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About Brandon Sheets

Brandon Sheets rose to fame from his reality show 'Storage Wars'.
Brandon Sheets' co-star is his father, Darrell Sheets. 'Storage Wars' made Brandon a very popular reality star.
Besides appearing in the reality show, Sheets is also a real estate agent. He is currently serving as a realtor with Keller Williams. But mainly, Brandon is most famous for his reality series. Brandon Sheets has a wife, Melissa, and two kids, a daughter Addilyn and a son Laiden.

Brandon Sheets Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brandon Sheets’s estimated net worth?

Brandon is not only a reality star but also a real estate agent, owing to which he has an estimated net worth of around $600,000. 

How much does Brandon Sheets earn per year?

Brandon Sheets earns nearly $400,000 annually as a real estate agent. 

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brandon Sheets?

Brandon Sheets is nearly 5 ft 7 in tall (174 cm).

How old is Brandon Sheets?

Since he was born on December 26, 1983, Brandon Sheets will celebrate his 39th birthday in 2022.

Childhood And Education

Brandon Sheets was born in San Diego, California on December 26, 1983. Brandon's father is a well-known reality star, Darrell Sheets. Darrell Sheets is a treasure hunter and a television reality star. Apart from ‘Storage Wars’, Darrell has been part of many shows such as 'The Tonight Show' along with Jay Leno and Rachael Ray. The identity of Darrell's partner is unknown to the audience. Brandon Sheets earned studied at Vista High School. Later, Brandon opted for a GED.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brandon Sheets’s partner?

California plays a very important part in Brandon's life. Brandon Sheets was born in San Diego and on October 4, 2015, he married Melissa Sheets at Dana Point. The 'Storage Wars' star Brandon and Melissa have two kids, a daughter Addilyn and a son Laiden Shaun.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The San Diego-born star, Brandon Sheets is a reality TV personality. He earned most of his net worth from his appearance on shows like 'Storage Wars'. Brandon appeared in the show 'Storage Wars' as one of the main cast members from season one to season nine. Brandon Sheets' father, Darrell Sheets was also a part of the show, along with Jarrod Schulz.

'Storage Wars' is a series that airs on the A&E network. In 'Storage Wars' groups of buyers buy storage lockers in an auction and try to sell the content of the locker. The group that makes the most money in an episode wins. 'Storage Wars' has over 279 episodes with 14 seasons. Brandon Sheets got a nickname from the show, 'The Side Bet'. 

His net worth rose while he was part of the main cast from season one to season nine. Brandon left the show after season nine, while Senior Sheets remained part of the show. Brandon Sheets has a lot of knowledge about antiques, collectibles business, and artifacts. After his controversial exit from the show, he pursued a career in real estate. 

Brandon Sheets’s Hobbies And Interests

After Brandon left 'Storage Wars' he turned his attention to cooking. He regularly posts mouthwatering pictures of his culinary creations on his Instagram page.

Brandon Sheets Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Brandon Sheets

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

San Diego



174 cm

Child Star?



TV Personality, Real Estate Agent


Vista High School

Net Worth



Melissa Sheets


Darrell Sheets
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