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About Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, who has had a very successful career.
Vice-president of Growth at Bigger Pockets, a real estate investor, a podcast show host, and an author, Brandon Turner truly is worth his net worth. Brandon Turner's company Growth at Bigger Pockets is one of the largest real estate investing communities on the web.
Brandon is an author and besides books, he even writes real estate tip-giving articles. Brandon Turner has an amazing net worth to impress anyone. Brandon Turner was born and brought up in Washington.

Brandon Turner's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brandon Turner’s net worth?

The net worth of Brandon Turner is around $4 million. This amount includes all of his assets, income, and money.
Brandon Turner earned his net worth mainly from being an entrepreneur, then from being an author, and later from his podcast.

How much does Brandon Turner earn per year?

Brandon Turner has an impressive net worth and that comes from the various jobs he is working at. It is difficult to know the accurate amount of his salary from his various occupations but he earns around $50,000 annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brandon Turner?

In the words of Brandon Turner himself, he is awkwardly tall. Brandon is nearly 6 ft 5 in (195.58 cm) tall.

How old is Brandon Turner?

Born on July 9, 1985, in Seattle, Washington, Brandon Turner has the zodiac sign Cancer. Brandon Turner will celebrate his 37th birthday in 2022 with his wife Heather Turner, mother of Brandon's favorite person, Rosie Turner.

Childhood And Education

Seattle, Washington is the hometown of real estate investor Brandon Turner. He was born on the second Tuesday of July, 1985. Brandon was raised by his parents in Seattle but there is not much information available about his parents, personal life, and siblings for his audience. Turner claims his dad has worked hard to give him a good life but he missed his dad's goodnight kisses because of that. Brandon tries his best to give his kids every comfort by the net worth he has earned but also wants to give a father's comfort, by being around them instead of tied to the desk.
Turner was raised as a Christian and continues to practice as one. Brandon expects praise from Jesus someday by living a life guided towards humanity.
The impressive net worth owning entrepreneur, Brandon Turner enjoys his earning from his amazing skills. Brandon went to Washington high school. Afterward, Turner got his Bachelor of Science degree in History. Brandon Turner went to Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, and got his Bachelor's degree in 2006.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brandon Turner’s partner?

Brandon Turner got married in 2014 to his long-time girlfriend Heather. Brandon describes Heather Turner as an amazing wife. Turner couple was blessed with a daughter in 2016, they named her Rosie Turner who happens to be an apple of Brandon and Heather's eye. Currently, the Turner family and their entire world resides in Grays Harbor, Washington. Brandon is quite shy when it comes to discussing his personal life.
There is no account of any past relationships of Brandon Turner, either in his college life or in his professional life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brandon Turner started his career soon after college by doing a few odd jobs but considered real estate as a full-time career.
The amazing net worth building journey for Turner began when he was only 20 years old. Brandon purchased flipping houses and rental properties.
Brandon Turner's first profit was $20,000 when we renovated a house he bought and later sold.
This began Turner's business of buying properties that required any fixing and selling or presenting them as rental properties. Success prevailed in Brandon's life and his net worth shows how well he has done.
Brandon Turner believes that it is not mandatory to have a real estate degree but one should educate ourselves about the industry of real estate before pursuing a career and achieving success in it.
Brandon Turner quickly sold over 40 units through various finance methods chosen creatively.
Turner believes he got freedom from real estate investing. Hence, Brandon wants everyone to feel the same, so his company Open Door Capital provides passive investment opportunities and helps in real estate investing education.
Author by profession, he wrote 'The Book On Rental Property Investing', 'The Book On Investing In Real Estate With No (and Low) Money Down', Brandon Turner marked himself as a best-selling entrepreneur.
Besides the above-mentioned books, Turner has also co-written the book on 'Managing Rental Properties' with his wife. Brandon has also co-written another book called 'The Multifamily Millionaire' with Brian Murray, and 'How To Invest In Real Estate' with Joshua Dorkin.
Brandon Turner has also written books named 'How We Bought A 24 Unit Apartment Complex For (Almost) No Money Down', 'A Bigger Pockets Guide How To Rent Your House', 'A New English Grammar', 'The Intention Journal', and '90 Days Of Intention Journal'. These books not only sell themselves but also boosts sales for his companies.
Along with his mentioned achievements, Brandon Turner is also a co-host of the most downloaded real estate podcast in the world. The 100 million download holder podcast is called 'The Bigger Pockets' podcast.

Charity Work

Brandon Turner was raised in a Christian family and continues to believe in the same religion. In 2009, Turner started serving the community as a Youth Leader at Calvary Chapel.
He attends the Calvary Chapel in Montesano and Turner tries his best to be an ideal Youth Leader to give back to his community.

Brandon Turner’s Hobbies And Interests

Brandon Turner is an avid reader and he claims to read 50-75 books in a year. Half of them are physical copies, some would be e-books, and some are audiobooks.
Besides reading books, Turner is very religious and believes in doing good deeds.

Other Interesting Brandon Turner Facts And Trivia

  • Brandon Turner is very self-conscious about his voice.
  • The irony is his podcast is loved a lot by people and is considered one of the best podcasts for real estate and has more than 100 million downloads.

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