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About Brian Eno

Brian Eno is a famous British musician and visual artist who was born in Melton in England.
With his unique music style, he became the pioneer of introducing ambient music and generative music by mixing electronica. The six-times Grammy Award winner is globally famous for his contribution as a solo artist, record producer, and music composer.
Beginning to make music as a hobby in his college days, Brian Eno soon established a full-fledged career out of it. Over the years he has worked with several artists like David Bowie, John Cale, etc. As a producer, he worked with Coldplay, U2, Ultravox, and Genesis. Alongside his prolific musical career, his interest in contemporary art has also brought him global acceptance as a visual artist. Keep reading to know more about the interesting works of Brian Eno throughout his creative career.

Brian Eno Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brian Eno’s net worth?

Several records suggest Brian Eno's net worth stands at a whopping $70 million as of 2022.

How much does Brian Eno earn per year?

The estimates of his yearly income are not available as of yet.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brian Eno?

Brian Eno stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in (169 cm).

How old is Brian Eno?

Born on May 15, 1948, Brian Eno is 74 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Brian Peter George Eno was born on May 15, 1948.
He was the second child of Maria Alphonsine Eno and William Arnold Eno. Brian was born in Melton, Suffolk in England, and has three other siblings named Rita, Roger, and Arlette. He is British by nationality.
Growing up in the rural vicinity of Suffolk, he studied at St. Joseph's College and later studied at the Ipswich School of Art to nurture his interests in art and painting. He then completed his graduation in another art school, the Winchester School of Art in 1969. At his art school, Brian was introduced to contemporary music and tried his hands at making music on the tape recorder. He derived inspiration from American music and formed a musical group called 'The Black Aces' in 1964. He also formed the Maxwell Demons with his guitarist friend, Anthony Grafton, and performed in several avant-garde groups like 'Dandelion', 'Simultaneous Cabinet', and 'War Damage'.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Brian Eno’s partner?

Brian Eno married twice.
His first marriage was to Sarah Greenville in 1967. The couple had a daughter named Hannah but later parted ways for personal reasons. Thereafter, Brian Eno got married to his then manager, Anthea Norman Taylor, in 1988. With Anthea Norman Taylor, he had two daughters named Irial and Darla.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brian Eno is best known for his significant contributions as the pioneer of ambient music and electronica, alongside his work as a record producer and composer.
Although he developed his interests in music while he was studying at the Winchester School of Arts, he slowly shifted towards making a full-time career in music. After performing in several groups, in 1969, he joined the 'Scratch Orchestra'. Later, he performed as a clarinetist in the art-classical orchestra, Portsmouth Sinfonia. Thereafter, he formed a rock band named Roxy Music in 1969 and released two albums, 'Roxy Music' and 'For Your Pleasure'. After a feud with his fellow band members, he quit 'Roxy Music' in 1973 following his disgust towards heavy makeup and show costumes.
He established himself as a solo artist and released several solo albums like 'Here Come The Warm Jets', which ranked among the UK Top 30, followed by 'Before And After Science', 'Taking Tiger Mountain', and 'Another Green World'.
Brian Eno created a new genre of music called ambient music and released his debut work, named 'Discreet Music' in 1975. Thereafter, he released more such innovative music that included 'Music For Airports', 'Day Of Radiance', and more. He also collaborated with his brother Roger and created the album, 'Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks'. His other works were in generative music, which include masterpieces like 'Lux', 'Reflection', 'Another Day On Earth', 'The Quiet Room', and 'Dormienti'.
Brian Eno has the most collaborations with Robert Fripp, for 'No Pussyfooting', 'Evening Star', and 'The Equatorial Star'. Brian also worked with musicians like David Byrne, Rachid Taha, David Bowie, Karl Hyde, and many more. He has also worked as a composer for Damon Albarn.
He is also a distinguished record producer who has worked with numerous artists like Coldplay, U2, Ultravox, and John Cale.

Charity Work

Brian Eno is engaged with two charitable organizations in Britain.
He is an active sponsor of a UK-based human rights charity organization called Videre Est Creden. He is also a trustee of a non-profit organization supporting environmental laws called ClientEarth. He co-founded The Long Now Foundation, which promotes responsible thinking for a better future. He also offered music therapy sessions to the war-hit, traumatized youth of Bosnia in the 1990s.

What awards has Brian Eno won?

For his exemplary contribution to the music industry, Brian Eno has been a seven-time recipient of the prestigious Grammy Awards.
He was nominated 14 times for Grammy Awards and won his last Grammy Award in 2008 for the album named 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends' under the Best Rock Album category.

Brian Eno’s Hobbies And Interests

Brian Eno is a renowned visual artist, known for his interesting contemporary artwork all across the globe.
Although he made it big as a British musician, his primary interest was in innovative artwork. He holds a graduation degree from the Winchester School of Arts. Brian Eno has a fascination with mixing perfumes and creating unique fragrances of his own.

Other Interesting Brian Eno Facts And Trivia

  • The six-second start-up music that you listen to in Windows 95 OS was created by Brian Eno. He also made music for the Nokia 8800 cellphone.
  • His most famous video artwork is the '77 Million Paintings' designed for home computers.
  • With his significant light and sound installations, he organized the Luminous Festival at the Opera House in Sydney.
  • Brian Eno designed an exclusive art installation for a Shinto shrine in Japan in 1989.
  • Brian Eno is a member of the Labour Party in England.

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Brian Eno Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Brian Eno

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Melton, Shuffolk



169 cm

Child Star?



Singer, Music Composer, Record Producer, Visual Artist


St. Joseph's College

Net Worth



Anthea Norman Taylor


William Arnold Eno, Maria Alphonsine Eno


Roger, Maria, Arlette
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