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47 Breakdancing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Dancing is one of those ways through which one shows and expresses themselves with the help of an art form.

There are many forms of dancing, and although, dancing altogether is just a form of expression, the different styles of dancing bring something new from an individual each time. As you must have seen in various music videos, different kinds of music demand different kinds of dance styles.

Dancing isn't something that is one single entity; it's a mixture of various art forms. Folk dancing is just a dance form that is made by inducing body movements that are specific to one's culture. In the same way, various kinds of dancing, whether it is hip hop or break dancing, are not so different from one another. All dance forms have the very same reason for existing, as they provide an individual or a group with the freedom to experience joy by moving their bodies to the beat of a song or rhythm of a song. Since all songs are not the same, different kinds of music genres are the birthplace of different kinds of dance styles. Hip-hop culture came into the picture as a separate dance style only after hip hop music was accepted as an individual genus in the music industry.

Origin Of Breakdancing

Every dance movement has its own story of origin. While the traditional or folk dance styles often originate in their home countries, new styles of dancing such as break dancing can occur from anywhere if the people are curious or artistic enough.

  • Breakdancing music is one of the main reasons behind the birth of breakdance.
  • Breakdancers usually use their crazy legs and their movements, and the power moves through their arm movements.
  • Although the exact timeline of the origin of breakdance is not known, it is accepted that New York City is known to be the birthplace of street dance and breakdance. This form of dance was discovered by a DJ in New York
  • Spin breakdance originated during the early '70s. This dance style was different from other styles in a way that it demanded the dancer to have a gymnastic body capable of doing backspin breakdance.
  • This style also soon became the starting point for various rival street gangs to perform face-offs by showing their best dance moves to one another.
  • Every dance form is a mixture of one another. When it comes to breakdance, it has some of its dance moves from martial arts.
  • Breakdancers dance for more than one reason. Like all dance forms have some hidden meaning behind them, when it comes to breakdancing music, the same is true as well.
  • Breakdance and those energetic forms of acrobatic moves help the current society to not just identify but understand and grasp gender roles better.
  • The body movements that are flaunted while breakdancing or hip hop dancing require you to have a highly flexible body, or say, a very gymnastic body.
  • Breakdancing mainly focuses on beat patterns, which incorporate stylized footwork and power heads.
  • While learning breakdance, one needs to be very patient. The back spin breakdance does require one's body an extreme amount of practice to perfect it.
  • American dance forms such as hip hop, which consist of dance moves like one-handed handstands, demand one to have great physical capacity.
  • The power moves and the crazy leg movements that are performed during breakdance are all derived from kung fu, tap dance, and even capoeira.
  • One beautiful fact about break dancing is that one can perform this dance form even to random music; they just need to match the beat.
  • As these dance forms grew famous, soon various dancing groups started forming, which basically included members who could dance just perfectly in their respective dance styles.
  • The Rock steady crew is one of the most famous breakdancing groups, whose members are all well known among breakdancing fans.
  • As these dancing groups started to come into the picture, soon various competitions were held to encourage these groups.

Different Moves In Breakdancing

As the term breakdance suggests, this dance form is based on breakdancing music, which is basically produced by mixing two or more songs to create a beat.

  • Breakdancing music and dance were discovered by a Jamaican DJ in New York City. The name of that DJ is Dj Kool Herc.
  • Kool Herc loved to experiment with his music and came across a new technique of creating new music by cutting two songs in the middle and then playing them over one another, making a beautiful melody.
  • By combining the percussion breaks, DJ Kool Herc successfully created this music form.
  • As the breakdance and hip hop culture spread, soon various terms related to this music style came to the surface. One such was b-boys and b-girls.
  • B-boy, b-boying, or b-boys have become common terms for boys who dance breakdance style, or b-boys are the kind of boys who have adapted to the breakdance culture.
  • B-girls would famously refer to the girls who do break dancing or dance in a breakdancing music video.
  • Although hip hop music and breakdancing music may seem very similar to one another, they are very different.
  • The B-boys are known as the group of boys who do breakdancing, not hip hop. There is a difference. B-boys or b-girls are experts in the breakdance genre.
  • When it comes to hip hop, it's more like dancing on top while standing on stage. However, when you see b-boys, they do more of their dancing on the floor.
  • Breakdancing, or b-boying, requires one to do more acrobatic moves. It can be said that b-boying is a little more difficult than hip hop dance.
  • In terms such as 'b-boying', 'b-boy', or 'b-boys', the term 'b' refers to break, so the term 'b-boy' simply means 'break boy'.
  • From the '70s to now, b-boying has evolved a lot, which means there are various other styles of dancing that have been added to this style.
  • The most common and widely known form of b-boying is the windmill.
  • Breakdancers dance in a way that almost makes us question gravity. One such dance move is the one-handed handstand.
  • Arm movements in b-boy are just as important as power moves such as head spins and other gravity-defying moves.
  • Head spin is another famous breakdancing move. When it comes to breakdancing and the extreme moves that come with this dance style, it is known that if not performed correctly, it can give one massive bodily injuries.
  • Another amazing move that b-boys rock is the jackhammers. This move is all about balancing and how you balance your entire bodyweight just on your elbow and stomach.
  • Another incredible dance move in breakdancing is the head slide. It's very difficult to do this as it requires one to push their entire weight on their neck muscle.
  • One thing that makes the breakdancing moves so incredible is that, unlike other dance styles, it takes a dancer to put an incredible amount of time, energy, and focus into learning a dance style only so they can safely perform it.
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Different Breakdancing Competitions

As breakdancing grew, it was clear that there are going to be various kinds of championships to encourage the local b-boys.

  • B-boy championships are famous all across the world. They are more famous in the UK and USA.
  • The biggest breakdance contests for breakdancers are held in the UK and USA, and they go by the names 'UK b-boy championship' and 'Red Bull BC One.
  • One of the most famous breakdancing groups is the Rock Steady Crew, which attends the biggest breakdance contests all across the world.
  • When it comes to breaking dance, there are four main elements. Once you master these four building blocks of the dance form, it gets easier afterward.
  • The four pillars of the breakdance are known as the top rock, the power moves, the down rock, and then the last one is freeze. The ability to remain constant, as if frozen in one position, is also known as balancing.
  • The freestyle session is a famous championship for b-boys in the USA. It occurs every year, and dance enthusiasts take part in it from various parts of the country.
  • The breakdancing buzz is very famous in Europe as well. Germany also hosts a number of such events to encourage enthusiasts.
  • One famous German tour for breakdancers is the Battle of the Year, which is hosted every year in Braunschweig.
  • South Korea is known for its amazing dancers. The country has many famous dancers, and thus they are bound to have a contest for breakdance as well.
  • One famous South Korean championship for breakdance is the R-16 Korea.

Benefits Of Breakdancing

You can be excellent at dancing, but that doesn't guarantee that you will be good at break dancing as well.

  • When it comes to breakdancing, you need to have excellent core body strength.
  • Breakdancing requires one to have the body flexibility of a gymnast, so if you breakdance that definitely means you have a great level of body flexibility.
  • Break dancing is great for your health; it helps with hormone balance in your body.
  • It is widely known that break dancing can help you with muscle buildup as well!

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