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The famed Carli Lloyd's golfer husband, Brian Hollins, has his own fan following.
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About Brian Hollins

Brian Hollins is most commonly recognized as an American golfer and coach.
Brian Hollins started his golf career with his various training activities at separate well-known golf clubs. This led to him playing at the USA Open.
Brian Hollins's professional life did not restrict to just being a professional golfer, he became a trainer and coach for Will Brook Country Club and Laurel Creek Country Club. In recent times, he has seen working as a teacher in Trenton Country Club situated in a New Jersey district. Brain Hollins is also famed for being the spouse of Carli Lloyd, the World Cup winning soccer player with two Olympic gold medals.

Brian Hollins Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brian Hollins’ net worth?

Brian Hollins' association with and coaching at multiple successful golf academies across America has brought him fame and adequate earnings. His total net worth has been estimated at approximately $1.5 million owing to his career as a golf pro at Trenton Country Club.

How much does Brian Hollins earn per year?

Brian Hollins was a professional golf player playing at the USA Open and later extending his career to being a trainer at various golf academies across Florida, New Jersey and attaining his glorious success. His career coaching at such a premier club earns him somewhere around $80,000 annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brian Hollins?

Brian Hollins is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

How old is Brian Hollins?

Brian Hollins' birthplace is New Jersey, USA. He is the son of Bobby Hollins and his mother's identity is not known. He was born on July 14, 1984. He is currently 37 years old and will turn 38 in July 2022.

Childhood And Education

Brian Hollins' childhood was spent much in the place of his birth. Brian Hollins, the much-celebrated husband of Carli Lloyd, was born in the same neighborhood of New Jersey as his wife Carli Lloyd. He was born on July 14, 1984, in New Jersey, making his zodiac sign Cancer. Very little is known about his parents especially his mother, whose name is still unknown, while his father is Bobby Hollins.
Growing up, he had a keen passion for golf that resulted in his illustrious career as an adult. This professional golfer finished his high school education at Delran High School, one of New Jersey's most renowned schools. Being a talented golfer, his enormous talent and dedication led him to join Gold Academy of the South, a private college that is situated in Altamonte Springs in the district of Florida. His training at Florida, Altamonte Springs was the beginning of his golf career that made him a much-respected golfer and somebody with acute education in golf, that benefits the students at his golf academy.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brian Hollins’ partner?

Brian Hollins grew up in the state of New Jersey, which is the same place where he met his future wife, the much-acclaimed Carli Lloyd. Carli Lloyd and Brian Hollins were neighbors and high school classmates at Delran High School in New Jersey. They lived opposite each other close to Vermes Field. It was 2001 when these two met one another and they were childhood sweethearts. Their strong relationship later blossomed into marriage after being together for many years. Brian Hollins describes his wife, Carli Lloyd, as a competitive person. There is no wonder these two had a 16-year-old bond before their marriage.
Their marriage ceremony was private and mostly attended by friends and family. Brian Hollins, the son of Bobby Hollins, and Carli Lloyd, his wife, tied the knot on November 4, 2016. Their scenic November wedding was one of a kind. It was a wedding shielded from the press and celebrated with close ones and friends. It was organized in a scenic tourism and resort district in Mexico. On her Instagram profile, Brian Hollins's wife mentioned the tremendous support Hollins had lent to her in every aspect of her life, especially her sports career. These two now live on Mount Laurel, situated in Burlington County.

Career And Professional Highlights

Brian Hollins's professional career as a golfer began with his education at the golf academy. This experience at the academy provided him the opportunity to play in many renowned golf tournaments such as Hooters and various others. His impressive performances at these national tournaments gave him the platform, the USA Open, to showcase his talent, which he did. He scored a birdie, one stroke under par, on the second hole. Through his brilliant performances at the different country club, he again made his place in the USA Opens, but life had a different path ready for him.
Brian Hollins again participated in the USA Opens with much less impact than his previous time. He decided to shift his attention to coaching. It is interesting to note that Brian Hollins has already worked with two golf academies that are famous in the USA. He devoted his time as an associate teacher at Will Brook Country Club. Before playing for the USA at a national level, this golf pro coach also was also associated with Laurel Creek Country Club. He took a break from his life as a student at the golf academy and now works as a pro assistant golfer at Trenton Country Club.

Best Known For…

Brian Hollins is best known for his tremendous performance at the USA Open at the peak of his golf career. He is well recognized too as the spouse of the most talented and celebrated women soccer player in the world, Carli Anne Lloyd, his wife. They both now reside in Mount Laurel.

Charity Work

There isn't any information available about Brain Hollins' charity work.

What awards has Brian Hollins won?

Brian Hollins has not won any awards, but has showcased his impressive golfing talents in a number of prestigious competitions.

Brian Hollins’ Hobbies And Interests

Through his wife, Carli's Instagram profile, it is pretty evident that Brian Hollins is fond of traveling. He takes interest in listening to music too.

Other Interesting Brian Hollins Facts And Trivia

Brian Hollins and his wife dated each other for 16 years before they tied the knot. In fact, they got married three years after their engagement.
Their wedding was held in Mexico's Puerto Morelos.
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Brian Hollins Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Brian Hollins

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