawadis Facts And Trivia

Brawadis' favorite basketball players are Cameron Payne and Paul George.
He has also featured famous basketball players like LeBron James and Devin Brookes on his YouTube channel.
Brandon Awadis is a pet lover and is against animal cruelty.
The YouTuber is crazy about sports cars and has around three cars in his garage.
His parents are from Iraq and had been living in California for the last 25 years.
On YouTube, Brandon Awadis and his brother, FaZe Rug, post prank videos.
The estimated net worth of 'Mama Rug' and 'Papa Rug' is around $145,000.
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Brandon Awadis Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Brandon Rafat Awadis

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San Diego



175 cm

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Sana Awadis, Ron Awadis


Brian Awadis

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